Software Update

Motor Box Update Version 4.08-Release

ATTENTION: For All Software Versions

DO NOT run this update from the update screen that pops up upon inserting your USB drive. There is a possibility that it will reprogram your Quilt Machine. Run the update from Home -> Setup -> Updates -> Update Robot !!

DO NOT run this update if you have selected the robotics “Demo” checkbox under Advance to enable the viewing of the robotics program because the robot was not detected.

DO NOT run this update if the robot is not detected on the system. Even though the popup window will show “Update Robot” do not run it from here. We are working on the program with running the update from here. It will be fixed in future Remote software versions.

Update Robotics Machine Process

1. Download THIS FILE onto your PC. (If you are using a Mac or Apple computer please follow these instructions here).

2. Unzip the file and place the two included files onto your USB drive.

3. Place the USB drive into the touchscreen.

4. Go to the robotics screen.5. Go to Home -> Setup -> Updates -> Update Robot

5. Find the file V4MC_408.hex and update*

* If your Stitch Controller version is less than 4.22 then you will need to power off/on your system for it to function correctly after the update.


4.08 – Adds functions to allow a restore if program is accidentally flashed to stitch controller.

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