Why do my patterns always come up the wrong way in computerized quilting boxes?

Posted by on November 13, 2015

It’s the way you have selected your pattern box. You either did not select the left most point of the base line or you did not go counter clockwise. You need to re-select the pattern box and start over.

In digitizing software you are designating the bottom of the pattern just by drawing it right side up. Then when you import the pattern into the quilting machine the computer knows where the bottom is. You have to tell the computer somehow how to place the pattern into the pattern box so that the bottom is where you want it. Therefore, select the left most point of the baseline first and work your way around the pattern box counterclockwise.

Pay attention now because here is the tricky part that can fool you.

As quilters have triangles around the edge of the quilt the baseline of the triangle will stay at the left most point of the base of the triangle. That first point you are selecting will rotate with the triangle around the edge of the quilt. Sooooooooo—the bottom triangle first point will be appearing to be on the left. The triangles that are on the right side of the quilt will have the first point at the bottom. (Still is the left most point of the baseline). The triangles at the top of the quilt will have the first point on the right. (Still it is the left most point). The triangles on the left of the quilt edge will have the left most point at the top.

Take a look at this quilt and see.



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What is the difference between Set Quilt Area and Pattern Box?

Posted by on August 14, 2015

When you first turn on your computerized quilting machine the machine needs some mathematical coordinates to begin a digital map. This is called the area. The first thing the screens ask for is a couple of reference points. Once the machine has there points it sets a 1 inch grid.

photo1 If you take a close look at the grid in the background of your touch screen you will see that before you set the area the grid is large. After you set the quilt area the grid represents 1 inch squares.

I think what might be confusing is that the area on the screen appears in red. A pattern box will appear in red also. Edit boxes appear in green.


This is an area.

This is an area with a red triangle pattern box in it and a green edit box. If you had a pattern box with 2 patterns in it the green edit box would be around only one of the patterns. That would mean that particular pattern was the pattern available to edit. If you wanted the green box to jump to the second pattern in the box so that you could edit that other one, you would touch the next button in the edit menu and the edit box would move to the next pattern.


If you are alternating between computerized work and free motion you might be releasing the belts. Every time that you reattach the belts you must click on set quilt area again and give it some new coordinates. Just follow the prompts. You cannot get those belts on in the exact same place so you just reset the quilt area and the picture of your designs will be centered in the screen instead of off to the side or out of site.


The area is not for edge to edge work. You must set a pattern box for edge to edge work. If you try to use the area for pantograph rows you will eventually run out of space. As the pick up roller fills with fabric your quilting area shrinks. You need a pattern box that is smaller than the quilt area. When I set a pattern box for edge to edge I only set it up for 2 rows of whatever repeat I want. I can control the size of the pattern design just by doubling the height measurement and I can measure spacing between rows easy for the next set of row placements. I never will run out of room and bump into the rollers.

Remember—the quilt area is for the computer to set up a digital mini map and the pattern box is where you place your pattern design.

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