Class Descriptions


Fun with Feathers

Feathers are what everyone wants to learn.  Did you know there are finger feathers?  How about seaweed feathers?  In our class you will learn about finger feathers, traditional feathers and freehand feathers.  Yes, and you will learn about feathers with ruffles, seaweed feathers, petal feathers, unequal feathers and feathers with texture.  First we will practice drawing feathers.  Then we will see examples of feathers in finished quilts.  That’s not all!  When you get to the Tin Lizzie 18 Longarm machine we will be stitching all kinds of feathers.  The project panel has markings to get you into the mode of creating a variety of feather styles. This may well become a favorite motif for you.


Thread Play

Painting with thread?  In our TinLizzie18 Thread Painting Class we explore the world of thread.  When we understand fibers and textures we are able to enhance our quilts with layers, couching or glitz.  In class you will learn all of the elements that effect tension. Never be afraid of tension again! Learn how to adjust for metallic or unruly threads to add a little bling.  How about creating differing effects with a variety of stitches?  We’ll show you that, too.   Your project will come alive with the shading and glitz the different stitches and threads add.  You may get hooked!


Pantograph Party

Laser light delight!  Make it easier to repeat designs more accurately by tracing preprinted designs with a laser.  Come and learn the history of Pantographs. Then you will have a fun hands-on experience.   In class you will learn a simple technique using pantographs to repeat an edge to edge design on your quilt.  We will also show you how to center designs in a block or place the design in a block on point.  It is a matter of planning and calculation that you will practice in class.  See how easy it can be to create a masterpiece!


Template Techniques

Create perfect circles every time?  Templates are the key to precise quilting.  They can create a perfect boundary or enhance a design element. You be the creator of beautiful things.  We will guide you through the learning process of using a template as well as giving you some space to be creative. Not only will you learn to control your ruler but you will have an attractive project when you finish.  Get started perfecting another facet of quilting with your longarm.


Quilt Magician: First Steps to Computerized Quilting

Yes! Yes! Yes! Computerized is the best! The computer takes the most elegant, sophisticated and precise machine and gives you the control to command the most detailed, jaw-dropping quilting designs! Are you ready to make a beautiful table runner?  You will learn how to set a pattern into a circle, triangle, on point block or rectangle. In class we will learn the entire Quilt Magician window including how the edit menu works as far as scaling to size, scaling in or out of proportion, mirror image, repeating patterns, rotating patterns, and setting a new a start point. Never get nervous using the File Manager again after we actually use it to place a new design in a folder. Nesting will be a breeze, too. If you are thinking about owning a computerized quilting machine and especially if you are a new owner of either a Shirley Stitcher or a Quilt Magician this would be a very, very important class for you.


Getting Started with Free Motion

Booking fast! This is the favorite! Reserve your machine and plan ahead so you don’t miss out!  If you have just purchased a long arm machine this class is a must.  We will introduce you to the wonderful world of long arm quilting.  Starting with how the machine works we will go through all you need to know to get started.  Learn to thread the machine like a pro, change the needle and adjust the tensions.  We will teach you how to load the quilt onto the table and many of the Design basics for every style of quilting. There will be no boundaries once you learn the basic shapes to free motion designs and how to stitch those designs into the quilt.  Explanations for pattern such as meandering, loops, c-pattern, plume, free hand roses, spirals, echo quilting, spikes, s-shapes, olives, leaf work, wind, water, and floral designs are all included. This is a beginner class and has all the basics you need to be confident in free handing.


Beginning Long Arm Quilting at the Sit-Down Machine

So, you’re just beginning. How exciting!  We are here to help. In this class you will learn the benefits of working on a long-arm sit-down machine.  You will become familiar with the machine, learning how it is to be maintained, adjusted and operated.  We will discuss the basics of all quilting shapes and talk about where to find inspiration for your quilting designs.  We will also explore some basic background fills and learn how altering them just a little can produce a whole new design.  Students will leave class with an informational handout, their own notes and drawings of background designs and a small quilt sandwich that they will produce using some of the designs we’ve drawn and discussed.  As a bonus, if time allows, each student will have the option of quilting one square each on the stand-up long arm quilting machine. All supplies will be provided for this class.


Intermediate Long Arm Quilting at the Sit-Down Machine

Now you’ve got your feet wet.  Come back and see us. This class is for those who have completed the beginning class, or who are already familiar and comfortable with domestic machine quilting.  We will do a quick review of the machine and its settings and adjustments, and we’ll highlight the benefits of using the long-arm sit-down machine.  We will briefly review basic quilt design shapes, and inspiration.  The bulk of this class will be spent learning more complicated background fill designs.  We will explore the difference between traditional, contemporary and modern quilting designs and how to alter one design to make it work in each setting. There will be some drawing, but most of the class time will be spent at the machine working on your projects.  Those who wish will also have the opportunity to try the same designs on the stand-up long arm quilting machine. Students will take home their notes, drawings, handouts and their quilted practice piece.  All supplies will be provided for this class.


How To Tweak Your Machine

Getting to know your machine inside and out will bring greater success.  This class will cover how to adjust your longarm machine to achieve the affects you desire.  We will cover  how different elements of your quilt effect tensions such as batting and thread.  A variety of threads can create a beautiful art piece, but difficult threads need a little extra attention.  Come learn how to overcome such challenges.  Our knowledgeable technician will guide you through the workings of your Tin Lizzie. This is a hands-on class and you will be able to learn how to set correct timing by doing it yourself!  What a beneficial class!

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