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Posted by on July 30, 2010


Can I add the TinLizzie18 Automated quilting Machine to my Current TinLizzie18 Machine?


When looking to add the Automated Quilting Machine to your current TinLizzie18 machine please have the following available to provide to your TinLizzie18 Dealer. (Serial Number, Date of Purchase,TL18 or TL 18LS and Frame Type). To Determine if you have a TL18 machine verses a TL18LS machine (The TL18 machine has one control on the Handle Bar and the TL18LS machine has two controllers one on each Handle Bar with Lizzie Stitch printed on the left Handle Bar.)

 If you purchased from a private party the above information is important to obtaining the proper information regarding your age of your TinLizzie18 Machine.

All TinLizzie18 Machines Purchased Prior to August of 2007 will not be capable to add any Shirley Stitcher Version.

 TinLizzie18 Machines purchased August 2007 through present will work with the Shirley Sticther II.

 TinLizzie18LS machines purchased after August 2008 through present is capable of the Shirley Stitcher computerized addition, The TinLizzie18 Team

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  1. My sister has a tinlizzie18 with a manuel stitch and the lizzie stitch. whitch I use every time. but now its scipping stitches and does not want to go when i move the machine. we’ve cleaned everything that we could see and still does not want to move on the lizzie stitch. help please. ladonna

    • sabrina says:

      Hi Ladonna,

      Please contact our service department at 888-quilt18 toll free. It sounds like a very simple fix but we would like to speak with you .

  2. donna adams says:

    We are trying to do an edge to edge pattern and do fine, until it says to set a nesting point. It does not say what a nesting point is and how do we set it. Please advise

    Thank you

  3. Cara says:

    I have a tin lizzie 18 with the ribbon cable can it be used with the ss I don’t remember when it was purchased

  4. C. Colson says:

    I was very impressed by the quick response I had from Greg when I sent an email asking about my needle up/down problem. There seems to be nothing in any manual I’ve seen about cleaning the chrome tape and infrared sensor on the hand wheel. Maybe you could set up a FAQ section on the blog with these tidbits of info?

    • sabrina says:

      C.Colson, Thank you , Yes we hope to began building a helpful section regarding tips on QUilting and Mahicne Service. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • So, to clarify…if you have a TL18 (not LS), and it’s from before 2007…you can’t use the SS with it? Asking because I had another source saying that the only TL18 that is not able to use the SS, is the one that has the two switches on the side, one for manual and one for stitch regulated (that machine also has NO flat ribbon cable on it). If it’s got the flat ribbon cable on it, going from the controller box to the power box, and the bobbin winder on the top of the machine…it can use the SS, but with some modification to the frame (to make room for the power box of the SS).

      • sabrina says:

        Marge, I talked with our service depratment regarding this and they have requested that we see a couple of pictures of the Mahicne in question from the customer, Showing Handle bars with the controller, Side of machine with the control box with on/off switch and Side view of the frame both sides. This will help us in determining the age of the machine and electronics to verify if it can be used with the Shirley Stitcher. The Tinlizzie18 Team

      • I would suggest the same Sabrina…I think a lot of confusion came from the fact that there have been changes to the TL18’s over time and then the SS & SSII (not sure about these..but must have had some kind of improvement, right?). A case by case decision will be best.

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