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Posted by on April 10, 2010

We’re excited to unveil our new look along with our completely redesigned website. Be sure to check out the improved Dealer Locator section and follow the links to read everyday happenings on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog pages.  Use the all new Resource Library, complete with video tutorials and downloads to make your TinLizzie experience even better! Explore the quilt shows page to see when TinLizzie18 will be coming to a city near you.  Discover & Enjoy!  We look forward to meeting and chatting with you soon.

The TinLizzie18 Team

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  1. Cameron says:

    Sandy, please call us at 1-888-784-5818 to discuss the process of downloading new patterns to your Shirley Stitcher. Thank you

  2. Denise says:

    I have a Tin Lizzie 18, purchased in Dec. 2008.
    My stitch control box is the one with the black switches and ribbon cable. Can I upgrade to the newer sewer boxes with the push buttons? I saw a Tin Lizzie at Sacramento Craft and Sewing Show yesterday and saw them on the newer Tin Lizzie.

    • Cameron says:

      Denise, Please contact the dealer closest to you for more information on how to upgrade your machine. If you don’t know which dealer is closest to you you can check our website or call us at 1-888-784-5818. Thank you

  3. Dannielle Beitzell says:

    As I continue to play with my machine, I am finding that the top thread is continually breaking. I am unable to find any burrs, and the needle is brand new and positioned correctly. Where am I not looking? Could it be the tensioner? It feels funny no matter how I adjust it….*sigh* I hate it when I can’t figure things out on my own!

    • Cameron says:

      Dannielle, it sounds like you are following correct procedures in regards to fixing the issue. Please call our technical service department for further assistance at 1-888-784-5818. Thank you.

  4. Merita says:

    How can I down load my designs on the Shirley stitcher?

    • sabrina says:

      Merita, I think you are asking how to download designs you have purcahsed into your shirley stitcher, You can use the thumb drive to input the patterns.

  5. Cheryl Rowland says:

    I purchased my Tin Lizzie in May 2008 and love it. I was taught to “float” my quilt top and that has worked well but would like to try and pin my top. I have the older Falcon wooden frame and have no idea how to load top. And how to load batting so it stays smooth. The people I talk to all have the newer frames and unable to help me.

    • sabrina says:

      Cheryl, Our Instructor can walk you through the process. I will forward your reply to her email.

  6. LIsa Ostergren says:

    I have a TL18DLS and a Phoenix frame. I purchased the floor model frame that was put together at the store. When the Lizzie stitch wouldn’t work, I realized I was not given the encoders. I have them now, but can’t find instructions on how to install them on the Phoenix frame. My manual only shows the Grace frame.

  7. Raya Zweifel says:

    Can anyone tell me how the extension table connects to the phoenix frame. I have a TL18DLS with an open carrage and do not see how the feet on the tables will fit.

  8. anita kefgen says:

    How do you mount the lizzie stitch regulator encoders to a Grace Majestic frame?

    • sabrina says:

      Anita, Please contact our service department 888 ( Quilt) 18 toll free so we can walk through this with you.

  9. Dianne Robie says:

    I am looking to update my Shirley Stitcher II. My System Info. says: Software Version 2.04
    MCI Firmware 1.32
    S.C. Firmware N.C.

    • sabrina says:


      I have sent your request to the service department to be able to get you the newest software update.

      • Dianne Robie says:

        Thank you, I anxiously look forward to hearing from them. I have a project I want to work on, but want to have the latest updates before I start. Dianne

  10. Julie Flom says:

    I have a Shirley Sticher II. It worked well on the first quilt. Now the Shirley stitcher is not working after I did one quilt without the SSII. It seems to be isolated to the left and right directions and seems to be getting worse each time I try it. I tried to adjust the constants but that didn’t change anything. The start point is drifting right to left and when I try to do a feathered wreath it was creating an oblong wreath now is is just doing very small loops and drifting to the left.

    • sabrina says:

      Julie, please contact our Service department at 888-Quilt 18 toll free so we can do some trouble shooting with you.

  11. Kate Fleming says:

    I have a Queen Quilter 18 that I bought online from Sewing Machines Plus I called them whith a problem and got the run around, I found this web site and called CAMERON in your service department he was fantastic I am quilting again. I am happy to know that they stand behind their machine.

  12. Carolyn Campbell says:

    Having problems after loading bobbin in case! Thread will not pull up to top. What am I doing wrong?

    • sabrina says:

      Carolyn , Check to make sure the thread tail left on the bobbin case is long enough for the needle to grab to be able to pull to the top.

