How to Adjust the Ratchet System on the Phoenix Frame

Posted by on June 19, 2014

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
There really are only three parts to this ratchet adjustment. This is the order they should be installed. Take notice of the direction the ratchets go. The rotation on the top roller is different than on the backing roller.

ratchet1 ratchet2

This is the order they are to be installed. These are the two ratchets on the Phoenix frame. Notice that top roller rotates opposite of the backing roller. If you do not get this direction the correct way these rollers will not properly snap and stay tight when you are rolling your quilt.

I know you can put these on the other way, but we like the top roller to feed the top fabric off of the bottom of the roller and the backing fabric to come off of the backing roller from the top, so that the two pieces of fabric come together as soon as they can. The union of the fabrics helps to stop any bounce the fabric might have during quilting.


This Allen hex key is the tool that is needed for adjustment of the spring tension that makes the ratchet snap down and stay in the teeth of the gear.


This is the place that the Allen key fits into to tighten (righty tighty) or loosen (lefty loosey).

ratchet5The snap on the ratchet has to be just right. If the tension is too loose the ratchet will not snap down and hold onto the gears. If the tension on the spring is too tight the ratchet will be stubborn and not respond well and you might find that you have to put the ratchet into the teeth by hand. You might have to adjust and check several times to find that sweet spot where the ratchet is the most responsive and still holds tight into the teeth. You can do this!


Top Roller Teeth


Backing Roller Teeth

This is the direction the ratchets should be.

This is the direction the ratchets should be.


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