Quilt Magician Properties Options

Posted by on August 20, 2015

Do you want to learn more about your options under the Properties area? Read on!

1. Properties under the Edit Icon which is at the top right of the screen.

2. Fields:

a. Local X and Local Y: This is the location of the pattern start point in relationship to the pattern box that was selected. X is the horizontal position and Y is the vertical position. When the reading is Local X: 0.00 and Local Y: 0.00 the position of the start point of the pattern is at the top left of the pattern box.

b. Current X and Current Y: This is the location of the pattern’s start point in relationship to the quilt area that was selected. X is the horizontal position and Y is the vertical position. When the reading is Current X: 23 and Current Y: 7 the position of the start point of the pattern is 23 inches from the left side of the quilt area and 7 inches from the top of the quilt area.

c. Width and Height: This field shows the dimensions of the pattern box that was selected. You may change the size here.

3. Move Start Point: Move start point is handy for taking a pattern box and pattern you have already edited and stitched out then telling the Quilt Magician to stitch it out in a different location without having to create a pattern box. Simply move the machine to the new desired start point and touch the “MOVE START POINT” field. Touch the “Move All” box if you have more than one pattern in the pattern box.

a. Local X: tells how far the new start point is from the last Local X position. If it reads Local X: 4.5 the horizontal position has moved 4.5 inches right from the previous start point. If it reads Local X: -4.5 the horizontal position has moved 4.5 inches left of the previous start point.

b. Local Y: tells how far the new start point is from the last Local Y position. If it reads Local Y: 2 the vertical position has moved 2 inches down from the previous start point. If it reads Local Y: -2 the position has moved 2 inches up from the previous start point.

4. Uses:

a. Using the Properties local and current readings can help to place the starting point of the pattern in a more exact place. Move the pattern and then look in the Properties option area to determine if the pattern is placed where is desired.

b. Using move start point is an easy way to stitch side borders. Calculate how many repeats are desirable. Create the first pattern box accordingly. Edit the pattern choice to fit well. Stitch out the first pattern box. Go into Properties and select “Move Start Point” without bringing up the bobbin, cutting the thread or moving the machine. The Quilt Magician will then start the new pattern where the last one ended. If a pantograph pattern has been selected there will be a seamless continuation of the pattern. Remember, though, that the Quilt Magician will still prompt you to bring up the bobbin and trim, but there is no need when using this method since a continuous pattern is desirable.

c. Moving start point is nice when there are several of the same blocks or areas in a quilt where the same pattern, scaled and edited, is desired. Simply select the first pattern box, place a pattern in the box and edit as preferred. (Notice where the start point is in the pattern box.) Stitch it out. Then you may move the machine where you would like the start point of the same pattern to be. Touch the Edit Icon. Touch the properties option at the bottom of the menu. Now touch “Move Start Point.” The pattern will stitch out where is indicated.

d. Move Start Point is different than Set Start Point. Set Start Point is used when a problem arises during a stitch out. (Thread break, bobbin change, etc.) After resolving the problem and the Quilt Magician is told to resume there will be the warning about the needle being up and the choice to start or to set start point. Place the machine where it left off in the pattern. There will be cross hairs to help in lining it up properly. When the check mark is touched the machine will take a stitch to bring up the bobbin thread and also ask if this is the place where you want to start. If it is, then touch yes and the machine will begin at that point. If it is not where you want to resume touch no, move the machine to another spot and the process will continue until you are satisfied with the choice. It is best to have the start point a few stitches back from where it actually stopped when the problem arose.

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Ongoing Quilting Education is a Core Value at TinLizzie18 Retail & Learning Centers

Posted by on March 12, 2014


With the introduction of TinLizzie18’s Retail & Learning Centers (TLRLCs) conveniently located in various regions throughout the United States, we’re taking a hands-on approach to customer service at a whole new level.

TinLizzie18 believes that quilters across America and throughout the world are looking for a true quilting partner, not just a machine vendor. We have created a quilting community that each and every quilter becomes part of the moment their very own TinLizzie18 quilting system arrives at their door. From in home delivery and set up to the rapidly growing list of on site classes at the TLRLCs, and an extensive online training program including webinars and videos to reach even more owners, TinLizzie18 quilters quickly realize that being a part of this quilting family is truly a comfort. Whether beginner or professional, or somewhere in between, quilters of all levels love to learn, share and grow in this art we are all so passionate about.

