Software Update

4.0 Screen Recalibration

If the touch on your screen is off and you are not able to reset the calibration through the home—setup screen (on the robotic side), then you will need to run the following steps.

Software version 4.5.0 and ABOVE

1. Find your USB jump drive

2. Insert the drive into your computer

3. Create a “txt” file on the USB drive.

4. Rename the entire file “”.

5. Once renamed right click on the file and go into “properties”

a. File type should read “.cal” file. If it still reads “.txt” then the file type did not change.

b. To change the file type on your computer follow these instructions:

i. Open “my computer”

ii. Open the File or organize menu

iii. Go to folder options

iv. Go to View tab

v. UNCHECK “hide know file type extensions”

6. Now you should be able to rename the file to be “” only.

7. Check the properties again (as noted in #5) and the file type should be “.cal”.

Software versions 4.4.9 and below

1. On 4.4.9 and below versions you will need to download a file to your SD card to run the screen calibration.

2. Contact manufacturer to run this process

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