Quilt Magician: No Stopping at a Jump Stitch

Posted by on January 15, 2016

How to get your Quilt Magician to stitch without stopping at a jump stitch

If you want to stitch row after row without stopping and cutting your thread at the end of each row or just eliminate the jump in a multi part pattern this is how it is done.

We can tell the quilting machine to jump stitch or not or just exactly how far we will allow the machine to jump stitch.

First let me give you a couple of instances where you might not want a jump stitch. You might not want the machine to jump stitch from one part of a pattern to another if it will get tangled up in its own jump stitch. Therefore if you have a pattern that has two parts like an Easter bunny and an Easter egg with a jump stitch between you should watch the machine stitch out one full set of patterns before you decide to set the jump stitch perimeters. Also if you are stitching edge to edge rows you should watch the machine complete row one and see if the thread you are using has enough strength to be pulled all the way back to the beginning edge of row number two,

Most of the time here in the shop we just let the machine jump stitch on everything and then we can come back and cut all the jump stitches all at once. It is just your personal preference.

To change the settings on the jump stitch first go to the “Home Button”

Then click on the “Setup Button”.


Then click on “Constants” Even though the button appears to be grayed out it is active.


The “jump stitch” button is now in view and is set at 0. Zero means that we are not allowing the machine to jump stitch at all.  This measurement is in inches. To change the measurement all you have to do is tap right on the number showing in the screen which is 0.


Once you tap the number you will get a number keyboard. You must set the number higher than the actual jump you will allow the machine to make. I often set my jump stitch to 150 because it is longer than any jump stitch I would ever make being that the machine is 144.


Now your machine will continue to stitch without stopping until everything that you have set up to stitch is completed. Then you can go back and cut all the jumps at once.


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