The classes and retreats offered are an interactive, hands-on experience with high energy, and are filled with knowledge and new, exciting patterns and techniques. Combining lectures with direct hands-on-machine training provides the most effective learning environment.

And quilters are not locked into just one instructor, but rather have several locations and instructors to choose from, so they can select the style, format and location that fits best. TinLizzie18 has assembled top of the line, quality trainers—expert and master quilters—to bring customers a full-range experience with the latest techniques and pattern methods so they can build their long arm knowledge and grow in their trade or hobby. The classes have high attendance by customers who purchase through the TLRLCs.

The beginner classes give new quilters the base knowledge they need to get started, including basic pantographing, freehanding, understanding tensions, discovering feathers, using rulers, computerized quilting first steps and more.  Other classes include:  thread painting, advanced computerized quilting, pantograph and laser light, service, and the ‘Busy in Six Months’ class for quilters looking to build their business.  Trunk shows and training kits are also scheduled.

The TLRLCs are designed to offer customers an experience like no other, with personalized, hands-on demonstrations prior to purchase. For new owners, the centers offer specialized in home delivery and setup by an expert TL18 team, followed by training and a great resource for supplies and accessories. For intermediates and pros, thinking of upgrading to a new system can be confusing. The TinLizzie18 Retail & Learning Centers provide support and follow on training in addition to equipment upgrades and a full range of quilting supplies.

All on-site staff is 100% factory trained. They share a passion not only for the TinLizzie18 product line, but also for the customers they serve; something that truly sets them apart from the pack. One interaction and you’ll see the TinLizzie18 difference.

Each of the TLRLC locations has a different landscape of fun activities to explore along with the love of quilting!  Current locations include Georgia, Wisconsin, Utah and California with additional SuperStores and Demo Locations. More Centers are planned in the near future.

If you’re a new machine quilter who’s been thinking about your first long arm quilting machine, or a seasoned quilter ready to upgrade, the TinLizzie18 Retail & Learning Centers are a great place to start. Demo the various machines and accessories and take advantage of exceptional training opportunities and second to none customer support.

Who doesn’t want to become part of a passionate quilting community?

Upcoming Classes.  Finding Lizzie: Join Us At An Upcoming Quilt Show.  Find a TL18RLC or SuperStore Near You.

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Webinars 2014!

Posted by on January 22, 2014

Calling all TinLizzie18 fans!

We’re excited to announce that we’re adding Webinars to our 2014 learning lineup! TinLizzie18 is committed to our customers and to bringing our world-class learning opportunities to online users everywhere!

Our February Webinars are open for registration via our website and Facebook. You can also CLICK HERE for registration information.

February 2014
Best Practices for quilting- Feb 10 3:00pm
Understanding your stitch regulator- Feb 17 3:00pm

Upcoming Webinars

Watch for announcements and registration information for future Webinars.  All Webinars will be recorded and posted on our website to share with our TinLizzie18 users who are unable to join us live.

Frame basics- March 4 (tentative)
Learn the basic techniques and the how to of frame quilting. Loading, threading, bobbin and sew much more. Denise will show you some of her favorite tricks at the frame.

Ten tips for good Tension March 10th (tentative)
Seeing and understanding how tension on your thread works will help you to have better stitching. Learn how to find the best tension for your machine, fabric and thread. Take the worries out of thread tension.

Freedom with Free Motion quilting April 21 (tentative)
Free motion quilting can be very scary and it should not be. Denise takes free motion and teaches you to have some freedom when quilting. She will show you how to relax while moving.

Best Practice when using the Quilt Magician (date not set)
Learn the best practices for the Quilt Magician such as how does the SD card and USB stitch work. Marking your quilting area see why your foot placement is very important for each design placement. Scaling and saving designs when is this needed. Learn this and more.

Getting the most with the Quilt Magician March 31 (tentative)
Start loading your frame, setting designs, scaling designs and sew much more with the Quilt Magician. Don’t miss the special class that teaches ways to use the X and Y line to keep things straight.

When, where, how and why… record with the Quilt Magician? April 8 (tentative)
Recording is the a feature that is under used. Did you know that you can record pantographs, Golden Threads paper, designs in magazines and many more items. Taking this class and we will teach you why the record feature is so important when making your quilts special.

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