20 Important Things to Remember When Choosing a Quilt Pattern

Posted by on January 31, 2014

20-IMPORTANT-THINGSWhile quilting I always have the next project laying on a chair or pinned to the wall and am in a constant auditioning process. Sometimes I know exactly what I want. Sometimes I have to hunt for ideas online. Sometimes it is still going to take a shopping trip for the right pattern or thread. Sometimes it takes days to get all the decisions in my head and get comfortable with each choice.

Never put the quilt on the frame and then try to decide as you go what to quilt. Prepare. Prepare everything first!!

  1. View the quilt from a distance and up close.
  2. Decide where the quilting can enhance and concentrate there.
  3. Categorize the quilt as traditional, contemporary or artistic.
  4. Is the quilt to be masculine, feminine or neutral?
  5. Keep in mind the era the quilt pattern might have come from.
  6. Audition your stencils and patterns by laying onto the quilt.
  7. Chalk free motion a little to see how to size your freehand.
  8. Remember sm.prints/smallĀ  meandering, lrg. prints/large meandering.
  9. Choose your batting for the use and look of the quilt.
  10. In edge to edge decide how busy or dense you want the quilting.
  11. Stay with the theme if possible.
  12. For a no interference pattern choose diamonds or hour glass shapes.
  13. Keep in mind that a smooth pattern gives a relaxed feeling.
  14. Keep in mind that wiggly lines give a busy feeling.
  15. If using a fussy thread, stay with poly batting for less breakage.
  16. Choose a pattern that matches your time frame for quilting.
  17. Quilt colors down you do not want to dominate.
  18. Pull some thread from a spool and lay on the quilt to audition.
  19. Grids and straight lines always set off the curvy lines of a quilt
  20. All decisions should be made before the quilt goes on the frame.

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