Long Arm Quilters

Excellence by Design

Introducing, the all new TinLizzie18 ESP line of long arm quilting machines!

ESP’s revolutionary stitch regulator is UNMATCHED in precision & affordability, providing stitch lengths so accurate, you can take a ruler to them.

TinLizzie18 knew what you were thinking! We read your mind and designed the TinLizzie18 ESP long arm quilting machines with quality, excellence, seamless integration, customization and—best of all—affordability in mind.

ESP does the thinking for you.These intuitive machines are loaded with everything today’s quilter could wish for! The ALL NEW stitch regulator is truly revolutionary and it’s accuracy unmatched in the industry at such an affordable price.  The 7-inch color touch screen display can be integrated to control the quilt machine and the robotic unit simultaneously. The dimmable fluorescent light provides up to 3800 lumens of output to ensure maximum visibility and comfort.

ESP is fully customizable. The handlebar buttons can be programmed to suit individual needs and the computer-controlled stitch regulator maximizes stitch length precision. For the quilter who wants Elegance, Sophistication and Precision, ESP will know what you are thinking even before you do!

We’ve added a fully programmable, state-of-the-art touch screen giving the user the ability to create their own profile within the system, and offering unique options that can be easily modified with the touch of an on-screen button. The streamlined design ensures every wire is carefully concealed inside the touch screen unit, leaving only the small connector cable exposed.

In addition, the new ESP machines are equipped with various stitch regulating features and capabilities such as a Tie-on / Tie-off switch and Idle as well as Manual switches.

TinLizzie18 thought of everything! We’ve designed a more streamlined, modern looking machine, and updated the handlebars to move on two axis in order to eliminate muscle fatigue and enhance control. We’ve also cleverly configured the lighting fixture within the handlebar to allow full exposure no matter what the angle or position. There are no obstructions or shadows…ever! The upgraded the fluorescent light can be dimmed to 50% strength to relieve eyestrain.

ESP is so good, all you have to do is…

Think it. Touch it. Quilt it.

MORE Features of the TinLizzie18 Sewing Head:

  • Highly accurate multi mode SR
  • High speed 3000 SPM to help get your projects completed fast
  • Dual operating positions front and back, we do not treat the back of the machine as an add-on position for our ESP line
  • High visibility lighting
  • User programmable profiles for every user to customize for preference
  • Adjustable hand controls for every type of quilting you may perform
  • Superb no shadow lighting
  • Light weight head design
  • Power protection circuit
  • Needle position

Nothing Else is ESP

Considering an upgrade? We’ll never stop striving for excellence in all that we do. ESP has a completely new stitch regulator, full computerized integration and options that outperform even our own high quality LS and DLS capabilities.

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