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Posted by on August 21, 2012

Every morning my machine seems to have leaked a little oil on my table. What can cause this?

The first question our service department will ask is “how often are you oiling your machine?”

If your answer is after every quilt. You may be over oiling your TinLizzie18 machine.

To properly oil your TinLizzie18 Quilters we have a dip stick located in the base of the quilter head. After removing the Dip stick it is black and hard to see if it has oil on it.  I always suggest rubbing the dip stick across the palm of your hand, If you see oil on your hand your machine does not need oiling.

I have heard customers state that  even though there was visible oil on their hands they felt the dip stick was not completely saturated  therefore they see reason to oil. This will cause over oiling and leakage onto your table.  Let me explain how the Dip stick is to be used to determine if we need to oil.

 When we oil our TinLizzie18 Quilters we are oiling the wick within the quilter.

The Function of the Dip stick: The dip stick sits on top of the wick within the quilter. It is designed to help show us that the wick within the quilter is properly oiled.   Therefore the dip stick is not what needs to be saturated with oil but only the tip of the dip stick needs to be wet with oil.

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  1. Tim asmondy says:

    Tin lizzy 18 skips stitches
    Encoders making firm contact
    All wheels touching
    Tention seems correct
    Skips stitches to left and up

    • Myrl Breinholt says:

      I would first check the needle installation. Is the scarf, indented part of the needle, towards the back of the machine? Is the needle positioned to it’s highest point in the needle bar? Change to a new needle. Sometimes they become slightly bent and will create a stitch in one direction, but the bend won’t allow a stitch to form in another. Has there been an event where the needle hit a pin or ruler or has there been a thread jam? These events may cause a change in the machine’s timing. If these suggestions don’t resolve the problem, please call us for additional help. 888-784-5818 ex 401 Thank you.

  2. Jada Helgeson says:

    My Tin Lizzie 18 has started making a high pitched squeal even after oiling in top hole, oil visible on dip stick. Help, I’m in the middle of a quilt!

  3. Clare Bjorkman says:

    The oiling instructions point out a red “oiling point” on the top of the machine. Do I ever put oil in at that place, or is oiling where the dip stick goes sufficient?

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Clare,

      Yes, you want to put 1 drop of oil in the red oiling point after every quilt along with oiling where the dipstick goes. Those are the two oiling points. If you have any other questions about your machine please contact me at your convenience.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext.650

  4. Barbara Doublet says:

    My Tin Lizzie apprentice just started squeaking out of nowhere it seems to be near the motor help!

    • kelleyn says:

      Barbara… we are going to start requesting that rather than comment on the blog, our TL18 users request service by clicking this link: This will be a much faster, direct line to our service department. We don’t always get to blog comments right away and we want to be sure we get you back up and running as soon as possible. You can call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for Brian as well. Hoping this helps!

  5. Treasia Loomis says:

    My Tin Lizzie has started squeaking—I’ve oiled it—-machines orders—–This started after I oiled it —-help

    May Tin Lizzie 18 has been oiled—-now it squeaking—I’ve done everything I know to do. Help!!!!!

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Treasia,

      I’m sorry you’re having problems with your machine squeaking. There are additional places you can oil to stop the squeaking that you might not have oiled yet. Please contact me at 888-784-5818 ext. 650 or email me at and I can walk you through oiling these spots. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

  6. amy helton says:

    I am getting a black oil running down the piece that holds the hopping foot. What am i doing wrong?

    • kelleyn says:

      This occurs when over oiling has occurred. How often do you oil your machine? The TL18 quilters are unique in their wick design, requiring less oiling. Use the dip stick to check the oil level. Refer to the oiling section of your manual for more details.

  7. Dorinda says:

    Can anyone tell me what kind of oil to use in Tin Lizzie, I spilled mine and need to buy, but not sure what kind or where to purchase.

  8. Pam says:

    What about our bobbin assembly? I was told to oil it all the time also too to help prevent a thread jam or to loosen one. But the manual does not talk about how much to oil that area could please address this. One person even said to lay a towel down to protect the QM motor and run the machine and squirt all kinds of oil in that area.

    • Yikes! Don’t know where you got that suggestion. Every time I need to oil, I also check the hook/race area…I wipe it out with a small brush…and then I’ll put a drop of oil on the brush (I use a small artists brush…not the real hair ones, but the cheap ones), and then rebrush inside the hook area. Since the oil resavoir has wicks that feed this area, you don’t need to over oil it. Older machines maybe, but not our TL machines.

      • Pam says:

        I have noticed that if I don’t clean (2012 ESP model) and give her a good liberal oil every day and twice if I have the machine running for an 8-10 hour day, I have a better chance of not having thread (Superior brand) catch in the race then when I just use a drop or two.

      • Barbara West says:

        What is the hook/race area in the bobbin?

  9. Kayla says:

    Best explanation I have received about oiling my machine – it now makes total sense.

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