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Posted by on August 21, 2012

Every morning my machine seems to have leaked a little oil on my table. What can cause this?

The first question our service department will ask is “how often are you oiling your machine?”

If your answer is after every quilt. You may be over oiling your TinLizzie18 machine.

To properly oil your TinLizzie18 Quilters we have a dip stick located in the base of the quilter head. After removing the Dip stick it is black and hard to see if it has oil on it.  I always suggest rubbing the dip stick across the palm of your hand, If you see oil on your hand your machine does not need oiling.

I have heard customers state that  even though there was visible oil on their hands they felt the dip stick was not completely saturated  therefore they see reason to oil. This will cause over oiling and leakage onto your table.  Let me explain how the Dip stick is to be used to determine if we need to oil.

 When we oil our TinLizzie18 Quilters we are oiling the wick within the quilter.

The Function of the Dip stick: The dip stick sits on top of the wick within the quilter. It is designed to help show us that the wick within the quilter is properly oiled.   Therefore the dip stick is not what needs to be saturated with oil but only the tip of the dip stick needs to be wet with oil.

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