How do I attach the extension table to my phoenix frame?

Posted by on February 27, 2012

  Your Extension table for the Phoenix Frame comes with the table and two brackets to hold the table to the machine. These instruction will help you get the table ready and the brackets in place so that you can attach the table and start using your rulers.

1. Removing the four leg parts from the Extension Tables.

a. You may want to use some needle nose pliers or a

socket to hold the nut on the bottom side with the black leg part, and a phillips screwdriver.

b. Remove the leg parts

c. Save the screws from the legs as you will be using these parts to secure the table to the brackets.

 2. Placing the brackets on the carriage next to the machine.

a. Loosen the front screws holding the carriage to the machine.

b. Looking at the brackets you will see four tabs

1. Two tabs have nuts attached to the bottom this is the top of bracket attach to bottom of table

2. Two tabs are blank these slid under the side of the machine.

c. Angle the bracket towards the back of the machine and slide between the machine and the carriage.

d. With the tab below the side of the machine slide the bracket forward so that you can get the front tab below the machine.

e. Slide the bracket back so that both bottom tabs are below the machine.

 3. Setting the table on and securing to the brackets.

a. Place the table on top of the brackets and line up the screw holes with the top tabs.

b. Using the screws you removed from the table in step

1. Secure the table to the brackets at the four (4) points.

c. Once the screws are secure slide the table and brackets back so that the table is against the machine.

d. Tighten the front screws on the carriage which secure the machine to the carriage.

You are now ready to use the extension table with your rulers while you are quilting.

To remove you will want to reverse the steps and remove the table first then the brackets.

Note: If you remove the machine first the table will fall as it is not attached to the machine.

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Have you Dreamed of owning a TinLizzie18 Quilting System? Then you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity!

Posted by on July 12, 2011

We are excited to announce the Great Lizzie Giveaway. Enter for your chance to win your very own TinLizzie18DLS with Phoenix frame or a TinLizzie18 Sit Down Quilting Machine.  The Winner will be announced at Quilt Festival/Houston in November 2011. Not sure which wonderful prize to set your sights on visit your local TinLizzie18 Dealer and have your customized Hands on Demonstration.

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Variations in Loading Fabric onto a Longarm Frame!

Posted by on May 4, 2011

   First, let me say that there is always more than one way. The whole point of getting the fabric onto the frame is to have no wrinkles in the layering of the quilt. Any way that you have devised to achieve this is ok-in-my-book

 Quilters are geniuses in all that they have invented at home with limited tools to work out the wrinkles and keep the quilt tight in spite of the fact that pieced quilts can be baggy, out of square, or even have variables in the stretch of the fabric.

 It doesn’t really matter which method you choose to use as long as you arrive at the point where the quilt sandwich is smooth and ready to be quilted together

  The variables in loading the longarm frame can be either the roller direction, the choice of which roller carries the top fabric or the attachment method.

  On the TinLizzie steel Phoenix frame, roller direction is permanent and the choice of which roller carries the top fabric shouldn’t be changed as the top roller of the two has to be able to open and lift upwards or you won’t be able to use the batting access option. So therefore the top roller of the two carries the top fabric and the lower roller holds the backing. The only variation or choice on this particular frame would be if you wish to “pin” totally or if you wish to “float the top” method.

 On the TinLizzie wooden Falcon frame you can choose the direction you wish the fabric rollers to go simply by flipping the gear on the pole as the gears have a slant to the teeth and grip better with the ratchet. You also can choose which pole you want the top fabric on as you can have the batting exposed or by choosing the lower pole you can have the top fabric wrap up and over the batting. Either way works, but I personally like to be able to tug on the batting and get a wrinkle out if needed, so I like the top roller to carry the top and the lower roller to carry the back. I also like my ratchets to roll a certain direction so that the layering comes together immediately which seems to eliminate a little bit of bounce in the fabric as it is being quilted. You will always have the choice of “pinning” or “floating” a top on. Check out the pictures below.

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