Free Motion Option of the Quilt Magician

Posted by on December 8, 2016


Using the Free Motion option on the Quilt Magician you can create and save your own original designs.  These designs can then be edited in the same ways that other patterns are edited.

While in the Quilt Magician Mode:

Touch the House > Free Motion.

You will see a field with crosshairs indicating where the needle is positioned.

On the right-hand side is START.  As soon as you touch START the recording begins.  It does not record time, but movement.  You may record while stitching or not depending on your preference.  The Quilt Magician will record until you touch STOP.

When STOP is touched, a SAVE option appears on the screen.  If you are happy with the result touch SAVE.  A New screen opens with a key pad to name the pattern.

If you are not satisfied with the result, simply touch START again and when you begin moving the new recording will appear.

When you are ready to save touch the SAVE option and then key in the name you prefer and touch the check mark to save.

To retrieve the pattern is it as with other patterns.

Touch the House èAdd Pattern.  You will find the new saved pattern at the end of the pattern list.  You are able to move your pattern to your preferred folder by the following procedure.

Touch House > File Manager

You will see a window with SPOURCE at the top left.  Choose INTERNAL since that is where the pattern is.  Then touch the blue search sphere at the right to find the pattern you want to move.  A window with the list of patterns will open.  Locate your new pattern at the end of the list and touch it. Touch the check mark for okay.

Now Touch the DESTINATION option in the lower left of the screen.  Make sure the INTERNAL option is chosen because you are saving it to an internal folder.   Touch the blue search sphere to find the folder where you would like the pattern to go.  Notice you have an option to create a new folder.  You may want to create a folder of your own patterns rather than placing the pattern in an existing folder.  Choose the folder to place your pattern and touch the check mark for okay.  You now have the options at the bottom of the screen to save or delete.  Touch save and you should have a message saying SAVED.

If you would like to move the pattern to a USB stick, just choose USB instead of internal in the DESTINATION option.

If you are tracing a printed pattern that has repeats in it to convert it to a .qcc file in the Quilt Magician it is advisable to trace only one repeat and then add as many of the repeats you need on the quilt in the EDIT option.

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Free Motion Advanced Designs

Posted by on October 12, 2015

If you have taken the Beginner Free Motion class you will remember that we use 10 different shapes to create patterns:

1. The square

2. The triangle

3. The circle

4. The Rectangle

5. The oval

6. The straight line

7. The arc

8. The loop

9. The hook

10. The s-shape

The first twenty designs that we teach in Beginner Free Motion are basic to these shapes. When we teach the Advanced Free Motion designs we are combining these shapes into more complex designs. As you will notice in the picture below there is an arc and an s-shape with a little hook at the top.

These combinations are show winners. They also add to the appraisal of your quilt value as they are more unusual and interesting. Not everyone will feel comfortable making all of these designs. By taking the class for Advanced Free Motion you will discover which ones you love and are your favorite flavor and gain confidence.

Take a look as some of these and if you are interested seek an Advanced Free Motion class. CLICK HERE for upcoming classes.

image049 image047 image039 image037 image035 image033 image031 image029 image027 image025 image023 image021 image019 image017 image015 image013 image011 image009 image007 image005 image003 image001

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