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Firelei Jones
I must say that I am so in love with my TL18ESP! Her stitch is beautiful! Leaps and bounds above the HQ16 I previously owned. (I did not have Robotics with the HQ). I attended your class there in Nov and learned a lot! Loved the class and all of you. Again, thank you!

Linda Bartolotta
The “10 Tips for Good Tension” was extremely helpful to me. I purchased a used TinLizzie18 DLS last September and have been struggling with thread tension since then. I was even thinking of trading it back to the dealer for a Juki QVP 2000…. Egads. Well, I plan to keep my “Lizzie” now that there are videos that I can access to help me use the machine. I watched the webinar live with Denise Applegate. She is so fantastic. More tips and tricks with Denise Applegate please and thank you. I have already accessed the webinar again to see how to drop the bobbin into the bobbin case. There is so much to learn! What I’d love move instruction on is “quilt tension” on the frame. I understand that the quilt isn’t supposed to be tight — just taught. Well, I’ve got puckers and puckering. I just don’t see the difference.

Kate McIntyre
Thank you to TinLizzie18 for these webinars. They are great and answer a great many questions I’ve had since I purchase my Ansley26 DLS. I’ve even gone to the website and looked up the sessions I missed. Keep up the great work! BTW, I love my Lizzie.

Kristi Ryan
Just wanted to say thank you to TinLizzie18 and staff for the webinars. They are an awesome extra for all of us owners!! Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed the live webinar….picked up lots of good information and tips….much appreciate these as I live nowhere close to a dealer or learning centre. Please keep them coming !

Judy Konnerth
Great webinar. Thank you!

Thank you for the webinar. It was very informative!

Truly enjoyed this seminar. It was the first one I attended sponsored by Tin Lizzie. Very informative. Love your delivery. Please do more! Would love to see more on selecting quilting designs and executing the designs. Keeping straight lines of borders straight throughout the whole quilt is one thing I struggle with. You not only have to watch the borders (outside edges) but also any inside lines!

Looking forward to the next webinar.

Doris Mortenson
My first webinar, it was great!!! Looking forward to next Monday’s.

Patty in hot and sunny Augusta, GA
TL Ansley, Bailey, QBot

I agree with a few of the posts I have seen over the last few days. We don’t often report back once the problem or issue is fixed. Or when we have had a good experience with TL and customer service so here is my post of the week……I had to order a new cable last Friday. It came in record time. Before I actually received the cable Keaton from Tin Lizzie Service Department called and asked me a few questions about the cable. He then gave me his cell phone number and asked me to call him when the cable arrived. He wanted to go through some check points with me to make sure everything is up and running and working properly. Last night, 7:30p.m., the cable arrived via UPS. I sent a text to Keaton and within minutes he called. He was just finishing up at the show in Salt Lake. I installed the cable and did a few minutes of testing with him. Everything is working wonderfully again. I finished a quilt I had loaded on my frame when I discovered the cable was broken.

I have to say Woot Woot! Cheers! and WTG TinLizzie for excellent customer service.

Joyce Griffith
I just finished the two day training class for my Ansley 26 ESP with Quilt Magician. I am so happy with my machine and now, thanks to this class, I really understand how to get the most out of it. Tutu did a great job teaching. She is amazingly adept at moving from one student to the next, assessing the issue and explaining the solution. Explaining it well. And she topped it off with written documentation that was clear and easy to follow. That’s like taking her home with you! Thank you!

The whole staff was helpful and concerned that all of us got what we needed from the class. My back was giving me trouble and “fatigue mats” magically appeared. What more could you ask for? Thank you, Vince and your whole staff! Thank you!!

Barbara Furrow
I, too, was in Trudie’s February class. Love, love that class and all the friends I met.

Paula Cottone
Just completed our first training for our new TinLizzie at the facility in Janesville, Wisc. The training by Janie was terrific and very informative. The facility staff, Sabrina and Kelly, were very welcoming. Enjoyed working with and talking to other class members. it’s amazing how much we can learn from one another. My daughter and I have already signed up for additional classes—can’t wait to go back.

