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Posted by on October 15, 2014

How many times have you wished for this list? All your trouble shooting questions answered in one place!

10 check points list:

If you have skipped stitches this is what you check:

  1.      If the skip is to the left check the needle position.
  2.      If the skip is to the left and right but not front to back check the X encoder.
  3.      If the skip is front to back but not left and right check the Y encoder.
  4.      If the skip is “every which-a-way” then the foot is too high.
  5.      If the skip is left and to the back then check the needle to hook relationship.
  6.      If the skip is located near the front roller, only check the cord that is tugging on the encoders and lifting it.

If you have loops on the underside of your stitching this is what you check:

  1. Check to see if your foot is up.
  2. Check your threading path by rethreading and make sure the thread is really in the tension assembly.
  3. Check to see if the bobbin thread is pulling down too hard or is tangled.
  4. Tighten the tension assembly to pull up the thread.
  5. Test your adjustment by sewing a figure 8 and rechecking the problem.

If you have loose threads on the top of your stitching this is what you check:

  1. Check your threading.
  2. Check the check spring on the tension assembly.
  3. Check the bobbin to see if it is threaded correctly.
  4. Check the bobbin to see if there is tension on the thread.
  5. If the thread is slippery and the tension cannot grip it, thread through all the guide holes.
  6. Check top tension and loosen up a little.

If you have the bobbin thread coming up to the top this is what you check:

  1. Check the bobbin thread to see that it is  threaded right.
  2. Check the bobbin thread to see that it has the correct tension on it.
  3. Loosen up on the top tension.

If you are bumping into the seams this is what you check:

  1. Check the “hop” setting on your machine (requires tools and manual.)
  2. Check the foot height on your machine.

If you feel a tug or bump when moving your machine this is what you check:

  1. Check for fuzzies or thread on the wheels.
  2. Check for seams in the frame and adjust.
  3. Check for cords that are pulling on you and zip tie up.
  4. Check the fabric on the frame for threads hanging and catching on carriage.
  5. Don’t confuse bumps with hesitation in encoders.

If your rollers won’t stay tight this is what you check:

  1. On the wooden frames, make sure you’re not missing the washers next to the wood in the ratchets—once you get the washer in there you can tighten the nut and the ends that are in the poles will tighten.
  2. On the wooden frames, double check the slant of the gear teeth matching the slant of the ratchet dogs—flip gear over if needed.
  3. On the metal frames make sure that your ratchet adjustments are correct and that springs are working.
  4. Double check the ends that are secured in the poles.

If your machine won’t respond to any button this is what you check:

  1. Check all your power cords to see if you have power.
  2. On machines with separate lights, you can check power by turning on the light.
  3. Check the fuse.
  4. Change the power cord and see if it is a bad cord.
  5. Call in to a tech if you just cannot find the power issue because a main board might be out.

If your machine wants to roll away from you this is what you check:

  1. Level your machine.
  2. Check to see if the carriage is lined up.

If the thread keeps breaking this is what you check:

  1. Check to see if it is old thread.
  2. If the thread shreds and then breaks the foot might need adjusting.
  3. If the thread shreds it might be getting pinched so check needle adjustment.
  4. If the thread shreds it might be the twist of the thread so loosen up on tensions.
  5. If the thread snaps and doesn’t shred then check the needle position.
  6. If the thread snaps and doesn’t shred check for a bur on the needle.
  7. If the thread snaps and doesn’t shred much then check for a bur or scratch on the throat plate.
  8. If the thread snaps and doesn’t shred much then check for a bur in the hole in the thread plate—probably have to take it off to see.
  9. If you cannot even go 10 stitches and it breaks the needle is in backwards.
  10. If you can go for 24 inches and it breaks then you are probably building heat in the needle and you are using a man made thread that is heat sensitive-change threads.

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  1. Linda Pike says:

    hi, my bobbin in my bobbin case is fine,but when I put them into the machine and sew, well it shift out of place and the thread breaks. Need help. thank you

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Linda,
      Did you recently drop your bobbin case? It could be bent and require replacing. Please call us at 888-Quilt 18. Thanks!

  2. Beverly Saal says:

    I have a pre-owned Pfaff grand quilter. I was almost finished my first quilt. Everything was working really well. I just had done a short length of stitching down the outside edge and stopped and pivoted to start quilting and everything stopped. The needle will not move up or down; it is about midway between both. The handwheel will not budge anything to move. There is a clicking from within the top of the machine when I try to move the handwheel. If I have the automatic stitch button engaged, nothing moves but there is a “whirring” sound in the area where the bobbin should be rotating. I have removed the bobbin and case and removed any bobbin thread that was caught in the hook assembly, but can not get anything whatsoever to budge. Anything more we can try?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Beverly… Please call our service department at toll free 888-Quilt-18. We’ll help!

  3. Viola Swann says:

    I have a TinLizzie 18/wood frame,
    that was upgraded to the Ram handle bar system and electronics last year. Today I plugged in the gooseneck lamp into the outlet on top and my machine just shut down. I have unplugged everything and plugged everything back in but no luck. Is there a fuse somewhere? Inside?
    Please help…

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Viola… Please call our tech department toll free at 888-Quilt-18. We’ll help you figure it out. Thanks!

  4. shirley ogden says:

    I want to use a thread that is a regular spool not the cone thread cant get it to work keeps breaking thread do i need a different thread holder?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Shirley… Threads wound onto spools have a different twist than do the threads wound on cones. Cone threads are meant to pull off of the top while spool threads are meant to spin. Pulling a spool thread off of the top will literally untwist the thread making it weaker and more prone to breaking. Superior thread make a spool adapter that can be installed onto a longarm machine that will allow the spool to spin as it was designed to function.

  5. Hilda says:

    Motor failure half way down the width of the quilt, everything works fine, then wam! Quits with this message. Why? I’ve checked everything I can, no results. Help!!!

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Hilda… Regarding motor error, can you move the fly wheel freely? It sounds like it may have jammed which can be caused by the tinniest bit of lint or the bobbin case being not all the way engaged. If the wheel does not move freely, you will need to rock the fly wheel back and forth until it frees up. Remove the bobbin case, clean the area with a brush for lint and threads.

      After you have accomplished the above you should be able to continue quilting.

  6. Joy Redmond says:

    I need technical help. The encoder has sprung and I can’t fix. It will not roll. I need a support tech to call me.

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Joy… If the encoder is sprung nothing can be done over the phone. It needs to be replaced. We looked your machine up and it appears that the warranty has expired. Price options are below. Let us know if you want to have us ship you a new encoder. Thanks!

      Refurbish Black & Silver Encoders are $125.00 plus shipping if in stock
      Black and Silver Brand New is $220.00 plus shipping
      All Black Encoder are $115.00 plus shipping
      White Encoder is $197.50

  7. duke graham says:

    Hopping foot adj in the manual is confusing…the threaded screw ( as per the pic) is called a bolt in the text….I am told to adj the bolt but don’t touch the silver screw….the adj bolt in the text is black BUT the one on my machine is silver HENCE the possible confusion….I may seem over cautious HOWEVER every time I touch this machine I have problems…..AND I am a certified mechanic

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Duke,

      There are three locations to adjust Presser Foot adjustment and hop: the presser foot attachment (near the needle), the black or silver bolt on top of the casting (just behind the face plate), and the presser foot linkages on the side and behind the face plate of the machine.

      We have several different manuals depending on which model you currently have. Some show both the black and silver bolts on the top of the castings but they are the same.

      Unfortunately I do not know exactly what you are asking for?

      Can you explain in detail on what you’re trying to do or the exact problem you are having? Also, can you tell me what model you have, is it a TinLizzie18, or TinLizzie18 LS, DLS, RAM, Apprentice, or a TinLizzie18 ESP Limited or SE model? It may be best if you can send a photo of it to help me understand correctly. TinLizzie18 did not list a model type on the casting of the machine, just on the paperwork and invoices. Since then we have change that and now label which model is installed.

      I’m looking forward hearing back from you. I have also emailed this information to you.

      Greg Johnson

  8. Pat Palmer says:

    Just put in new encoders and new y cable. Now having trouble with machine seeming to catch, will totally stop then jump and take a big stitch during a quilting pass. It worked pretty good for a couple quilts, but now it is awful. I can’t finish the quilt. No lint, new needle, etc…What is causing this???

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Pat… Please call toll free 888-Quilt 18. We would be happy to walk through a few quick troubleshooting techniques to find the problem and get you quilting again.

    • Judson Knowles says:


      Check to make sure that the encoder isn’t bumping the cables. The Y encoder (on right side looking at machine) is notorious for bumping the cable(s) if they are not low enough or haven’t had the kink from folding straightened.

  9. Judy V says:

    Hi – I have a Tin Lizzie 18 ESP and I went to change the needle today and it was very hard to remove and hard to get the new needle in. I unscrewed the small screw completely from the machine and now I CANNOT get it back into the thread guide. Any help would be welcome, not sure why the needle is so hard to get in and out. This is a new issue?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Judy… Sorry for the delayed response. Some of the web comments were not appearing. Sometimes the shaft where the needle is placed has lint or thread build up. Use tweezers or a medical cotton swab to clean the area out. You don’t need to remove the needle screw, just loosen it. Hoping this helps!

  10. Trish says:

    I have the Tin Lizzie 18. I want to make straight lines around my block to outline it, but when I get to the end to change directions the last stitch will not stay it curves to the direction I am sewing. Is this my tension on top, or my bobbin, I’m using a variegated thread 40 wt ? Please advise


    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Trish… Sorry for the delayed response. Some of our web comments were not appearing. Using the regulated stitch may cause points or corners to be more rounded simply because the machine hasn’t moved far enough to keep the stitch per inch set. I suggest using the Idle or manual stitch when points and corners are desired. These stitch modes allow you to hesitate just slightly on the points for a stitch to be formed. Hoping this helps!

