How to Pre-Mark for Borders and Corners for Automated Quilting

Posted by on May 14, 2014

Blocking off a Border—The “Single Repeat Method”  


The easiest method of quilting borders is to use repeatable sections. There are several kinds of repeats; some that do not touch, ones that connect, some that just touch, some that tuck into or under the previous repeat, and some that are built in small single unit pattern parts. There are also two different styles of corner units.  

If your quilt was perfectly square then you would only have to figure out the repeats on one side of you quilt and the other three sides would be the same. This is not usually the case as our quilts are generally rectangle so there are some tips that can help you out.

  1. Pre mark your quilt so you have a general guide to go by.
  2. First mark your corner blocks so you have an idea of the size of the repeat you are going to be using.  For an example lets just say the border is a 10 inch border and you are wishing to stitch an 8 inch border. Your corner block size would then be 8 inches by 8 inches. With a square style ruler mark with chalk an 8 inch square in each corner.
  3. Next measure the rectangular space on each end between the corner blocks write down the measurement.
  4. Now measure the rectangular space on the side borders between the corner blocks and write down the measurement.
  5. I would use a calculator and divide the end measurement by 8 and write down the number. Then divide the side measurement by 8 and write down the number.  These numbers represent how many repeats you can squeeze in the border. This is where you have to figure out if it is best to squeeze in or pull out the spacing in the repeats.
  6. When the decision is made about how many repeats I want then I get the calculator out once again. Take the end space measurement and divide it by the number of repeats that I wish to have in that section of the border and I will get my block size. Using a square ruler I will line up the ruler with my patchwork border edge and chalk off the number of repeats needed in the two end sections. Likewise I will do the same with the side measurements and chalk off the number of repeats needed in the two side section. If you make a chalking mistake just erase the chalk marks with a wet toothbrush.


Marking repeat areas between corners


After the first marking, recheck measurements and remove extra marks with wet toothbrush


This is the single unit method of doing borders—it’s the method we usually teach first as it is the easiest for a beginner.




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