Shirley Stitcher Computerized Quilting

Posted by on July 30, 2010


Can I add the TinLizzie18 Automated quilting Machine to my Current TinLizzie18 Machine?


When looking to add the Automated Quilting Machine to your current TinLizzie18 machine please have the following available to provide to your TinLizzie18 Dealer. (Serial Number, Date of Purchase,TL18 or TL 18LS and Frame Type). To Determine if you have a TL18 machine verses a TL18LS machine (The TL18 machine has one control on the Handle Bar and the TL18LS machine has two controllers one on each Handle Bar with Lizzie Stitch printed on the left Handle Bar.)

 If you purchased from a private party the above information is important to obtaining the proper information regarding your age of your TinLizzie18 Machine.

All TinLizzie18 Machines Purchased Prior to August of 2007 will not be capable to add any Shirley Stitcher Version.

 TinLizzie18 Machines purchased August 2007 through present will work with the Shirley Sticther II.

 TinLizzie18LS machines purchased after August 2008 through present is capable of the Shirley Stitcher computerized addition, The TinLizzie18 Team

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