  11. Kimber says:

    I have a viking 18×8. Most or the time, everything works fine but periodically, the bobbin winder won’t wind. If I gently start it turning, it will finally start spinning on its own. It’s like it’s gummed up but I can’t find any info about cleaning or oiling it.

  12. Loren McCoy says:

    I purchased an older model tin Lizzie 18. Are you able to shorten the length of a ten foot table. The prior owners said I could. Thanks, Loren

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Loren… If it is a wooden frame you can shorten the length. You will need to purchase the poles at the length you desire. Most hardware stores carry the conduit piping required.

  13. Kathy Tibbits says:

    When the motor went out on my TinLizzie 18, I got it upgraded to an ESP with all new parts. Now it will stitch when I manually move the wheel and then press the button, but not when I restart it after stopping stitching. I removed the cover and adjusted the belt slightly. It is better now, but still has a high rate of not starting, plus the cover doesn’t fit over the belt now. (I am running it on Manual because the frame skate runner-wheels and the stitch regulator were all mounted on the same plane and the encoder is slightly bigger than the metal runner-wheels… causes a drag. I took the encoder off since it kept the machine from moving.) Any clues about how I can get the motor belt adjusted? It appears there isn’t adequate belt slack. I live 140 miles round trip from my service site, and it is still under warranty because I’ve only had it 2 weeks since the upgrade.

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Kathy,
      Please call our service department at 888-Quilt-18 for troubleshooting. Thanks!

  14. Linda H Frederick says:

    Lizzie stitch

  15. Linda H Frederick says:

    My machine goes into manual at the beginning of each row then slows down to mozzie stitch.

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Linda… Please call our Tech Department at Toll free 888-Quilt-18 so we can help you. Thanks!

  16. Ursula Gregg says:

    I have the pfaff 18.8 and I completed a quilt yesterday with no issues and today, I was able to do a basting stitch with no issues. When I hit the needle up to bring up the bobbin thread the needle stayed down and when I press the buttons on the handle bar I get no response

  17. Debbie Fisico says:

    I have a TinLizie 18. I am having an issue with the top thread breaking. I changed threads, tried a new needle, no luck. The thread shreads, because the last few stitches are always with very thin thread. I don’t know what is meant above by needle or foot might need adjusting……

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Debbie,
      When thread is fraying, and breaking it is an indication that is it rubbing against something that is not smooth or is too hot from friction. Heat is generated from the needle moving up and down in the fabric. Cotton runs hot and polyester runs cooler, so cotton batting is not a good choice when using temperamental thread like metallic or monofilament.

      It is a good choice to change the needle because it is most often the culprit. A needle should be changed about every six to eight hours of use. You should choose the needle that is the correct size for the thread you are using. There is a groove that runs down the front of the needle where the thread “hides” when the needle is in the fabric. This protects the thread from friction. If the thread is too large for the groove, it may break from the friction. For 40 weight thread, it is good to use a size 18 MR 4.0 needle. MR stands for multiple directional needle and means it has a less flexible shaft. The lighter weight the thread, the smaller the needle.

      The needle tension may be too tight causing the thread to pull too heavily through the tension discs. To resolve this, set your bobbin tension fairly light. I like to be able to lay the bobbin case in my hand and as I pick up the thread, have the bobbin case fall GENTLY as I move my hand away from the case. This allows the needle tension to be lighter to match the bobbin tension.

      Another avenue to explore is to check the thread path. First, make sure the thread is not wrapped around anything like the spindle on the thread stand. Clean the thread path of any lint as it will travel with the tread and end up in the tension discs, effecting the tension and causing fraying if it is rubbing on the thread. If everything looks clean, feel each thread guide with your fingers to make sure there are no burs that may fray the thread. If there are, use emery cloth or emery thread to smooth the burs out. If the check spring feels damaged it will need to be replace. The check spring is the “J” shaped wire on the tension assembly. It pulls on the thread with every stitch to lock the bobbin and needle threads together.

      Next check the needle plate for burs. If there was an incident where a needle was broken, it is most likely that the needle plate was struck by the needle causing a bur that frays thread. Also, check the hook that is down by the bobbin case. It may have a bur or it may be running too close to the needle, cutting the thread. If this is the case it is usually a clean break rather than a fray.

      Now all of these possibilities have been examined, let’s consider how tight the quilt is on the frame. If the fabric is too tight is will break the thread. Fabric should be secure and smooth, but not tight like a trampoline. Check the take up rail (the rail that you roll the finished portion of the quilt on) to make sure there is only a “finger-tip” height between the bed of the machine and the rail. If there is too big of a space the thread may break.

      Lastly, make sure you are using quality thread that has been stored properly. Sunlight, dryness and dust cause weaken thread that breaks easily. Cone thread feeds off the top of the cone, and spool thread has been twisted the opposite way and should spin off of the spool otherwise it will untwist and be weakened. Purchase from a reputable company that stand by its products.

      I hope this is helpful to you. Please let us know. We are here to help you on all your quilting endeavors. Happy quilting! 888-784-5818 ex4

      • Debbie Fisico says:

        I definitely appear to have a small burr on my needle plate. I haven’t completely checked the bobbin area yet as that is all a bit of a mystery to me, but I thought I would fix this first. But how do I fix it? Do I need to buy a new needle plate?

      • Kelley Nemitz says:

        Hi Debbie… If you do have a burr on the needle plate, you can buy a new plate by calling toll free 888-Quilt-18.

  18. Johanne Boulet says:


    I recently bought a used longarm (2015 model) and I have the same problem than Debbie Thompson (error 0×03). I live un Montréal (Québec, Canada) and there is no TinLizzie dealer arround. Please, are you able to help me ?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Johanne,
      Please call our Tech department at 888-Quilt-18. This will be best as Debbie’s issue was that the unit wasn’t turned on from moving it to a new room. I am sure that is not the same issue here. We’ll have some questions in order to get you up and running. Thanks!

      • Johanne Boulet says:

        Hi Kelley,

        i live un Montreal and am sorry to tell you than i only speak French, my husband is doing the translation, how can we manage . Thanks for you help.

      • Kelley Nemitz says:

        Hi Johanne… would it be possible for your husband to call and act as your translator? Unfortunately we do not have a French-speaking representative here at this time.

  19. Kathy Quist says:

    My light bulb blew and now I have no power to my machine. Have checked power cord and socket. They are not the problem. Can you help me?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Kathy… Have you checked your Fuse? Please call us at 888-Quilt-18 for more assistance.

      • Kathy Quist says:

        I called a few hours ago and am waiting on a reply. I did locate and check the fuse. It was blown. My fuse is a 4 amp, however all the instructions that I find online say to use a three amp. Which is correct?

      • Kelley Nemitz says:

        Hi Kathy… Which TinLizzie18 machine do you have? Sitdown, LS, DLS or ESP?


    I recently moved my machine from the basement to the main floor of my house. It was working fine before I moved it. After I moved it I tried basting along the top of my quilt. I was able to bring up the bobbin thread without trouble. But when I tried basting across the top, the machine did 1 stitch, then not another for about 5 inches where it took one stitch then no more. I tried several times without any luck. It either took one stitch or did nothing. Also my light would sometimes turn off. After a couple of minutes I got an error message “Index flag-related error has occurred (error 0×03)”. I am hoping I will be able to adjust something myself with your help.

    My phone number is 734-664-5365

    Thank you,

  21. Margie McInitre says:

    I am having problem with my Ansley 26. The problem is looping on the bottom I have done what manuel said to do?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      It’s good to hear from you, Margie. The very first thing I would check for looping on the back of your quilt is making sure the needle thread is “flossed” deeply into the tension discs. Sometimes the thread is only resting on the edge of the discs and not actually securely between them. If the thread appears to be in the discs, check to make sure the presser foot lifter lever is down. When it is up there is no tension on the needle thread allowing too much thread to come off the spool. If both of those items seem to be correct, try rethreading the machine.
      Take out the bobbin case and make sure the thread in the bobbin is under the tension strap as it should be.
      There is a wire-type spring next to the tension discs that is call the check spring. If it is not at the “11 o’clock” position it may not be locking the stitch properly.
      One more thing to check is the anti-backlash spring that is in the bobbin case. It looks like a little man with his hands above his head. It’s job is to keep the bobbin continuing to spin when you stop or hesitate. Make sure that spring is in its place and not pushing the bobbin out of the bobbin case. If it is, the spring isn’t installed correctly. Make sure the flanges on either side of the spring are securely in the slots provided in the bobbin case where they belong. I know this is a lot to look into, but I am here to help further should you need additional help. 888-784-5818 ex4. Hope this helps. Thank you.

  22. Peggy Porter says:

    When turning on the power the machine begins stitching and there is no control to turn it off. The boxes on the handle box doesn’t turn it off it will control speed only. Lights are on. Changing to lizzie to manual doesn’t change the control.

  23. sefrina perez says:

    I broke the needle thread guide on my tin lizzie 18 LS quilting machine I have ordered some but I cant put it in, it brakes can you tell me how to put it on

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Sefrina… Please call our tech department at 888-Quilt-18 for assistance. We’ll walk you through it.

  24. Eric Dinelle says:

    Hi, I got a older tin Lizzie I posted a few weeks ago about my machine making like a grinding/crunching noise and stopped using it and oiled it, went back to it the next day… today before I used it I oiled it and used it for about 40-50 minutes and here comes that same grind and crunch and the machin jams, do you have any advice that could be of help?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Eric,

      There are a number of things that could be going on. We’ll need to ask you some questions to help diagnose the issue. Please call our tech dept at 888-QUILT-18. Thanks!

