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Posted by on August 16, 2010

Longarm “newbys”, always ask what threads they can use on the longarm. I only give them 4 little hints to go by since there are so many thread brands and within each brand there are so many kinds. So here it is in a nutshell.

1.  Take the thread and break it. If it is strong it will run with ease and if it is weak you will have to fuss with it to get it to run on the longarm. Simple and true.

 2. Quilts look richer if you get a match on the thread color. If you contrast the thread you will be drawing attention to the sewing and your steadiness in quilting must be extremely accurate or it will be detected.

3. If you are using a variegated thread remember that if one of the colors in the thread match what you are sewing over, it could appear that the matching section of sewing was missing as you lose sight of contrasting thread as it blends in. Something you may want to avoid if you are stitching a design into a plain block and are counting on that design to become a design factor in the finished appearance of the whole quilt.

4. Metallic or monofilament threads are stretchy and require looser tensions and battings that are not so dense. Most of the time your machine will be in adjustment for the everyday common threads that you use in quilting. Running metallic or monofilament threads will require you to adjust and run a sample stitching to see if you are getting a nice stitch quality. I never stitch my quilts together with metallic or monofilament. I use regular thread for that. Then I go back and add the metallic or monofilament where I want it. When I save switching for the end then I only have to adjust once to get started and once to go back to my regular threads, not each and every time I roll the quilt.

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