Have you Dreamed of owning a TinLizzie18 Quilting System? Then you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity!

Posted by on July 12, 2011

We are excited to announce the Great Lizzie Giveaway. Enter for your chance to win your very own TinLizzie18DLS with Phoenix frame or a TinLizzie18 Sit Down Quilting Machine.  The Winner will be announced at Quilt Festival/Houston in November 2011. Not sure which wonderful prize to set your sights on visit your local TinLizzie18 Dealer and have your customized Hands on Demonstration.

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Financing your TinLizzie18 Just got easier!

Posted by on April 12, 2011

Choosing the right TinLizzie18 Longarm Quilting System is an important decision.  Once you’ve chosen your Longarm Quilter, it’s time to decide the best way to finance it.   As a company we pride ourselves on offering an affordable Longarm Quilter that meets every quilters budget from our sit down model to our fully automated system. As important as it is to offer an affordable, quality Longarm quilting machine, it is just as important to offer an affordable, easy, quick response financing solution.   We are thrilled to announce our new 0% same as cash finance options. Why put off your dreams of owning a TinLizzie18 Longarm, when it’s this easy!

Apply Today!  https://tinlizzie18.com/financing-your-tl/

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What to wear while Quilting!

Posted by on February 17, 2011

The favorite choice of longarmers to quilt in(besides slippers) is a smock with pockets. Lately there has been a trend to make the smocks from the slippery jersey fabric because threads won’t stick. Some of the machines are styled so that your waistline is rubbing the batting and cotton fabrics drag against the battings. Therefore the slippery fabric is the favorite. Some quilters make ¾ long vests with the jersey and they quilt in good clothes and this length covers their slacks also. Just keep the smock with the machine and you can quickly cover up and sneak in a few minutes  anytime no matter what you have on.

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Does Size Matter?

Posted by on February 7, 2011

What is the difference between the TinLizzie18DLS and the Ansley26DLS?

This is one question I hear often while attending events and quilt shows. The TinLizzie18DLS and the Ansley26DLS are very similar in many ways. Such as having the famous Lizzie Stitch regulator, 5-year warranty, oil reservoir, built-in bobbin winder, largest capacity bobbin, flexible lamp, needle up/down, laser light, pantographs, and ergonomic handles. The only difference between both great quilters is the throat space. The throat space and the actual quilting space are different with all long-arm quilting machine’s. The actual quilting space of our TinLizzie18DLS is 15 1/2 inches and with the Ansley26DLS is 22 1/2 inches. Both of our Quilters are capable of accomplishing a show winning quilt. So what makes the big difference? Simple you can get your quilt done quicker with the Ansley26DLS when you have the larger quilting area. Therefore you have a real time saver and as we all know time is valuable as quilters there is never enough time to get to the next project!

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Welcome to the Exciting New TinLizzie18 Website!

Posted by on April 10, 2010

We’re excited to unveil our new look along with our completely redesigned website. Be sure to check out the improved Dealer Locator section and follow the links to read everyday happenings on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog pages.  Use the all new Resource Library, complete with video tutorials and downloads to make your TinLizzie experience even better! Explore the quilt shows page to see when TinLizzie18 will be coming to a city near you.  Discover & Enjoy!  We look forward to meeting and chatting with you soon.

The TinLizzie18 Team

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