Does Size Matter?

Posted by on February 7, 2011

What is the difference between the TinLizzie18DLS and the Ansley26DLS?

This is one question I hear often while attending events and quilt shows. The TinLizzie18DLS and the Ansley26DLS are very similar in many ways. Such as having the famous Lizzie Stitch regulator, 5-year warranty, oil reservoir, built-in bobbin winder, largest capacity bobbin, flexible lamp, needle up/down, laser light, pantographs, and ergonomic handles. The only difference between both great quilters is the throat space. The throat space and the actual quilting space are different with all long-arm quilting machine’s. The actual quilting space of our TinLizzie18DLS is 15 1/2 inches and with the Ansley26DLS is 22 1/2 inches. Both of our Quilters are capable of accomplishing a show winning quilt. So what makes the big difference? Simple you can get your quilt done quicker with the Ansley26DLS when you have the larger quilting area. Therefore you have a real time saver and as we all know time is valuable as quilters there is never enough time to get to the next project!

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