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Posted by on September 13, 2010

Rosemount Quilt Show

 Research and Hands-On Test Driving Machines

 Quilt Shows: Make sure you test drive all of the machines available at a show. This is the time you will be able to get a feel for the machine and how it moves and can improve your quilting.

Machine Questions: What size machines do you have and what is the cost? What is included with the machine Thread, Patterns, needles? Does the machine have stitch regulation? What is the warranty? What size is the bobbin? What length is your table? Do you have a computerized quilting machine?

TinLizzie18 Company:

 We offer a wide range of quilting machines from our Sit down model (18 inch throat), TinLizzie18 (18 inch throat stand up frame), Ansley 26 (26 inch throat) to our fully automated quilting machine. Our goal is to offer a quality quilting machine with every quilter in mind at an affordable price.

Our TinLizzie18 Quilters all have the Lizzie Stitch (Stitch Regulator), Double bobbin with built on bobbin winder, Our tables can be set up as small as 4 feet to as large as 12 feet, We do offer a fully automated quilting machine the “Shirley Sticther”  that can be added at the time of your purchase or at a later date, our warranty is an extensive 5 yr warranty (1 yr labor, 5yr parts), all TinLizzie 18 Machines include thread, patterns, needles, bobbins and a small set of Allen wrenches. 

You can find where we will be next for hands on demonstration at a show near you by going to Finding Lizzie.

 We have many dealerships in our network to find the closest dealer to you please navigate to our dealer locator.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I have a tin lizzie 18 sit down. Can I use it in a stand up frame. If so, which ones? Thanks

    • sabrina says:

      Zoe, You will want to trade up your current machine to have a stand up frame with stitch regulator and all the correct electronics to function correctly on a frame. Please contact us at 888-quilt-18 to discuss trade in values.

  2. Jackee Thaysen says:

    I could not find a dealer on your website for Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Can you please advise any Tin Lizzie dealers in British Columbia. Thanks.

    • sabrina says:

      Jackee , We have recently made changes to our map system for our customers to be able to see the dealers on the map outside of the undited states. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble finding a dealer in your area. The TinLizzie18 Team

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am living in Newfoundland, on the East Coast of Canada. Do you have any dealers close by to view the Tin Lizzie and to obtain prices?


  4. Jack Howell says:

    I want to buy a Tin Lizzie long arm quilter for my wife. I live in Conklin, AB, Canada. Can you help me?

    • sabrina says:

      Jack, Yes we can help you with the purchase of a TinLizzie18 Quilting system. Please feel free to contact us at Toll Free 888-Quilt-18. The Tinlizzie18 Team

  5. Vickie says:

    I was just wondering if you have any dealer’s in Canada, specifically on the east coast? I didn’t see anywhere on your site that told me what the prices of our machine’s are and if i could order one from Canada.

    • sabrina says:

      Vickie, I have sent an email to you showing all the dealer in your area. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Jodi says:

        I would also like to know the answer to this question! Do you have any dealers in Canada, specifically the East coast? If you don’t have dealers in Canada, does your full warranty still accompany the machine?

      • sabrina says:

        Jodi, We do have Dealers in Canada , I am not sure if they will be close to you if you could provide your address, I will be able to look into the distance. If you do purchase a TinLizzie18 quilter from us directly our Warranty does still accompany the machine. The TinLizzie18 Team

  6. Also, visit the different company websites, watch their videos on youtube, etc. Talk to dealers…check for those that have email or web addresses…a dealer should NEVER put down another product (just good business sense). Once you have tried the machines, ask yourself a few questions, like:

    Other than price, what do the higher priced machines offer?

    Does the higher end machine do anything (without upgrades) that the TL18 product(s) don’t/can’t?

    Are you going to use for business? Then what is the investment cost going to do to your profit margins?

    I use my TL18LS for my own use & some customer work. After checking other brands, looking at the differences, and which one(s) best met my needs…the TL18LS won hands down…cost, quality & service.

    More costly is not always going to result in a better machine….

  7. Judy Roberts says:


    Again many thanks for all that you did for me with the issues that I am having with my Shirley Stitcher. The late evening phone calls were just wonderful. This lets me know that I purchased the right quilting machine and robot. I do hope that you are being paid well for the type of service and support you provide for your customers. I was also very impressed with Ernie and how he helped me out on Tuesday. My husband was also very impressed to know that I have great service and support. If I had to do it all over again would I pick the Tin Lizzie Company again? YES I WOULD!

    Sabrina and Jane are just as wonderful. All of you have as I would say “Have gone beyond the call of duty”. Sabrina has been great at keeping in touch through email. Jane was great at showing us how the Shirley Stitcher works and show my husband how it does such perfect quilting.

    PLEASE pass this on to Ernie as I want him to know that I am very impressed with all of you that I have worked with at this point.


    Judy Roberts
    Norfolk, Nebraska

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