  25. Norma says:

    I got an error code which says “stitch controller not present”….the machine has stopped – what does this mean and how can I get back to quilting?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Norma… please call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for the Service Department. Greg is working on your case but there is some missing information he needs in order to diagnose your issue. I believe he emailed you as well. Thanks!

  26. Patti steffen says:

    How do i adjust foot?

  27. Eric dinelle says:

    I just bought a tin Lizzie second hand from some one who bought directly from you guys in 2007, she got transferred for work and decided to sell the machine, she has never used it, I did the first stitches with it, now I got almost through a whole quilt and now when the needle is basically going down your hear a crunching noise, and it’s not the needle, I’ve removed the needle and the same sounds are there, any help would be great

    • Eric dinelle says:

      I went back to the machine today and everything seems to be ok?, weird… is it possible it got to hot and metal expand and caused the crunching sound and now that it cooled down it’s ok again, or is it possible it didn’t have enough oil?

      • Kelley Nemitz says:

        Good Morning Eric, Yes lack of sufficient oil can cause some noise, our suggestion is always check the dip stick prior to quilting . If the dip stick is dry, place a few drops of oil in the dip stick area and the other oiling point that is on the top of your machine. It should be outlined in red. Please do not hesitate to let us know if any further assistance is needed.


  28. Violet says:

    My machine will not stitch. I changed the needle, checked to make sure the bobbin is in place. The bobbin thread can be brought to the top but the machine just refuses to stitch at all. Help Please.. thanks

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Violet,
      Please call our tech department toll free at 888-Quilt-18. We need to ask you some questions in order to diagnose your issue

  29. Michaele Jaime says:

    I need help with the encoder that is involved with left to right or right to left. skipping stitches, I have cleaned tracks, wheels, rollers – at a loss as to what to do next

  30. carrie says:

    my tin lizzie will not run.I have power to it trys to run but can’t.I had put a new bobbon in and the needle will not go up or down?

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Good Afternoon Carrie,

      From your description it sounds like a jammed machine. First please turn the unit off. Next go to the fly wheel and check to see if the Hand wheel moves freely. If the wheel does not move freely you have a jammed machine this typically occurs when the bobbin case is not engaged all the way . You will need to unjam the machine is the needle in the up position? If yes than remove the bobbin case , next rotate the hand wheel back and forth giving it some muscle it will free up. Once the unit is free moving with the hand wheel, make sure there is no lint in the bobbin case area by using a paint brush to clean the Hook area. Once these steps have been accomplished place your bobbin case back in the hook assembly ( make sure you here the click) and you should be good to quilt again. If you have any issues or questions please do not hesitate to call our service department toll free at 888-Quilt18.

      Happy Quilting.

  31. Verna Steil says:

    Ihave Phaff 18.8 and had it unpluged for two weeks. Plugged it back in and now I get and error0-02 or motor error0-03 and needle sensor up and down no longer stops where it should just at random. Can you help me as I have used my machine for many quilts and never had this happen before

  32. Marsha Dinkins says:

    I am experiencing difficulty with skipped (vertical)stitches. After reading many of the blog, I believe the issue may involve the encoder near the middle of the carriage. If the encoder does not roll when I move the carriage forward and backward, is there anything I can do to remedy the problem. (There is no issue with horizontal stitches.)

  33. Christie says:

    I have an apprentice and the upper thread is getting caught around the bobbin casing. It appears that it is in time. How do I fix it??

  34. Linda Ruth says:

    I have a Qbot on a Husqvarna Viking machine. The message on the display states’motors not following’. It worked fine yesterday, but will not work today. Does anyone have any ideas? This machine has been a challenge. Since I purchased it 4 years ago, we have replaced nearly every part on it and still I can’t seem to get through a quilt without something going wrong. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Linda… Unfortunately TL18 does not deal with QBOT. If you visit myqbot.com, they should be able to help you.
      Are you able to free motion with the machine?

  35. ethel says:

    My machine runs for about 15-20 seconds and stops. I get an error message “0×02″ What is my problem? I have checked for thread in the hook and there is none. Please help

    Thank you

  36. Rose Mary Davenport says:

    My tin Lizzy suddenly started racing at high speed and would not respond to button controls. Needle wouldn’t go up or down & unable to stop machine. It had been working fine.

  37. Pauline says:

    I broke the encoder to my Artistic 18 Longarm quilter. how do I order another one.

  38. Kathy says:

    My Ansley is making a clanking noise when I use it

  39. Miriam moore says:

    Where can I get a replacement screw that holds my needle on my 2003 model 18 inch tin Lizzie? The head broke off when my husband tightened it.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Miriam… can you let us know which model you have? The best thing to do is call 888-quilt-18 or your local dealer.

  40. Jacque Burgin says:

    Where can I buy extra fuses for my Tin Lizzie??

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Jacque! Which system do you have? Shirley stitcher, Shirley stitcher 2 with 5 inch monitor Shirley stitcher 2 with 7 inch monitor, quilt magician or quilt magician with android tablet?

  41. Linda Jo Poindexter says:

    I did the video troubleshooting for the needle sensor hand crank, but that video does not even pertain to my pfaff grand quilter 18.8 as it has not got any of the cables running out of the hand crank, and no lights on bottom of power box

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Linda Jo… Thanks for your message. Your information has been passed on to PFAFF and someone should be getting back to you shortly.

  42. Linda Jo Poindexter says:

    Pfaff GrandQuilter 18×8 Long Arm can you tell me where the needle sensor is so I can clean it, I have cleaned all other things. After watching the videos today I have some other things I want to try tonight to see if this is a different problem than I think

  43. Linda Jo Poindexter says:

    I have the Pfaff GrandQuilter 18×8 Long Arm Quilting Machine and it appears as my handlebar control unit has gone bad, I cannot find one anywhere and my dealer said they can’t get them, I have a huge hunk of metal that is not good to me without the control unit. Any help would be appreciated. Even a point in the right direction.

  44. Tracey says:

    I have the pfaff p3. It has suddenly decided it doesn’t know what postion to stop in. Sometimes the up is down and down is up or even somewhere in THE middle. Is there some kind of sensor I can clean, or adjustment I can make?

  45. Doneta Free says:

    My Tin Lizzie hops when I’m sewing a quilt. What do I need to check. I just bought the machine 2 months ago and I’ve sewn about 10 quilts in the last 2 months and the hopping is getting worse.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hello Doneta— Please call 888-784-5818 option 2… we need to ask you some questions in order to troubleshoot this. Let’s get that hopping to stop! Thanks!

  46. Diane taylor says:

    Haven’t used in a year. Quilted half a quilt before non use. Everything turns on. Put needle down to catch bobbin thread. Success. Now machine hums but the needle won’t go down. Tried every button. Nothing but hum. I have yet to be successful with this machine. Questioning my purchase.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Diane… Sounds like it might have a thread jam. Turn the machine off and see if you can turn the hand wheel. If not, have a look at our videos for a step by step on how to deal with a thread jam. If that does not work, please email your information to support@tinlizzie18.com. Thanks!

    • Karen Miner says:

      I had this happen once. I hadn’t used my machine for a while and I forgot to oil it before I started. As soon as I oiled it up it worked like a charm.

  47. Midge says:

    My machine was working fine until I changed thread to Sulky 30W cotton.Now it is constantly breaking thread. I have tried different needles, adjusting the tension, etc. Nothing seems to work.

  48. Violet says:

    I have a Tin Lizzie Queen Quilter. The stitch regulator seems to be off somehow. It stitches perfect stitches for part of the design then the machine speeds up on its own and the stitches get really tiny. Naturally the thread breaks. Also the machine does not stop when I push stop on the handle controls.
    I checked the needle, needle position, thread and bobbin, cleaned out bobbin case and made sure machine was threaded properly plus checking the tension discs to make sure they were clean. What do I need to do please? Thanks.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Violet… Apologies, your comment somehow got lost in our system and just came to my attention now. We need to help troubleshoot what’s going on. Can you please call 888-784-5818 option 2? Thanks!

  49. penny Ross says:

    My machine will not turn on. the bot works. Where is tge fuse, It ran for a short time, I turned it off to removw the bobbin case. Did not start again,

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Penny,
      Hoping we can help! First, look in your owners manual for the location of fuse. Then check to make sure that your machine is plugged in to both the machine and the power supply. If you don’t get resolution, please call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for Adam. Thanks!

  50. Carol Skinner says:

    I have aa Ansley 26. New, computer board has been replaced because the front and rear handle bars are not communitcation.

    I have replaced the board and now I have index flag error 0×03 and 0×02.

    Fly wheel turns, we have power, nothing in the bobbin case, has been oiled???
    Any suggestions!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Carol, I understand Adam had you call him about this. Let me know if you are still having issues. Thanks!

  51. margaret says:

    interesting. better instructions than the manual or typed pages I was given.

  52. Ann Kuhn says:

    I am having problems with lizzy stich and needle up and down switch. It goes as fast as it will go and speed knob doesn’t make a difference. Needle goes down when I push up and up when I push down. My husband says there is a short in the cord. Where can I buy a new cord??? Can I buy Ram horns to go on this machine? It has handle bars like a bicycle. Very frustrated!!!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Ann,

      Please call 888-784-5818 option 2 Monday-Friday 6-3 pacific standard time. We need to ask you a few questions in order to direct you to the best outcome. Thanks!

  53. Susan says:

    I’m having the same problem I had a few days ago. I put needle down to grab the bobbin thread & the needle goes down VERY fast , then up again, with the thread jamming in the bobbin casing. I called & left a message for the service tech an hour ago & haven’t heard back.
    Please respond, I want to get this issue resolved before the weekend. Thank you.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Susan,
      Your message was received and you are in the queue. Your call will be answered in the order it was received. Thank you!

