Can I Use Monofilament Thread on My Longarm?

Posted by on October 2, 2017



There may be times when it is desirable to create the texture of quilting without seeing the actual stitches.  An example may be when outlining an applique on a quilt.  Monofilament thread is a good choice for this application.  Monofilament thread is basically invisible because it is very fine at 100 wt. and usually a low sheen.  One caution is to make sure you are choosing a polyester monofilament.  Nylon monofilaments are likely to melt or weaken when exposed to heat.  Usually, monofilaments are available in clear or smoke colored for darker fabrics.

While Monofilament threads are desirable for many applications, they also have characteristics that may be challenging if the correct procedures aren’t followed.  Since monofilament threads are fine, I use a size 14 needle.  The groove on the size 14 needle is small and accommodates the fine thread.  Monofilaments like to bounce and stretch.  Use a thread net or sock to help control the delivery into the first thread guide.  I use a safety pin in the first thread guide.  Then thread the monofilament through the spring end of the pin.  This keeps the thread captive so it won’t “jump” out of the guide.  When the monofilaments stretch they intermittently pull the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt.  To resolve this problem, loosen the needle tension.

The Monofilament thread may be used in the bobbin as well.  I like using pre-wound bobbins since it is difficult to successfully wind a bobbin with the stretchy thread.  This will require a looser tension in the bobbin as well.  Some quilters set a bobbin for monofilament threads and reserve it to use only with those threads.

There can be happy quilting with Monofilament threads.  Use the correct tools and settings and you are set.

by TL18 Educator Myrl Brienholt


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