  13. Sandra Bradford says:

    Just broke the end off one of my encoder wires. We were having to rework the frame because it had a bump which would cause my machine to jerk. I also wanted to add the other 8 foot section. Can I get a new wire and where do I get one or do I have to replace the whole thing? Thanks, Sandra

    • sabrina says:

      Sandra, Please call our service department we will be able to send you the new replacement part ASAP. 888-Quilt 18

  14. Deborah Reed says:

    Do you have any instructional DVD’s for the SS II?

  15. Helen Halvorson says:

    I have just received my new ruler foot. Upon installation of the new foot, I found that the screw used to tighten the needle in place now hits the new foot. It would seem that if I could slightly rotate the needle bar this problem would resolve itself. However I don’t know how to make this adjustment. Help?

    • sabrina says:

      Yes rotating the needle bar will work just fine. This is part of timing the machine. Power off. First put the needle in the lowest position. Do not use the needle position button. Always use the fly wheel in the back. Double check that you have lowered the needle bar to the lowest position by gently rocking the fly wheel back and forth. If the needle is in the lowest position the needle bar will not move up or down. Then place a strip of tape around the needle bar up against the casting of the machine. This is to mark needle bar height. On the front of the machine there are some rubber plugs. Remove the lower right plug. Because you have your machine in the lowest needle bar setting there is a screw that lines up with that hole. Loosen the screw do not remove the screw. Just a quarter turn should be sufficient. Rotate the needle bar. Take note that the needle bar can move up or down without the fly wheel moving. Do not move the fly wheel. This is the reason for the tape. To mark the correct position. While holding the needle bar. Retighten the screw in the hole. Then replace the plug remove the tape and straighten the needle. The needle will be turn because we just turned the whole needle bar with the needle in it. If done to the “T” no timing is required. Total time involved less than ten minutes. Finding the screwdriver not included in the estimated time.

  16. Janet says:

    Will a APC backup on the shirley stitcher prevent losing my pattern? My electrical cord to the shirley stitcher binds up on the leg of the frame and will come lose from the shirley stitcher and I lose my pattern when nesting. Why is this cord so short and can a longer one be purchased?

    • sabrina says:

      An APC will not save you patterns if the power is coming unplugged. The unplugging part defeats the intent of the APC. The cable needs to be rerouted and zip tied to a better location. If it is getting snagged this is the only option. Reroute the cord. When routed properly and the power supply is place in an optimum area the cord is long enough for this application. Typically the cord should run along the carriage and to the back. It should not come up from the floor in front of the machine directly to the motor box. If it does it will get caught on the center leg.

  17. norma says:

    Thank you so much for the new and improved “template/ruler foot” ! The visibility is greatly increased and it is easier to use with rulers. Norma

  18. Janet says:

    Have there been any new updates for the Shirley Stitcher since Dec 2010? If so please email to me. Thanks

    • sabrina says:

      Janet, We do have updates to the Shirley Stitcher . We will need a little more information to insure we send you the correct update. I will email you the questions.

      • Janet says:

        I did not receive the new updates for the Shirley Stitcher. Please email to me.

        Thanks, Jan

      • sabrina says:

        Janet I have sent your request you should receive an email soon regarding the shirley stitcher updates.

      • Janet says:


        I have the Chester operating system with 2.08 software.


  19. Shari Hammel says:

    I have recently purchased my TinLizzie Ansley with the computerized Shirley Stitcher
    from Terri Williams in Ontario, Oregon. She is a fantastic salesperson, she followed through with everything she promised. I am having a wonderful time with my new machine.
    Thank you Terri!
    Shari Hammel
    Portland, Oregon

  20. Panula Morga says:

    I broke a needle replaced it and now the bobbin thread will not pull up when I can get it up it will not sew can you help me

    Thank you
    Paula Morgan

    • sabrina says:

      Panula, It sounds like your machine is knocked out of time. You can view the video on timing from our videos or you can contact your dealer to help walk you through the process and get you up and quilting .

  21. Janet Watson says:

    I have a Shirley Stitcher ll and have read the manual but cannot figure out how to space the rows on a quilt. I want to stitch the whole quilt with a repeated pattern.


    • sabrina says:

      Janet , you will find this if you look in the manual under Nest and it will be able to walk you through the process.

  22. Pat & Mike says:

    Brand new Ansley 18 machine. Took 6 stitches, some good some bad, and locked up. Got threads out of bobbin, still locked up. The bobbin is the problem. There is a piece at the top center of the bobbin in a notch that is stopping every thing.
    Our dealer will not be open until Tue. Any on have and ideas how to correct this problem?