  54. Susan says:

    Help! I have a TL18. When I was winding my bobbins the machine was going 100 miles an hour. Now when I tried to do needle down/needle up to grab the bobbin thread it goes down & up really fast then gets stuck in the fabric & wont budge. Then I finally get it to move the bobbin thread is broken & stuck around the bobbin case.
    Thank you for your assistance.

    • Susan says:

      I read some of the other posting questions. Cleaned out the bobbin casing with a q tip & rubbing alcohol. Removed the plate & cleaned the needle sensor. Didn’t even know it was there! Working like a gem again. Miss Lizzie & I are happy again. Thank you!

      • kelleyn says:

        Oh Susan, it’s so great to hear this! Sometimes it’s hard to get questions answered by a technician over the weekend, but I’m so glad to hear that you found the right resources to help! Happy Quilting!

  55. Janis says:

    Do I need to replace the fuse if the needle doesn’t respond when pressing the down or up button or the power buttons? It slightly moves up and down like it’s trying but it’s struggling to.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Janis, It sounds like a thread jam. Please call 888-784-5818 option 2. We’ll help you through it. Thanks!

  56. Kathy says:

    I have the Ansley 26 esp I was quilting when it started making a screeching noise. I have kept it cleaned and oiled. The stitching still looks good but the noise gets worse?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Kathy… We need to have you call 888-784-5818 option 2 so we can ask you some questions and do some troubleshooting. Thanks!

  57. Jody schaaf says:

    I keep getting a motor related errors has occurred (error 0×02) when I tie off or when I want to raise or lower the needle.

  58. Sherrie Reese says:

    I am attempting to use a size 16 needle on a small tablecloth that For batting I am using just a pc of cotton. The size 18 was leaving too large of holes. I am having trouble adjusting the needle so that it consistently picks up the bobbin thread to make a stitch. Should I be using the 18 needle. If so what do we use the size 16 for? I tried the 16 before and had the same problem…I want to conquer this problem. Help…I have an Ansley 26 ESP

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sherrie… Needle size usually doesn’t cause skipped stitches unless the needle length is incorrect. If the needle length is incorrect the hook will not come in contact with needle at the right time. For the Ansley 26 ESP the correct needle length is 134. When choosing between a size 16 or 18 consider two things. 1. The weight of thread you are using because the groove in front of the needle is designed to protect the thread from friction. If the thread is too heavy for the groove it would be exposed to rubbing on the fabric and will break. If it is too light it may wiggle around and also break. 2. Consider the weight and weave of the fabric you are using. The needle size should be able to penetrate the fabric easily without creating large holes. Size 16 needles work well with 50 weight thread and medium to light weight fabric. Size 18 works well with 40 weight thread and medium to heavy weight fabric. Hope this is helpful.

  59. Shirley says:

    I think my fuse may have blown, machine won’t turn on. I have tested the cord, I have changed the fuse before when my machine was new but I can’t remember the location of the fuse. Can you guide me?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Shirley… have you called your local dealer? That’s usually your first line of help. Otherwise, call 888-784-5818 option 2 and we’ll help you! Thanks!

    • Sherrie Reese says:

      This happened to me…the fuses are on the back of the machine…2 black round things on the left side…2 fuses…you cannot use any old fuse…I went to radio shack to buy mine after I had tried others…no good I purchased (Littelfuse 10A gma type 5 x 20Mm Fast).they have been working for 5 years now…hope this helps.

  60. stephanie says:

    my top thread keeps breaking in my tinlizzie apprentice. i have checked tension of bobbin, & upper thread, changed needled, oiled machine, cleaned tension discs, rethreaded the machine a few times, changed to a new thread, etc. i am frustrated, & have never had this issue before. help!!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Use a q-tip or a tooth pick to follow the path of the tread off the cone to look for a bur if that does not work please call the store you bought it from. They should be able to help you further. Thanks!

  61. Gussie says:

    As I was saying: the erratic stitches are a nuisance but the CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK really concerns me. Can you help, please. Thank you.

  62. Gussie says:

    I was quilting along on my Tinlizzie 18 when it went CLUNK very loudly and stopped dead with the needle stuck down in the quilt. The needle retracted when I touched Needle Up and I cleared the thread away and started again. The machine stitched OK, but it goes CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK with each stitch, and when curving clockwise between 2 and 5 o’clock the stitches become 1/4″ long, then go back to 10SPI. The erratic stitch length is a nuisance, but the CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK

  63. Tonia Heng says:

    I am using an Ansley machine. The needle up on the handlebars will not work. The needle down will work. The stitch length on the handlebar controls keeps changing all on its own as I was trying to figure out the problem. Any ideas?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Tonia… we have been trying to email you but it keeps getting returned. Can you call 888-784-5818 option 2 so we can help? Thanks!

  64. Mary Hussman says:

    Just got new encoder cables from Ernie in SLC. Have done little projects, but loaded a quilt today an can’t get the bobbin thread to come up. Have re-threaded and reloaded the bobbin, but no luck. The upper thread won’t pull up the bobbin thread. Any ideas what I have done?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Mary,
      Please call 888-784-5818 option 1 so we can troubleshoot with you.

  65. Candy Funderburk says:

    3400 FF 8E4S
    008 FF 0F

    My machine starts sewing super fast with the slightest touch then slows and sews good then super fast again. Diagnostic says what I typed above. I have checked all the connections and they are secure. I use the battery backup as suggested. Help help. Thanks.

  66. Louise says:

    I ordered the Tin Lizzie 18 out of a quilting magazine. I had it over a year and haven’t changed the mode or stitch regular on pad because I don’t know what they do. The booklet that came with it tells how to set it up but not how to use it. Could you tell me what the mode and stitch regular do? Also the booklet doesn’t say what direction the gears on the poles to roll fabric on are to go.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Louise… Have you visited our video library? There’s lots of good info in there on what the modes do and how to load fabric. You can also call 888-QUILT-18 and we’ll help you! Thanks!

  67. pat says:

    Looking for information about how to change the settings on the Janome 16 handlebar soft touch buttons.

    While the two outside buttons (start/stop the machine) work, neither of the two inside ones will work, the tie-off button and the needle cycle up/down button. The back handlebar buttons work fine, as do the onscreen buttons.

  68. Anne Heggs says:

    i have a tin lizzie 18 and am having trouble with skipped stitches. when i first started this morning it was only skipping stitches when it went from left to right. so i checked and cleaned the sensors, and while i was in there i cleaned the front to back sensors. now it skips stitches every which way. what did i do wrong.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Anne, Can you please call 888-784-5818 ext 1. We have some questions for you. Thanks!

  69. Cynthia Marrs says:

    I would like to purchase extra 5 amp fuses for my machine. I have the Pfaff P3 made by TL. Can I get them from you? As yet, I have not had a fuse blow. My machine is 3 years old.

    • kelleyn says:

      Cynthia… we do not sell the fuses. I believe you can find them at Radio Shack? Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks!

  70. Lisa Berringer says:

    I have a Tin Lizzie 18 . I make a lot of t-shirt quilts. I have a reoccurring problem with skipped stitches. I can not figure out what is causing the problem. I’ve tried different threads, batting, New needles, looking for lint! I am not using the stitch regulator either. Nothing seems to help- when doing a regular quilt this problem is very seldom.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Lisa… Please call 888-784-5818 ext 2 and Adam will help you to trouble shoot.

  71. Janet Boatman says:

    I have the Tin Lizzie Ansley 26. I bought it used but I was told it was not used because the woman became sick and sold it to the business I bought it from. The issue I am having is the power just shut off on it. The needle is stuck in the down position and It will not turn back on. I have replaced the fuse but the fuse blows instantly. I also tried plugging the machine into another outlet. I’m so frustrated. I don’t even have 3 hours of sewing on this machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  72. Betty Edwards says:

    My Tin Lizzie 18 sews horizontally but will not sew vertically. The encoders are riding securely on the rails. Please help.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Betty,

      I’m sorry you’re having a problem with your machine sewing vertically. There are 3 parts that control the regulated stitch. The encoders, the encoder wire and the PCB. I’m glad the encoders are riding securely on the rail. If you watch the encoder wheel is it moving consistently? If the wheel stops turning the needle won’t go up and down.
      If your encoder wheel is moving consistently the need to check the encoder cable. If you go to the back of your machine you will see two cables. The top one goes to your left handlebar and the lower one splits of into two cables, one for each encoder. Unplug the cable from the back encoder and put it in the front. Take the cable from the front encoder and put it in the back. If the problem switched directions, i.e. machine will sew vertically but not horizontally, then the problem is your encoder cable. If the problem stay the same then it’s a bad encoder.
      Let me know what you find and we can get you the part needed. Please contact me at your convenience.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext.650

      • Charlene says:

        I have a husqvarna viking 18/8 and it is skipping stitches. When I sew side to side it’s fine, when I see up it will skip large areas. A repairman said I needed the Y-board replaced.

      • kelleyn says:

        Hi Charlene! Please call 888-784-5818 option 2 and we will go over a few things with you.

  73. Carol says:

    Is there anyway you can adjust the wheel on the stitch regulator? Also how do you clean the wheels?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Carol… I understand Brian was able to help you on the phone. Let us know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

  74. Gloria Gonzales says:

    Skip stitch from front to back. Knowing to check the Y encoder, my question is where is the Y encoder located and what do I check for?

