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Posted by on October 8, 2013

Greetings, TinLizzie18 friends!

My name is Daniel Floyd. I started working with the family business, TinLizzie18, when I was nearing the end of high school. My father told me that he had developed a new quilting machine, and it was going to be a big success. Of course I jumped on board. I moved to Jamul, California to help build TinLizzie18 quilting machines. At that time, the factory was in my grandfathers old industrial greenhouse building. Some time later, after a short hiatus and a move to Hawaii, I was persuaded to work at the TinLizzie18 retail store in West Jordan, UT. The store carried about 4500 bolts of fabric, in addition to Pfaff, Viking and TinLizzie18 machines. I was excited about the change in scenery and the new challenges. Within a year they promoted me to Store Manager, and another year later, I moved to California to open up the new TinLizzie18 Retail Center. I learned a lot over the years with regard to sales, service and support while working in Utah, and can’t wait to bring that knowledge to the California store.

In my free time I love anything that involves technology. I enjoy playing video games, and watching movies and TV. Even though I love all the new technologies, I do love the outdoors as well. You can often find me at a park riding my bike or in the mountains camping.

I haven’t dated much in my life, but managed to find my true love in South Korea. Her name is BoReum and I’m blessed to have her in my life. We dated for two years, visiting back and forth between our countries. Finally, during her latest trip to America, we decided to get married. We are both very excited to move to California and enjoy your sun.

I can’t wait to meet you October 14, 15 & 19 during the TL18 RLC Open House in California!

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  1. Tosha says:

    True or False
    This is all over the internet.
    Tin Lizzie, Pfaff Grand Quilter and the Viking mega Quilter are all the same machine.
    True or False?
    I’m looking to buy a used machine the two I’ve picked are the Pfaff and the Tin Lizzie.
    Both at least 5 hours away and of course in different directions.

    • kelleyn says:

      TinLizzie18 has certain features that are very specific to TinLizzie18, and Pfaff and Viking have very specific features to their machines. To say they are the same is not true.

      If you would get the specific model and contact TinLizzie18 direct, we would be happy to share the differences. Thanks!

  2. Doris Barnes says:

    Tin Lizzie Quilting machine was sent back to company for repair. Cannot get any information on when or if my machine will be fixed. I have called and emailed many time and no response. This is the second time within 2 months that my machine had to be sent in for service. The first time the store in Janesville kept me informed. This time I had to sent it to the factory. And no one has returned my call or email. Not liking the so call customer service. The machine is only 1 1/2 years old.

  3. Ada says:

    Daniel, you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders & a great heart. I know you’re an asset at TL. All the best to you & your new bride.

  4. april Brown says:

    My Brand spankin new Lizzie 18 will not stop doing a 3 stitch tie-of every time I try to take off and stitch in Lizzie mode. I have tried to stop it but am only more confused. Don’t know how I did it or how to stop it! HELP

    • sabrina says:

      April, You can change this within the settings you can have it tie off as many or little as you would like. Call 888-Quilt 18 and we can walk through this together.

  5. Barbara Fugerer says:

    Since you are a self proclaimed tech junkie perhaps you could help me with my problem. I want to use my Quilt Magician to use free motion and create my own design, save it and stitch it out. I have watched Joe N’s video a hundred times and read and reread the manual. I do not see the start, stop or save buttons on my screen the way they are pictured in the manual. I do know how to release the machine from the cables but no buttons on my screen. What am I missing?

    Sure hope you can help.

    Barbara, aka your FIRST post. 🙂

    • sabrina says:

      Please call 888-quilt18 , you wil lbe directed to the TLRC instructors to walk you through this. Have you considered joinging us for a hands on training session? We can give you the many different locations that you can take advantage of training.

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