    • sabrina says:

      When the bobbin case is removed from the machine can you turn the handwheel freely? If so you have a bad bobbin case. you will need to go to your TinLizzie18 dealer to get a replacement. If you turn the hand wheel and it is stuck please take belt guard cover off so you can use both hands to free the machine turning counterclockwise. Once you have the machine free try Quilting again.

  23. Jeanette says:

    I recently purchased a used TL 18ls and frame. My sewing is jerky and I finally tracked it down to the fact that my encoders do not spin freely as the ones in the stores do. Are they supposed to be oiled and where is there a video or set of photos showing how/where to oil? I have replaced the rubber washers.

    • sabrina says:

      We do not oil the encoder’s they should spin freely. If they do not you need to take to the dealer for testing.

  24. Beverly Johnson says:

    I am having a “challenging” time with the Tin Lizzie demo I purchased about 3 months ago. I finally got the table assembled, BUT. . . .I cannot see how to attach the cloth leaders properly. I’ve read the directions MANY times, BUT the way they appear to roll off the poles makes the leaders upside down!! Is there a link or you tube video that would help me?? Thanks for any help you can offer!! bj

    • sabrina says:

      Beverly, Do you mean the leaders when rolled up are showing the back side of the leader? If so the leaders are attached to velcro separte the leader from the velcro and turn leader swap end to end and reattach.

  25. Bea Cochran says:

    Can you tell me is there an adapter to use a small spool of specialty thread on the tin lizzie?

    • sabrina says:

      Currently we do not have an adaptor for the thread holder. Some times people will fit a long smooth bolt horizontally somewhere on the thread tree if you have a TL 18.

  26. Debbie Grote says:

    I have TinLizzie18 LS, i was winding bobbins, and by the 4th one the winding stopped. It will wind for about 5 seconds and then stop and not turn at all. I have had my Lizzie for about 3 years now and i have great stiches. But i can’t figure out why is stops winding. Thank you, Debbie G.

    • hobbyfarmers says:

      The bobbin winder on the tin lizzie is easy to remove with the three screws on top of it. We had problems with the large o-ring drive wheel deteriorating and dropping into the gears. You should be able to see if there is any black residue when you remove the bobbin winder. It is an easy part to replace. We did find it to be more efficient to purchase a separate bobbin winder. Good luck.

  27. Bonnie Ellis says:

    My Lizzie is having a problem! I live in Ark and bought mymachine in Alabama. My dealer has since moved on!

    I only FMQ in circles and sworls and swirls and the occassional straight line! For several weeks I have had the problem of skipped stitches on the travel from rt to left and on the down to up swirl from 7 on the clock to 12 on the clock! Then the thread breaks! I was told (very gently) to clean the bars and sensors to make sure there was no dirt or dust or thread snips. That done and there was a great improvement for a little bit. Now it is back but not as bad yet!
    I have previously tipped my Lizzie off the bars and had to have the sensor wires replaced. Do you think I should replace them again. My husband thinks it might be the regulator!
    I think I have had my machine for 4 years and actually started using it a couple of years ago. Have done about 40 quilt. I am doing Quilts of Valor and really need my machine to be working!
    It does this in Manual and Lizzy stitch! Thank you for any help!

    • sabrina says:

      Bonnie, I have sent your message to our Service department to be able to walk you thorugh the steps in finding the problem and correcting it. The TinLizzie18 Team

  28. JoAnn Farthing says:

    I keep getting an error on my Shirley Stitcher that says “The system has reached an error and cannot continue.Restsrting.”And the Shirley stitcher won’t do anything. Everytime you hit o.k. it starts back at the beginning. What am I doing wrong? You can’t use the computer to sew anything.HELP!!!

    • sabrina says:

      Good Morning JaAnn, Please contact our service department. We will be able to walk you through this step and get you back up and quilting in no time. Our Service Department is availhle to assist Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Mountain time Toll free 888-Quilt18. The TinLizzie18 Team

  29. Ginette says:

    Is there a website that I could buy some bigger designs for my Shirley Stitcher. I would like bigger designs that I don’t have to play with. The other day I was working on my friend’s quilt and I had played with the design in the machine, I had made it bigger, well we ran out of electricity and I lost everything. I had a really hard time putting it almost to the size that I had put it when I first started. So I finished it but realized that if I would have had a bigger design in the first place I would not have to play with the size. It would be easier to go back to the place that I was in when I ran out of electricity. Please tell me if I could find some bigger designs somewhere? Thank you.

