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Micro Handles with Electronic Controls:

By attaching the Micro Handles to your machine your hands move closer to the needle giving you more control when working on small details like micro-stippling.  And with the electronic controls you’ll never have to move your hands to start and stop your machine.

Open Toe Stippling Foot:

A must for all micro-stippling, art quilts, and other detail quilting, our Open Toe Stippling Foot allows you to easily see exactly where the needle is going into the fabric, and how close you are to your previous stitching.

Compatible with the following models:

TinLizzie18 ESP and Ansley26 ESP

* Not Compatible with TinLizzie18 machines manufactured before Aug 2007

Rear Handles with Electronic Controls:

Never move your handles again!  With this set of rear handles (complete with all the same electronic controls), and a switch box for toggling between your front and back controllers, you’ll be able to operate your machine from either side with the push of a button.

Compatible with the following models:  TinLizzie 18LS, Ansley 26

Extension Table:

Extend your work area when using rulers. The Extension Table gives you an extra 15 inches of space to hold rulers on either side of the arm and add extra support when you’re working with templates and rulers.

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