Life is defined by how we react to failure.

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Wow that is a powerful statement !  When I first heard this statement I thought about it for days.  I am sure you can take many meanings from it. The Defining point it was Screaming at me was this simple. The three G’s I try to stand by, don’t Give up, Get up and Get going . Let your failures be blessings for your future. We can take this small statement and apply it to every aspect of our lives including QUILTING!

 When I first started quilting I took a class and was very eager to jump right in and  of course I had high expectations of myself.  I could have looked at how my quilting  “ well I’ll be kind let’s just say it didn’t match my vision”,  I could have easily said this isn’t my forte.  I found that inner voice softly whispering to keep trying.    I have learned over the years that quilting is a never-ending challenge from the right colors to the right designs, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

 A toast to all who have not taken the path of least resistance but have dug deep to listen to your inner whisper.

Here’s to Love, laughter and quilting happily ever after!

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