    • sabrina says:

      Ginette, Regarding the shirley stitcher designs and adding to your collection there is so many different sites. One that comes to mind is Digi-Tech they have a large selection to choose from. The TinLizzie18 Team

    • Ginette says:

      Can someone tell me how to do the nesting part? It does not come out straight. Please help.

      • sabrina says:

        Ginette, Have you received a response from our Shirley Stitcher Instructor? The TinLizzie18 Team

  30. Julie Urosevich says:

    I enjoy reading this forum/blog – do so often and feel that it keeps me current on the maintenance of my Tin Lizzie. I have to admit I felt a little smug when reading about the frequent problems other quilters were having with their encoders – as I have not had any serious issues with mine. Until today. I feel the need to let you know that I think the encoder design and operation should be improved and streamlined. The encoders seem to malfunction at an alarming rate and they are unbelievably difficult to reach without removal of the machine from the table. When working on mine I had to remove the machine from the table – no easy task for a 62 year old woman who weighs 120 pounds and is 5’2′. I discovered that the vertical encoder connection had become broken, reconnected it and reassembled the machine. All of this happened of course in the middle of a very important project that I had planned to do very carefully and with greatest attention to detail.
    While I am very pleased that the machine is once again performing perfectly, I am very unhappy that the encoders became disconnected so easily and the process of the repair was so difficult and time consuming. I would suggest that the performance of the encoders be examined very carefully and proper adjustments made to the design and or product choice(s). The down time is very costly and inconvenient.

    • sabrina says:

      Julie, I have sent your post to our Product improvement team. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Sharon says:

        Do the encoders on the newest TL model fit on the TL18LS?

      • Cameron says:

        Sharon, The new ESP encoders do not function with the LS models. If you are having trouble with you existing encoders please call our technical service department at 1-888-784-5818. Thank you.

  31. Janee says:

    I have been trying to quilt a lap quilt and it is taking me 2 1/2 days. The lizzy stitch is driving me crazy. I can’t seem to get it running properly. It will sometime run and then it wont. What am I doing wrong? When I use the manual it works fine.

    • sabrina says:

      Janee, I have sent your post to our service department, Have you made contact with your dealer to resolve the issue? The TinLizzie18 Team

  32. Thandi moore says:

    I am having trouble exporting a design from the quiltcad to my shirley stitcher via usb port. when i plug it in the shirley stitcher says no usb disk. I have done this before so I do not know why it is not working now. Please help.

    • sabrina says:

      Thandi, I have sent your post to our Shirley Stitcher instructor she will be making contact soon. The TinLizzie18

  33. Della Webb says:

    Is there a manual for the Shirley Stitcher II

  34. Shirley Statler says:

    My dealer has closed their shop, so where do I go for needles Etc? Also, I have trouble with tin Lizzie slipping off the rails,if my husband wasn’t here to help me get it back on I don’t know if I can. I don’t quilt that close as I come back,, but just a little too much pressure maybe? Why wouldn’t it have 2 sets of wheels to help stabilize, rather that just 1 wheel on the one side?I would also like to use templates from gadget girls, but the hopping foot is not perfectly round. Do you have a hopping foot like that?

    • sabrina says:

      Shirley, Thank you for your inquiry , You can contact us at TinLizzie18 Direct to make an order, by calling toll free 888-Quilt 18. Regarding the wheels can you please send us a photo of you carriage and machine? Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  35. Debbie says:

    Do you have any instructions on how to align rows on a pantograph so that they interlock?

    • sabrina says:

      Debbie, Thank You for your post I have asked the instructor to make contact to be able to walk you through the pantographs. The TinLizzie18 Team

  36. Chris says:

    Where would I get a diagram of how to connect the Tin Lizzie encoders to my Grace Machine Pro quilt frame trolley?

    • sabrina says:

      I have sent your inquiry to our service department to get the information you need. The TinLizzie18 Team

  37. Bonita Cantrell says:

    My dealer is no longer in business. How do I get the 3.00 update for my Shirley Stitcher II
    I have searched this website with no luck in finding.


    • sabrina says:

      We can email you the Newest Shirley Stitcher update. We will need to know The Operating system you currently have and the software you are currently running. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Bonita Cantrell says:

        My software version is 2.10
        MC is 1.30

        Thank you,

      • sabrina says:

        Thank You for the information on your shirley stitcher , you should be receiving the update shortly . TinLizzie18 Team

  38. Bonita Cantrell says:

    I am asking once more, how do I get the update for my Shirley Stitcher II.
    Please reply.


