What Should I Quilt Where?

Posted by on May 31, 2017


Here are some helpful tips to help you make those all-important decisions!

What did I create the quilt for?

  1. Heavy use
  2. Display
  3. Heirloom
  4. Quilt show

Do I want the stitching to be the focus?

Do I want the piecing to be the focus?

Shall I enhance the block piecing?

  1. Does the block need to be divided into smaller sections?
  2. Shall I soften the geometric design with curves?
  3. Shall I repeat a design with quilting that was created with piecing?

Is there applique in the block?

  1. Does the applique need texture or outlining?
  2. Shall I quilt densely around the applique to make it “pop.”
  3. Shall I stitch over the applique?

Does my quilt have rows?  Do I want to quilt to emphasize the rows in my quilt?

Is my quilt too busy for custom quilting?  Will the quilting get lost?

Do I have negative space in my quilt?

  1. Shall I divide the negative space into smaller areas?
  2. Shall I repeat elements already in my quilt or something completely different?

Shall I match the thread so it doesn’t stand out, or use contrast thread to create another element in the quilt and show off the stitches?

Design Methods:

Graph paper, clear gridded plastic, Plexiglas the size of the block, white board pen, chalk, fabric pen, etc.

Don’t be afraid to make registration marks to help you make design elements.


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