Anna Lou Clark
I just got back to Texas after attending the two-day class with TinLizzie in Florida. Thank you [for] all the great teaching we had. Looking forward to putting all I learned to use on my Ansley26.

Paula Miller
Good evening to all my friends with the TinLizzie family. I just want to let you know that I think your training event was extremely successful. Vince, Sabrina, Janie, Trudie, and the rest of the staff could not have been more accommodating or helpful in their challenge to introduce us to your fabulous machines. They were all going out of their way to answer all our questions and to lead us in the right direction to successful quilting on our new TinLizzie long arm quilters. We covered a lot of territory in our two days and they presented it in a manner that we can actually remember when we get home. The hands-on experience with us each having our own machine made the experience even better. No one ever considered our questions to be stupid and we were surrounded by experts with many years of experience who were most happy to share their secrets with us. How much better can that be!

Two days of free training with the quality of the teachers we had is very unusual. In so many cases we had a one-on-one instructor standing with us as they walked us through the demonstration of the project we were working on. I can’t thank you enough for establishing this training center in my end of the country and I look forward to taking more classes as they become available. If you continue your training events as well as you did on your inaugural class you will be an inspiration to many new Long Arm Quilters. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta during the Quilt Expo and the delivery of my upgrades for my TinLizzie stable of machines.

Jo Welch Ponder
Just returned from Pensacola, FL after attending the first long arm quilting class offered at their new center. Thank you goes out to Vince and his wonderful group, the famous “Janie Donaldson”, and the other experienced-qualified instructors. The class was extremely informative, fun, and very much needed.

For, anyone looking to buy a long arm, I highly recommend buying from TinLizzie directly so you can get the training and support you will need. They are a wonderful set of individuals—all of them.

Ann Brown Underwood
Here in Pensacola Florida for the first long arm class… We have had a ball. Thank you Vince, Sabrina, Janie and all the other wonderful ladies for you much needed help! We love you all. You made us feel like family. Thanks again!

Pamela Schenck
Just did the software update on my Quilt Magician. WOW! the system is so fast now. Thanks so much…

Margie Campbell
Just want to say…my TL18LS is so easy to use…love it. I’ve had it since 2009 & it’s such a workhorse! The new model looks inviting, but Lizzie works so well…I’ll keep her.

WOW. Great new website. The videos are fantastic. I had a problem with my machine. The fly wheel would not move. I thought I had a thread stuck in the bobbin, so I opened it up and there it was. I tried to pull it out. No luck. I was frustrated. It is a holiday weekend and so I thought I would have to wait until Tuesday to call for help. BUT when I went to your website to look for a solution, there it was. In a very clear and concise video. THANK YOU! Now I can get back to work.

New owner, Dixie from MN
I love the new videos!  Now I will be able to line up my pantoes correctly. Keep the videos coming.

Terry Kuramoto
Thank you for sponsoring the The Road to California’s raffle for a Mini Retreat for next years Road to California. I am the proud winner of this raffle. I am a new quilter and I am so excited to able to attend 4 classes and have the convenience of staying at the DoubleTree hotel. I was so excited just to go to the quilt show this year. Imagine how excited I am for next years show. I really appreciate this opportunity.

Nadine H. Stupelli
Thanks for the awesome training on the 18th & 19th! I learned lots, made some new friends, got a chance to spend time with old ones. My granddaughters are very impressed with what I created while there. They’ve requested that the table runner be transformed into a pillow, a skirt, or a new blanket. Can’t wait until more see it and make their requests. Hee, hee, hee…

The best part is that I have new skills and confidence in creating with my Ansley. I even believe that Shirley (Shirley Stitcher) and I WILL become partners and friends. Yippee!!!!

I’m looking forward to more sessions. Thanks.

Barbara Furrow
Love my new TL18 ESP w/ Quilt Magician on the Phoenix frame. Great setup and working machine.

What a show and very crowded…amazing and the TL team.

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