Can the Shirley Stitcher quilt a continous Design?

Posted by on August 31, 2010


I would like to know which designs in SSII can be extended to quilt the whole width of the quilt in one stitching such as a pantograph continuous design?


The answer is simple the start and end of a pattern must be on the same horizontal plane. The start and end must also be equal to or extend past the edge of the design. This makes it a pantograph pattern. You can identify this just by looking at any pattern and identifying the start and end. You can purchase an infinite number of designs off of the web just look up on the web the names on the folders that say “designs by” in the pattern list on the Shirley and they have a huge number of patterns to choose from. You are not locked into just the patterns in the Shirley and stuck waiting for more to come from Tin Lizzie 18, that is what is so great about the Shirley just go get more and quilt away!

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