    Thank you

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Gloria,

      I’m sorry your machine is getting skipped stitches front to back. The Y encoder can be located under your machine on the upper carriage. Most of the time, when looking from the front of the machine, it is located on the right hand side close to the middle of the carriage. To check the encoder you want to make sure as you move the carriage front to back the encoder wheel is consistently moving. If the wheel stops turning the needle won’t go up and down. If the wheel is turning try swapping the encoder cable ports. Unplug the back cable and plug it into the front encoder. Unplug the front encoder and plug it into the back. If the issue has changed directions then it’s the encoder cable. It’s the issue has stayed the same it’s a bad encoder. Contact me at your convenience if you have any questions.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  75. Cheryl says:

    My machine won’t shut off sometimes. It will run for 15-30 seconds after it is turned off and display states it is off. Also when hit needle down or needle up it goes up and down several times but may not even stop in the position indicated. Very frustrated. I just bought it second hand from a dealer that is 2 plus hours away. Very difficult to take and have fixed. Also sometimes I have to sight off power to get it to turn off, and at times I get a motor sensor error message. Turn power off and turn back on and it goes away.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      I’m sorry you’re having problems with your machine shutting off. It sounds like it might be the needle sensor. If this sensor is out of place or dirty it will cause this issue. When you hit the needle up/down and it continues running do that turn off after 15-30 seconds or will it continue to run until you have to shut off the machine?

      If you can provide me with the following information I can update our records and will help me diagnose the issue:

      Machine model:
      Serial number:
      Purchase date:
      Dealer purchased from:
      Frame purchase date:
      Robot: (If you have one)
      Robot purchase date:

      Get back to me at your convenience and we can go over the steps to get your machine fixed.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  76. Denise Pittard says:

    I have tinlizzie 18ls. I use the manual stitch function. Machine just started not stopping when I press the start/stop. I have to turn off the power in order to get machine to stop.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Denise,

      My name is Brian and I work for TinLizzie18. I’m sorry your machine isn’t stopping properly. This normally has to do with the needle up/down sensor. Please contact me at your convenience and I will go through the steps of locating and cleaning the sensor.
      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  77. Linda says:

    My machine is on and the screen is right.The needle will do up and down but the machine will not start.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Linda,

      I need to know what model machine you have. If you have the LTD does the button on the screen work? Does the button on the handlebar work? It could be that the button in the handlebar went out but there are many things we need to check first before we jump to that conclusion. Please contact me at you convenience and we will go over your machine.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  78. Rebecca Chisolm says:

    I have a sit down 18. The top of my quilt has begun to have eyelashes on the top. I have a different thread in top and bottom but I understand this should not make a difference. How do I fix this and do you know what causes this? Thank you

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Rebecca… I am glad to help you. Here is what I understand about tension. First of all, it is a tug of war. If you remember as a child playing tug of war the goal was to pull harder than the other team to get the center flag onto your side of the field. In achieving good tension on the sewing machine we want the tensions to be equal and that “flag” to stay in the center. There is no magical number for the tensions, but keeping the tensions equal is the goal. For this reason I always teach adjusting the bobbin tension first, then adjusting the needle tension to match that. I like my bobbin tension fairly loose. By that I mean when laying the bobbin case in the palm of your hand you are able to lift the bobbin case up onto its side holding the thread that is placed in the tension strap, but not in the “piggy tail.” (The piggy tail is the little spiral shaped wire on the front of the bobbin case. I place the thread in the piggy tail when I have finished adjusting the bobbin tension.) As you pull your hand away from the bobbin case it should gently fall with your hand. There should be tension felt, but it should drop gently, not like a rock. If the bobbin case does not move or has to be shaken down it is much more difficult to achieve a balanced tension. If the bobbin case does not drop, turn the tension adjustment screw (the large screw) left 3 to 5 minutes as on a clock. If is drops like a rock, turn the tension adjustment screw right 3 to 5 minutes and try the test again.

      Test the tension by sewing a figure 8. Examine the result. Has the stitch locked inside your project? Yay! You got it. Can you see the bobbin thread peeking out on top? If so, then loosen the needle tension by turning the adjustment knob counter clockwise. The needle tension is MUCH less sensitive than the bobbin tension strap. Turn the tension adjustment knob AT LEAST one full turn when making adjustments. Can you see the needle thread peeking out underneath the project? If so, then tighten the needle tension by turning the adjustment knob clockwise at least a full turn. Pay no attention to the numbers on the knob. Use them to know if your turned a full or half turn.

      ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THE NEEDLE THREAD IS FLOSSED INTO THE TENSION DISCS. The thread may appear to be in the discs when in reality it is only resting on the edge of them.

      Please note that the thread may be hampered by lint from moving smoothly. Take a business card and slip it under the tension strap to clear any possible culprits from under it. Use a brush to clean inside the tension discs that the needle thread runs through.

      There are many elements that effect tensions.
      1. Thread weight and drag. Weight is indicated by # and a number or WT and a number. #40 to #60 (40 WT to 60 WT) are common weights used in quilting. The higher the number, the finer the thread. To add to the confusion there is another measurement of thread called TEX. This measurement is the opposite. You will see it on the label as TEX and a number like TEX 30. The higher the number, the heavier is the thread. TEX 30 is close to #40. This method of measurement is less common. I prefer using a three ply thread. Stay away from the serger threads because they aren’t as strong as they need to be for quilting.
      a. You should be using equal or less weight and drag in your bobbin than is in the needle.
      b. Drag is caused from thickness of thread or loose fibers. When cotton thread is created fibers are twisted together leaving small ends. That is why people sing the praises of Long Egyptian cotton because the fibers are longer and leave fewer ends. These ends drag on the tension disc and strap and increase the tension. There is nothing wrong with this, but you need to be aware of what is happening and that you need to loosen the tension.
      c. Polyester thread is one continuous fiber, often twisted over a core of polyester. It has less drag because of the lack of loose ends. A wonderful combination is a Cotton like King Tut in the needle and a nice polyester like PeraCore in the bobbin. Having less drag in the bobbin makes it easier to get better tension.
      d. There are other threads that are REALLY slippery. An example are the trilobal threads that are polyester, but the fibers have been forced through something like a sieve to create three sides. Three fibers are twisted together to make these threads shine. They are very slippery and have very little drag. You need to tighten the tensions on these.
      2. Another element influencing tension is batting. The thicker the batting, the easier it is to get the stitch to lock inside the project. If the project is thicker there is more wiggle room for the stitch to lock.
      a. 100% cotton batting is among the thinnest battings and requires a little more adjustments to get great tensions.
      b. High loft polyester is among the thickest and easiest to achieve perfect tension.
      c. I love the 60/40 blends. That is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It has the finished look of cotton, but is easier to get the adjustments on tension because it is a bit thicker.
      3. Fabric density also effects tensions.
      a. Think of the difference of Home Spun or flannel type fabric as opposed to 800 count sheets. The fibers are more densely woven in the sheets making is harder for the needle to pull the thread through the fabric. Try to match your quilt top and quit backing to be the same type of fabric so you aren’t battling the loose weave/tight weave battle.
      b. Painted fabric also requires the needle thread to pull harder to get the threads to lock. An example of painted fabric is batik.
      c. None of these are “bad” fabrics. It is just important to know what adjustments need to be made to be successful.

      There are some mechanical items to notice to make sure all is in proper order with your machine. There is a check spring attached to your tension unit where the needle thread runs through. It is important that the thread is in this check spring. Its job is to lock the stitch by pulling on the thread. Notice that when you pull on the needle thread near the needle the check spring will move. If it is not moving, check to make sure the tread is running through the check spring. Also check to make sure that the check spring is positioned at about 11 o’clock. If it is not in the correct position, you will be able to adjust it slightly by using a screw driver in the center screw of the tension unit and turning it in the direction that is needs to move.

      I hope this has been helpful. If you would like to call for further discussion, please feel free.
      888-784-5818 Ask for Myrl. Happy sewing

  79. irene says:

    the thread eyelet above the needle is sideways on my 18×8 , this could be my thread problems , I saw that all the other machines the eyelet is above the needle, how can I fix this ?Thank you.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Irene,

      I think it would be easiest to answer your question about you eyelet if you could send me a picture. Is that possible? Let me know at your earliest convenience and I will get back with you so we can address your thread problems.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  80. Juliana says:

    forgot to say it is a viking 18×8 which is the same as the tin Lizzy

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Juliana,

      My name is Brian and I work for TinLizzie18. I’m sorry your machine is not stitching. I want to make sure, when you say the machine is not stitching backwards, you mean pushing the machine away from you, towards the handwheel, when at the handle bars? Does the needle still go up/down but the thread isn’t being picked up?

      If this is the case the first thing we want to do is take out the needle. Above the needle screw is a needle hole that goes all the way through the needle bar. Blow out this area with canned air or an air compressor. Debris can get caught in here, causing the needle not to go in the highest position. Replace old needle with a new 134SAN Size 18 needle. Test sew on salvage.

      If this didn’t solve the machine not stitching you’ll probably have to adjust your timing. A video of timing adjustment can be found on our website here:


      Written instructions can be found on pages 31 and 32 here:


      If your needle isn’t going up/down there is a different issue that probably involves your encoders slipping on your frame. Most of the time this can be solved by cleaning your poles and encoders. You might also need to replace the rubber gaskets on your encoders is you have the black encoders.

      I hope this helps. If these steps don’t solve your machine not stitching, please contact me at your earliest convenience and we can go over some additional solutions.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  81. Juliana says:

    stitches forward but not backward, stitches side to side,this is weather or not I do free motion or use the Qbot.

    • kelleyn says:

      Juliana… we are going to start requesting that rather than comment on the blog, our TL18 users request service by clicking this link: http://tinlizzie18.com/service-and-support/request-service/. This will be a much faster, direct line to our service department. We don’t always get to blog comments right away and we want to be sure we get you back up and running as soon as possible. You can call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for Brian as well. Hoping this helps!

