How to Import Quilting Computer Patterns

Posted by on February 5, 2014


Above is the screen picture you would see if you first clicked on the home button, then on the file manager button.

The first selection you should make is the source of the pattern. Is the pattern that you wish to move internal, on a USB stick or listed in previews or layouts.

Second you should choose the file name that you want to work with. The blue button on the right is the browse button. If you click on the blue button you will see the listing of patterns that are in the source selection that you have chosen.

Third select the destination where you wish your pattern to end up.

Fourth, click on the browse button and the pattern file listings will appear. You can select the file folder where you wish the pattern to go.

Special Tips for Importing a Pattern into the Quilting Computer:

  1. Your TinLizzie18 product takes a DXF file or a QLI file. After you import the pattern, many of the systems will have a (qcc) listed after the name or number of the pattern in the pattern catalog on the screen. This is perfectly normal. The computer has transformed the pattern to that notation by itself. If you are using a software program you do not have to convert to the qcc. You should use DXF or QLI files. You do not have to put in both, but you can if you wish.
  2. The difference in the DXF files and the QLI files are the way  they are created by the digitizer. If I had to choose I would choose the DXF file.
  3. When you purchase a pattern online, you will receive it in 12 different file formats. You only need the DXF or the QLI file—one or the other.  Be careful in your selection as some of the file formats look very similar. If you put in the wrong file it might not stitch correctly or it might not have a picture. Remember you can delete files from your computer system if you need to, so don’t worry… you can remove a mistake.
  4. When you purchase a digitized file online, you should save a copy to your laptop, just for back up purposes. The really good websites archive your purchases so if you lose your file, you can login and retrieve it again.
  5. We have noticed occasionally that copying and pasting files onto your USB stick is more effective than dragging a file onto the stick.
  6. Using a smaller USB stick works better with older versions of computers because the size of the memory is smaller, and the file can be searched and found more quickly on a small stick than a large USB stick.
  7. We have also noticed that the straight style USB stick fits into the USB port on the TinLizzie18 products best. Some of the new fancy shapes do not fit up to the body of the computer port as well and may require that you gently hold it into the port for recognition.
  8. You can make a file folder and import it as well. With some of the newer versions of the TinLizzie18 computerized quilting systems you can actually create the file on the screen.
  9. If you do not select a file folder when you import a pattern, it will generally show up at the bottom of your pattern catalog and not in any of the folders.
  10. Always buy online patterns from a reputable website. Check those sites for free patterns, too! Free patterns are a great way for you to get a pattern and practice importing it.

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