Long Stitches OH MY!

Posted by on March 11, 2011

When I quilt  I am experiencing long stitches when in Lizzie Stitch Mode. What could this be?

If you are experiencing long stitches in either direction this tells us you may have an encoder or connection issue.  You will need to check the encoders to insure they are spinning freely and making contact with the track.   If the encoders are moving freely and spinning in both directions and you are still experiencing the long stitches while quilting. This could indicate  a lose connector on the encoder or a lose plug connection at the power box. Depending on the age of your machine you will have either a 6 pin plug or a RJ 12 connection. Insure all connections are mated properly.

If you are still experiencing an issue. A simple test to determine which encoder or connection is causing the issue, is to turn on stitch regulator and move the machine front to back ONLY, then Left to right ONLY. The direction the machine does not stitch is the problem encoder or connection. Quilting in any circle or curve is not a proper test. To determine whether it is an encoder or cable disconnect cables at the encoder and swap connections by plugging the opposite cable into the other encoder. You should now have both cables connected to the opposite encoder. Run the Simple test again. If the long stitches change direction it is a cable. If it does not change direction it is a most likely an encoder.

Do not hesitate to contact your servicing TinLizzie18 dealer to assist with any troubleshooting.

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