  82. Eddie Pruett says:

    My machine keeps running after I stop sewing

    • kelleyn says:

      If a machine is not stopping after the stop button is pushed there are a few things that can cause this, depending on the machine. Most of the time it’s a dirty needle sensor. This is an easy fix. Take an air compressor or canned air to the sensor and blow off any access debris. After that, take a small cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean off the sensor. Another possibility is that the sensor has shifted and is no long in the right place. Check the clearance of the sensor. The blade should be going through the center of the sensor and should be as close to the sensor in the middle as possible.

      If cleaning or realigning the sensor doesn’t work then the error could be with the sensor, what the sensor plugs into (PCB) or the power supply of the machine. I recommend cleaning the sensor first. If this doesn’t fix the issue, take it to you nearest TinLizzie18 dealer or contact the Tin Lizzie 18 service department at 888-784-5818. I hope this helps.

  83. Bea says:

    I purchase a king special edition 4 months
    and just got it set to sew . I wanted to a wind a bobbin with white thread since the bottom came with green. I put my machinein the manual position and the tablet said I have a motor error -0×02 does anyone know what that means

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Bea… Someone from Sewing Machines Plus should be contacting you too help. You may also contact them, since this is their product. They will be able to help you the quickest and the best.

  84. Yvonne Pace says:

    I have a Ram 18. When I press the needle down button the needle does not come back up. I tried pressing the start button and the needle raced 100 miles an hour. I had to continually press the stop button over and over to make it stop. The bobbin thread got wrapped up and it pulled out the little metal piece from the inside of the bobbin case. I have an extra bobbin case. But what can I do to get the needle to go back up and see right?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Yvonne, My name is Brian and I work for TinLizzie18. If you’re having a problem getting the needle up I would recommend removing the needle and bobbin case. This allows us to check if your machine is functioning properly. With the needle and bobbin case out does the handwheel move freely? Is the machine still racing at 100 mile per hour? If you put the bobbin case in does the machine still move freely? If you take the bobbin case out and put the needle in does the needle get stuck? Sounds like there could be something simple going on. Please feel free to contact me and we can go over the next steps.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  85. JACKIE SAYRE says:

    I have a TL 18ls, and wooden frame, I will be be quilting along and suddenly my carriage will jump the rails and dump my machine, very frightening. Any suggestions

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Jackie,

      My name is Brian and I work for TinLizzie18. I’m sorry you’re having a problem with your machine jumping. This happens when the carriage wheels run over something. Most of the time it’s the encoder wire but it can be for other debris such as lint or thread. Make sure your carriage wheels and poles are cleaned off. You can use rubbing alcohol. Also, make sure your encoder wire is mounted to your carriage in a way that doesn’t impede the movement of the carriage. This should help with your problem. If it does not, please contact me at your convenience.

      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  86. Jan Easton says:

    My bobbibs on my auto winder are filling to rull on the top , less on the bottom, I ha e tried adjusting the bobbin winder tension, do I need to increase or decrease the tention. I ha e to take off several ro,es of thread to sew properly and avoid breakage of the thread.

    • kelleyn says:

      When bobbins are winding heavy on the top or bottom it is an easy fix! The thread should come out of the bobbin tension unit so that it lines up with the mid-point of the bobbin. You may adjust the last thread guide that determines this alignment. (This is the thread guide just before the thread wraps around the bobbin.) The tension unit can actually pivot in order to line the last thread guide with the middle of the bobbin. If you have a TinLizzie18 loosen the screw next to the bobbin winding tension unit and twist the unit until the thread guide lines up with the middle of the bobbin as it sits in the bobbin winder. If you have an Ansley machine the tension unit has a small screw just below it on the machine neck. Loosen it and raise or lower the bobbin winding tension unit so the thread guide is lined up with the middle of the bobbin as it sits on the winder. You are able to test the position by holding the thread as it comes off of the tension unit and pulling it over to the bobbin to check its alignment. Hope this is helpful. Happy quilting.

  87. Sharon says:

    I have been having an on-going problem with thread breakage since I got it back from being serviced. You helped me over the phone to get through an emergency for one that had to be done for a public presentation a few months ago but it is an ongoing problem. It just shreds and breaks my thread. I have changed needles, thread, tension. I am so frustrated none of my Xmas gifts are getting done. This is the third time I have depended on it and it has let me down. So disappointed.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sharon… I understand that Myrl emailed you personally. Let us know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

  88. Evelyn Server says:

    I have a tin Lizzie 18. I am having problems with the needle up/ needle down . The needle stays In the up position, if I push down it goes down and comes right back up. In the Lizzie stitch mode, if I move the machine the machine starts running real fast and I have to turn the machine off to stop it.

    • kelleyn says:

      I’m sorry you’re having an issue with your needle up/down. Which model TinLizzie18 do you have? Sounds like your needle sensor is dirty. The steps to clean it off are very easy. Please contact me at 888-784-5818 ext. 650 or email me at serviceca@tinlizzie18.com and we can go through the steps for your specific model.

      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  89. Patsye Cia mpanella says:

    I have ten lizzie 18 and the lizzie stitch will not work any more manual stitch works but not the lizzie stitch and this is the one I use the most please help me with this matter Thanks

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Patsye… Please contact our service department at 888-QUILT-18. It sounds like you could have a bad encoder or cable, however we will need further information to help you properly.

  90. Kathy Pineau says:

    I have a mega quilter 9″. It sews beautifully, but today when I press the needle up/down button there is no response. I can turn the hand wheel and it will go up and down. The auto thread cutter is not working either.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Kathy… I’m sorry we do not make this machine or the electronics, and therefore would not know the best way to help you.

  91. Linda Mixon says:

    Is there not anything that can be done about the short board that the Ansley 26 quilter sits on? What do I do about the message “motor sensor failure”? See my other post from Oct 19, 2015. Thanks?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Linda… Please contact our service department at 888-QUILT-18. We need to better understand what you’re experiencing. Thank you!

  92. Barb Frost says:

    My stitch regulator just went CRAZY – 100 MPH. I took off the cover to check the reader – no fuzz there. Pressed diagnostics and it says needle motor. I can’t even take it out of Lizzy Stitch to use it unregulated. HELP – I HAVE A KING ON HER THAT”S A WEDDING GIFT. Wedding is just around the corner – HELP!!!!

    • kelleyn says:

      Barb… Call 888-QUILT-18 and choose the Service department. In the meantime, I will get your email address to them now in hopes you can connect with them urgently.

  93. Linda Mixon says:

    I have an Ansley 26 and have not used it for quite awhile. When I purchased it we were assured it would work on the wood frame by the dealer we bought it from. They have gone out of business since. I think I would love the machine If I could use it but it is too long to fir on the rolling table it sits on. I have only stumbled through quilting one quilt with it. When I turned it on last I got the message “motor sensor failure”. I tried contacting Tin Lizzie but had no luck. If you could help with frame issues and the motor sensor failure issue I wod appreciate it. It is a waste just sitting. Thanks for the help in advance.

  94. Kendra says:

    Above the following comment was made:

    “If your rollers won’t stay tight this is what you check:

    On the wooden frames, make sure you’re not missing the washers next to the wood in the ratchets—once you get the washer in there you can tighten the nut and the ends that are in the poles will tighten.”

    The manual for my frame doesn’t show any washer on either side of the wooden blocks. Should I have a washer on both (or just one) sides of the wooden blocks? If just one, which side? Also, should they be flat washers or some other type?

    I have a queen quilter 18 with the wooden frame that uses the EMT conduit for the rails. Wheno I quilted my last quilt the top pole kept turning which caused the quilt to always be loose. I am trying to determine how to fix this issue so I can quilt again…….

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Kendra… I understand our service department emailed you with a solution. Let us know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

  95. dot mills says:

    i have a artistic sd quilter and all it does is leave needle holes and big long loops checked everything and still no change what can i do

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Dot,
      The Artistic SD is not a TinLizzie18 machine. Are you able to contact the Janome dealer where you bought it? Hoping they can help you. Have a great day!

  96. Toby Pharr says:

    I have an esp 18 and I am a demo center for Minnesota. My thread is skipping only when I go backwards not forward.

  97. Barbara warnner says:

    Machine will stitch forward and backwards but not siDE to side

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Barbara, Please contact our service department at 888-QUILT-18. It sounds like your bottom encoder is hanging up or not connected. We’ll help you get back on track.

  98. Rosanne Brunn says:

    The bobbin winder is not working properly, at first it was winding mushy bobbins, now it won’t wind a bobbin at all. What do I do?

  99. Kimberly says:

    I have an empress 18×8 machine and I am having issues with the top thread breaking every 10 stitches. I have played with the tension turning both ways but doesn’t fix. Also top thread is tough

  100. Kathyy Moser says:

    Where are the fuses?

  101. Brenda says:

    I own a mega quilter 18×8 on a frame with a QBOT V3 since I have owned the machine it has occasionally kicked into a racing mode with tiny stitches. I have cleaned the area where the motor sensor is and it would work fine for awhile. Now it is doing this almost on every row on and off. When shutting off the machine it takes a while for the machine to respond. I have just had the motor sensor replaced by a service tech but it has not changed the behaviour. I have searched for an answer and have come to you because I have read that you are ones to ask as you are the makers of most of these midarm machines.I hope you can help me.

  102. Sonya says:

    What causes bottom thread to spider web in the middle of stitching row? I’ve turned it off & back on again, re-threaded, top & bobbin.Cleaned the encoders, but it still happens. I’ve called local shop for troubleshooting, but they’re either at a “show” or off, with no one else to help.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sonya…Please call our service at 888-QUILT-18 so we can better understand your question. Thanks!

