The Art of Reverse Quilting

Posted by on August 6, 2010

 1.Ripping out stitches has a method that works if you follow it and have normal sized stitches.

First pull the thread tail from the underneath stitching. Pull until you pucker up or gather the thread as far as you can go before it breaks. Second, scratch at the stitching on the top in the area that you just pulled from and grab the loose tail of the top thread. Pull the top thread  until you gather the thread as far as you can go until that top thread breaks. Then go back to the underneath thread and repeat. If you alternate back and forth from top to bottom you can pull that stitching out in just a short time and have eliminated the use of a seam ripper and the chance of cutting your quilt.

2. After the stitches have been pulled out you might see the stitching holes where the sewing was. You can eliminate those holes by brushing with a wet toothbrush.

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