Prewound Bobbins

Posted by on December 13, 2010

  Prewound bobbins can be a  time saver, and a convenience. Of course, these prewounds come in both small(size L) and large size(size M) bobbins. The question that has been asked over and over is if we like these prewounds in the longarm machines.

Several of the bobbin companies have given us choices of paper prewound bobbins, plastic prewound bobbins or paper with one magnetic side prewound bobbins. They also give us choices of cotton thread, poly thread, colors and sizes of threads. Therefore deciding if we like them would take trying them out.

Prewounds have certainly found there place in and among the longarm community. I think everyone should try the prewounds. I think everyone should have a box of mixed colors on hand. You should be the judge yourself if you like the convenience of using prewounds—it is a personal choice. Yes they are a little more expensive and yes you might have to special order them to get a specific color.

Here are some of the things we have heard as comments from longarmers:

  1. They like the prewounds on hand in case anything happens to their bobbin winder they can still keep going with the prewounds.
  2. Many like the prewound with the magnetic side and have claimed that this resistance of the magnet can allow you to do without your backlash spring.
  3. Because the prewounds are professionally wound there is more yardage on the prewounds and the longarmer has to change the bobbin less times.

All in all, the majority of longarm quilters have prewounds on hand and will use them, but not on everything. It is a choice that is nice to have and convenience that we love.

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