  103. Beverly Herren says:

    thread breaks when machine goes right to left. what do I look for?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Beverly… Check to see if the encoder is sticking. If not please cal 888-QUILT-18 so we can troubleshoot… Thank you!

  104. Jimmie says:

    I see a lot of the same problems from different folks. Could y’all start posting the resolution? It could help us know how to fix our issues. I’m comfortable with my machine and not afraid to pick up a screwdriver if needed. I can set the timing with my eyes closed but when my machine completely stops, it would be nice to have a baseline of things to check when things happen outside the hours of your help line.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Jimmie… Thank you so much for this insightful question. We wish we could post a fix that users could try at home. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Every issue is different. If we post something and the user does it incorrectly without us on the phone, then they may feel that they tried something we recommended and it is now worse, when in fact, they might have plugged something in wrong. There is too much room for error. We need to be on the phone so we can work with users side by side. We know most of our customers value this hands on customer service and we do, too. Plus it allows us to make documentation in our system under their machine, so every person that ever works with them will be able to see issues and solutions from the past, plus it helps us fix issues, knowing if it was a customer issue or a machine problem. I hope this make sense.

      Do keep sharing your thoughts, as we are always open to new ideas! Have a great day, Jimmie!

  105. Jimmie says:

    I have the tin Lizzie ram
    it stopped 7 times today – just stopped, would not respond to any command. The only way I could get it to resume was to shut it off and back on.

    The quilt I finished was smaller than a twin so im concerned there is about to be a major issue. Everything is clean and the encoders have a good connection.


    • kelleyn says:

      Jimmie, we need to have you call our service department at 888-QUILT-18. We have some questions that will help us diagnose your issue and help to get you on your way. Thanks!

    • kelleyn says:

      Really the only thing a customer can do is the same thing any computer repair man tells you. Unplug everything, check your connections, plug it back in, and make sure it’s hooked up to a battery back up. If that doesn’t work, most likely the machine will need to come in for repair. However, still call us first so we can go through it once with you. Thanks!

  106. Elaine Jordan says:

    What does it take to get a call back from your service department??? In reading these comments many people have the same problem of not being able to reach anyone for help. Not a good way to retain customers. I am frustrated with my machine and with the company.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Elaine,
      We call every customer back every day. If you are not getting a call back, I am sorry to hear this. We have found many reasons customers feel the way you do. First, they are not calling the correct number. You need to call 888-QUILT-18 and wait for the proper prompts as they do change from time to time, so you get directed to service. Second, the phone number left to call back does not have a voicemail, active VM or the VM has not been set up. Third, no contact number is ever left, just that they need help with, and sometimes a name and sometimes no information is left. Fourth, there have been some issues in the past with our phone system as well, however this was fixed months ago.

      You also can go onto our website and request help that way and you will get called back. You can also leave an email. If any of the above issues were reasons you were not called back, and you put your email in the request, we will also follow up with an email after our attempts to reach you by phone.

      I see the last time we talked with you was April 1, 13, 18 and 21st of 2014. We see that you called Friday, May 15, and Greg returned the call and the phone rang and rang with no voicemail.

      I will also set you up on our service task list to have someone reach out to you. We do apologize that you feel we’ve not lived up to your expectations. We do our best for each and every customer.

  107. Daryl Hanifan says:

    I have a mega quilter 18″ and was told that you actually made these machines. The ONLY help we have gotten to this point has been from your sites. I was hoping that you would be able to further assist us with our problem. The fuses continually blow as soon as we replace them. I have taken it to a repair shop and even the tech were absolutely no help to him at all. If we cannot get help with this issue soon I will have to close the small business we have worked so hard to build. Any response at all would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is to state that you can’t help us.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Daryl…Please contact our service department at 888-784-5818 we will be happy to assist. Thanks!

  108. Bonnie Sullivan says:

    when i push button for up or down needle
    doesn’t move. can you help me. I can turn needle up and down with hand wheel put i’m hearing a click Tin Lizzie 18

  109. Gail Peterson says:

    I have the Tin Lizzie 18. I cannot get my Lizzie stitch to work. It will go so far mostly to the front then stop working or skip stitches. I have checked the encoder and cleaned the bars. Changed the needle and checked the hopper. I do not know what else to check. Works fine in manual stitch

  110. Ann McCartha says:

    I have a tin Lizzie 18 long arm machine. my trouble is the needle is not picking up the bobbin thread. And before this happened it would skip stiches. Can you help me.

  111. Laurie says:

    I purchased a queen quilter eighteen in Dec. 2014 and I noticed it is leaking oil from the bottom. There are two holes and one has a rubber stop. Is there suppose to be two?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Laurie… There is only one rubber stop. If you are leaking oil, please clean to the best of your ability and do not oil for a length of time. Please use the dipstick and use a tissue to see the oil on the dipstick. What I believe is happening is that you are over filling and the oil reservoir.

  112. Sandra Grawunder says:

    Hi! First I would like to say that I LOVE my Tin Lizzie 18 which I have had for over a year now, but I do have a wee problem. I have developed severe arthritis in my shoulders and the standard handlebar setup just kills me. I was wondering if it is possible to replace my old style handlebars with the new ergonomic style (ram’s horns??), and if so, how do I order them?Thank You

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sandra… We do have options for you and it would best if you called us to explain them over the phone. Please call us at 888-QUILT-18 and ask for Josh or Adam. Thanks!

  113. Shirley says:

    I have the Tin Lizzie Eighteen, it’s the original model that came out about 9 years old. Today all of a sudden when I changed the needle it won’t bring up the bobbin thread! I have retreaded the machine 3 times. I also made sure the needle is in correctly. This has never happened before and I don’t know what else to try? Hopefully someone knows what to do to fix this problem? I am at a stand still until this issue is resolved. Thank You!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Shirley… Please contact our service team at 888-QUILT-18 so we can ask you some questions and get to the bottom of this issue. Thanks!

  114. Barb Frost says:

    I’ve had my Lizzy for about 2 years. She’s been going along fine and suddenly my Lizzie stitch is going crazy when I first start out, after she’s warmed up. She’s running about30 sts per inch!!! I swear!!! I’ve taken out all the connections, vacuumed each and plugged back in. It helped for a bit but now gone back to this problem. HELP PLEASE!!!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Barb… please call our support desk at 888-QUILT-18. We need to troubleshoot your issue. Thanks!

  115. Rose McKinley says:

    Sometimes my machine puts out a high pitched tone.. Almost sounds like a dog whistle Does anyone know what it means?

    How do you know of your timing is off?

    • kelleyn says:

      Sounds like you need to add some oil. On the upper shaft by the handle, there is a rubber grommet. Take that out and put some oil in the hole. If that doesn’t work, please call tech support at 888-QUILT-18. Thanks!

  116. j says:

    needle will not pick up bobbin thread.I have changed the needle ,thread is ok.adjusted the tension.

    • kelleyn says:

      Can you please contact our service department at 888-QUILT-18 so we can diagnose what’s going on? Thanks!

  117. Carol Goff says:

    My bobbin thread keeps breaking. I’ve been fine for a couple of quilts and now have this problem. The thread is breaking inside the case. Does anyone have this problem. I have a Janome Artistic SD which I am told from the Janome company that it is a Tin Lizzie. Help!!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Carol,

      Please try another type of thread to see if this solves the problem. 2nd try putting the bobbin in the opposite direction.

  118. Kate Endriga says:

    My ansley 26 ESP stitches fine for about an hour of continuous use. Then it shreads and breaks the top thread every 4-6 inches. This problem occurs regardless of thread type used, change of needle, re-threading the machine, automatic versus manual use, and cleaning the machine. The thread appears to be shreadiing as the needle goes beneath the plate and around the bobbin. This cycle repeats every time I use the longarm. Can you help?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Kate… Please contact our service department at 888-QUILT-18. We need to ask some questions in order to diganose this. Thanks!

  119. Sue Bee says:

    How do I change a fuse on Lizzie?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sue… Please call our service department at 888-QUILT-18 and make sure to have your machine model number available when calling. Thanks!

  120. Janie says:

    I started having a problem with the Lizzie stitch. The stitch from back to front or front to back looks like a basting stitch. The machine will stall and sometimes stop. I have checked and cleaned everything. The manual stitch works fine.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Janie… Please contact our service department. We need to help you troubleshoot this. 888-QUILT-18. Thanks!

  121. shelley says:

    We have a Ansley 26ESP and its been running fine but the quilt we have on now our thread keeps breaking, we are using new glide thread just purchased and have tried everything on the check list in the Ansley book as well as this website. We can not finish a row without it breaking 1 to 2 times ??? feeling frusterated …

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Shelley… Thanks for your post. It sounds like you’ve gone through all the steps you can at your end. Please give us a call at 888-QUILT-18 so the service guys can help troubleshoot what’s going on. Thanks!

  122. Gail Peterson says:

    I just started having a problem with my Lizzie Stitch. It sews right along then will hit a spot and start skipping stitches and then will stop. I can move it over a bit and it sews fine. What would cause this? I checked the encoders, needles etc.

    • Gail Peterson says:

      Also I can use it in manual operation and it is fine

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Gail, Sounds like it could be an encoder sticking or lagging. However we can trouble shoot this over the phone with our service department. Please call 888-QUILT-18. Thanks!

  123. Sonya says:

    Wood Frame: The pole is not staying seated in the slot on the bottom platform that the machine slides left to right on. I keep having to tighten the screws on the second support from the left side.Tried to tighten screws holding leg supports, but cannot. Are these suppose to move? Any suggestions?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sonya… Take the insert out and wrap duck tape around it to tighten it in the pole, or you might just need to buy a new insert. However the duck tape works great and saves you from getting a new insert. Thanks!

  124. Joanne says:

    Just got a new machine (and QBOT V3) and am trying to get up and running with it. I have several questions since things are not yet going smoothly. When I try to sew on auto my machine is not moving soothly, nor does it have even stitches. When I am using QBOT, I need to know where to set my machine, as it has unregulated stitches in almost every pattern. The tech at the place I purchased the machine/frame/QBOT suggested that the encoders may not be making good contact. How do I adjust encoders?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Joanne…On the machine side please call our service department at 888-QUILT-18. We’ll need to ask a couple of questions to figure out what’s going on…

      For the Q-bot, please contact Q-bot for any help with their product. Thank you!

  125. Tonya Henry says:


    My controllers on my Ansley 26 are not working. I turn the machine on, you hear three beeps and the lights on the controllers do not come on. If you touch the machine, it starts stitching away like mad. Any suggestions. All connections look good. I know it has power, the attached light and the quilt magician comes on.


    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Tonya… Please call our service department at 888-QUILT-18 so that we can properly diagnose what’s going on. Thanks!

  126. Mary Beckman says:

    My TinLizzie18 QQ tension seems to be fine at the moment EXCEPT it is doing what appears to be a knot on the back side of the quilt every so often. How do I correct this problem?

  127. Sue says:

    I must add that I have a Tin Lizzie 18 that I purchased in 2006

  128. Sue says:

    I cannot get my regulator to work. I was quilting right along and all of a sudden the regulator quit working. I have checked all connections and they all look good. I am stumped at what more to do.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sue, We need to have you call in to help diagnose what’s wrong. Call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for our service department. Thanks!

  129. Gail Peterson says:

    I have a question on the Lizzie Stitch. When I went to use it , it would work when I moved it up and Down but when I went left to right it would stop sewing. Is it something I am doing wrong?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Gail,

      It sounds like your encoder may not be in contact with the pole or could be disconnected. Please call our service department at 888-QUILT-18 for help. Thanks!

      • Gail Peterson says:

        Thank you. After I messaged you I went up and studied it and that was the problem. Working fine now. I had the machine jump off the track for some reason and that is what knocked it off. But now I know what to look for.

      • kelleyn says:

        Hooray! Glad to hear it!! Thanks, Gail!

  130. Barbara Koellner says:

    Needle will not pull bobbin thread up. Pushing the white button does not work! Machine said needs oil,made sure full,still not working

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Can you please call our Service Department at 888-QUILT-18? We need to ask you some questions in order to help identify the issue. Thanks!

  131. Rebecca says:

    My TinLizzie is about 4 years old, and though I have had sporadic problems with encoders I have never had it to be totally unusable until this past Sunday when I pushed the start button and it started stitching at a VERY high speed. When I pressed the stop button NOTHING happened for about 5-10 seconds then it quit stitching. Didn’t matter if it was in Lizzie stitch mode or manual. I called the service department Monday and left my name and number as well as sending an email. Still waiting on someone to call me back.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      It sounds like Keaton has been in touch with you and they are working out your issue. He tells me they will know more in the morning. Rest assured, we’re here for you! Thanks!

  132. Sherry Paul says:

    Purchased my TinLizzie one month ago, going well until today. Trying to finish a quilt and I get an error message…motor related error has occurred 0X02 and 0X03….what do I do?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sherry… we need to have you call in so we can ask you some questions and troubleshoot the issue. Call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for our service department. Thanks!

  133. Paula says:

    And a special thanks to the staff in Janesville Wisc. for finding the problem with our machine and fixing it in a flash!!! Customer service at its best – we couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Again!!

  134. Paula says:

    Thanks!! This is terrific!!

  135. Jan says:

    I tried calling the Service Department @ 1-888-QUILT-18, but no answer.

  136. Jan says:

    HELP! My machine was delivered on Sunday, 11/9 and worked fine while Janie & Dave were here. Practiced all day and all was well. Loaded new practice piece on yesterday and can not get machine to sew, as in trying to baste quilt top to batting and backing, or when try to use QUILT MAGICIAN it skips stiches randomly and needle drags against fabric, sometimes in the down position. Tried again this AM, now getting ERROR on QUILT MAGICIAN screen : An index flag – related error has occurred (error0X03).

    • kelleyn says:

      Sabrina let us know that your issue was resolved. Good to hear you’re back to quilting!

    • Sue says:

      Hi, Jan. I was reading your blog on Tinlizzie website. My machine is doing the same thing. Would you be able to tell me what I need to do to fix the problem? I have a call in, but tomorrow is Saturday and don’t know if they will call back on a Saturday. Thanks


  137. Silvia says:

    HELP!!!! I started to sew and the needle got stuck in the down position. I had just changed the bobbin, so maybe I did not get the bobbins in properly. Was able to get the bobbin case off but bobbin is still in there. How do I fix it. (quilt is still in the machine)

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Silvia… please call our service department at 888-QUILT-18. We need to ask you some questions to find out what’s going on. Thanks!

  138. Robin Carpenter says:

    I just purchased my tin lizzie 18ESP and it was stitching perfect right out of the box. I practiced and then put a quilt on and now my stitches are terrible and no matter of adjusting will get them back in line. They are loose and weird in manual or lizzie stitch. I have checked and rechecked everything. Turned it off overnight got up the next morning turned it on switched thread and bobbin and it was stitching perfectly for a few minutes and then it went back to terrible stitched and once again I cannot get it adjusted. I am so frustrated, is it out of time already or what?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Robin… please call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for our service department so we can diagnose your issue. Thanks!

      • Robin Carpenter says:

        I called 3 days ago and left my number, haven’t heard back from anyone. My dealer already helped me fix it. I am disappointed in Tin Lizzie technical support. I hope that this improves.

  139. Tonya Henry says:

    My qulit Magiician screen keeps going black. Power is on. Any suggestions?


    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Tonya… please call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for our service department so we can diagnose your issue. Thanks!

  140. Pat says:

    Hi, called the number twice..left my name and number twice with no result..no call back. The first time I called, there were no options. The person who answered took my name and number. The second time I called, the options were there and i left my name and number as I was instructed.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Pat,

      That is not good. Please give it one more try. Call and ask for Ernie Floyd and give your name. Ernie is the owner and he’s aware of your message. We will get to the bottom of what’s going on with your machine. Thanks!

      • Robin Carpenter says:

        You don’t have an option to ask for a person. You get one person’s voicemail and leave a message.

  141. Carol Arneson says:

    I am a newbie but I did have 2 days of classes at the dealers. I had to change my needle and had a very hard time loosening the tiny screw. I put in a new needle and thought I had everything tight when the needle broke. I am also having tension problems with the bottom thread with large loops. I have rethreaded the the top thread and rethreaded the bobbin many many times. The 2nd time I changed the needle everything went fine for a few stitches and the needle came out in was stuck in the hole to the bobbin. I had to pull very hard to get the needle out. Then the tiny little screw came all the way out and I have not been able to reinsert the screw. Is there some secret to getting that screw back into the hole so I can put in another needle. Did I damage my machine with the needle getting stuck?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Carol,

      Please contact the place where you purchased the machine. They should be able to help you. Or contact us at 888-QUILT-18 and we’ll get you back in business. Thanks!

  142. jo ann says:

    My thread keeps breaking after checking all the trouble spots you mentioned. some times i can sew for 20 in some time for 6. I have changed needles, thread, bobbin. Tension is fine on both sides. Can you help please.
    Jo Ann

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Jo Ann… can you please call our service department at 888-QUILT-18 so we can better diagnose your issue? Thanks!

  143. Bonnie LaBonte says:

    When you have problem with horizontal stitches skipping and it is intermittent (not always in the same place) Watch the rear encoder as you move it manually down the frame. If it “skips”, check the spring on the encoder. I fought with this for over 18 months, until my dealer walked me through this process.

  144. Shirley Macke says:

    I’ve had a Tin Lizzie 18 for a few years now, and I’ve started having trouble being able to tighten two of the rollers. It’s just started doing this. All washers are where they need to be. Can I purchase replacement “tighteners?”

    • kelleyn says:

      Yes they can be replaced, but we have had many frames throughout the years. Can you call us to determine which type you have? 888-QUILT-18 Thanks!

  145. Mabel Brooks says:

    I could have used this reference last week but so happy I found it. Thank You!

  146. Pat says:

    I don’t understand what you mean by skip to the right or left, etc….I have trouble with thread breaking for none of the above reasons…it only happens when I am free motion quilting with the Lizzie stitch, not when I have it on Qbot.

    • kelleyn says:

      Its always smart to go through each step to make sure its all correct but it sounds like your issue is near step #4.

      • Pat says:

        I did loosen the tension….It didn’t matter. Not sure what’s causing it, or why it doesn’t break when it’s on Qbot. Everthing seems to be fine otherwise.

      • Pat says:

        After I started a new project (with QBot) and the upper thread broke again, I REchecked the bobbin thread tension and discovered it to be very tight. I don’t know if it had a thread caught in it or not. I loosened it to the parmeters of Tin Lizzie and also checked it with the little portable tension checker box that I have. I quilted for a bit and checked it again and found it to be very loose…For some reason, it is not holding true. I wonder if you can wear a bobbin case out so that the tension does not stay within the guidelines? I check it with every quilt and many times, I check it during the quilting process when I put in a refilled bobbin. This problem is new, it was okay until the last two quilts.

      • kelleyn says:

        Hi Pat,

        Please call our service department for assistance at 888-QUILT-18, then press 1.

  147. Janet says:

    This is wonderful! Do these apply to all of the machines?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Janet,

      Yes, you can utilize all the steps listed for all the different versions of TinLizzie18 machines. There are even some steps in there that you can use toward domestic machines. You don’t have to follow these precisely. This just gives a good guideline to attempt to fix a problem at hand. Hoping this helps!

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