    • sabrina says:

      We can email you the Newest Shirley Stitcher update. We will need to know The Operating system you currently have and the software you are currently running. Thank you The TinLizzie18 Team

  39. Ruth Gentry says:

    The update to 3.0 makes the screen to big to fit on the display that we have. From 2.02, what is the latest update that we can use?

    • sabrina says:

      Ruth, I have sent your post to our service department to help in getting your software update working! The TinLizzie18 Team

  40. Janice Borden says:

    Hi Tinlizzie, I just brought the superior thread tension gauges. Can you help me what tension due I set it at.Im using YLI varigated in bobbin ,Guerman in the top.Im still getting loopies through the top.Im also getting long and short stitch lenghts. HELP ME PLEASE.

  41. Ruth Gentry says:

    The version we have on our machine is 2.02 and the MC is 1.32.
    Is there on update to our Shirley Stitcher and where could we get it?

    • sabrina says:

      I have sent your request for the New software for the Shirley Stitcher it should arrive soon! TinLizzie18 Team

  42. Delane Servis says:

    Is there any way to take a Shirley Stitcher QCC pattern file out of the Shirley Stitcher and print it out or work with it? Is there any type of software that can read a QCC pattern file? I would like to retrieve the converted patterns and be able to print them out in different sizes.

    • sabrina says:

      As of now the remote does not export in anything but the QCC format. We are currently working on a version that will allow this. TinLizzie18 Team

  43. hobbyfarmers says:

    When I have a problem with a pattern that I have put on the Shirley Stitcher II, is there any way to take that converted, “QCC”, file out and read it or work with it? I would also like to have some way of printing the patterns that have been converted to QCC patterns. Is there any program out there that will read QCC files?

    • Ramona Baird says:

      The Husquvarna Viking 4QD Quilt Design Creator will read .qcc files. Kind of pricy for just wanting to import and do some simple edits.

  44. Sandie says:

    Where do I go to find the update for the Shirley Stitcher and the instructions on how to use it? I really hope that this corrects some of the problems I’m having.

    • sabrina says:

      Sandie, what opearting system and software version do you currently have? We will emailt he latest update to you right away. TinLizzie18 Team

      • sabrina says:

        Sandie, I have sent your information to the Correct department to send the newest update to you. TinLizzie18 Team

  45. Bonita Cantrell says:

    When will the update come out for the Shirley Stitcher II?
    My current version is 2.10 and MC 1.30

  46. norma says:

    Is there any cure for long stitches coming out of a point for a Tin Lizzie 18 circa 2009? No matter how slowly I try to start stitching, i still have several much longer stitches whenI start out. No lint in encoder wheels, connector in securely. I’ve asked this before and had no response. help!

  47. Terry says:

    I just purchased a used Tin Lizzie 18, which I believe to be from 2006. I only received some assembly pictures for the frame. Are there any detailed instructions for assembling the wood frame? If it helps, the frame I have required 5, 1 1/2″ EMT conduit poles. The frame has 6 height adjustable legs, but has no leveling feet.

    • sabrina says:

      Terry, You will be able to find instructions to the setup of the TinLizzie18 Wooden Frame under our quilters page. If you need any other assistance please let us know. The TinLizzie18 Team

  48. Linda Willson says:

    I am having stitch problems with my Tin Lizzie 18LS. It only seems to have a problem when the machine in stitching toward the back of the machine. I have done the usual trouble shooting, (needle, tension, takeup rail height, cleaning, etc) with no success. It stitches fine for about 10 stitches and then pulls the top thread to the back of the quilt. Could this be timing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • sabrina says:

      Linda, I have just posted the new Blog today, I think this will help you with the Stitching you are describing. The TinLizzie18 Team

  49. Debbie Davis says:

    Still experiencing problems with the stitch regulator even after replacing a wire to one of the encoders. Thanks TL support for the conference call with a rep, us and our dealer. Waiting for a part that hopefully will correct the problem.

  50. Frank says:

    If the Queen Quilter Company is discontinued how do I get Warenty service or parts.

  51. Millie Smith says:

    I have a Lizzie 18LS, purchased in April 2010. I purchased the micro handles from my dealer and installed them. The controller sent with the handles does not work. Is there something you need to turn on or do differently in order for them to operate? I notice that the cord that attaches the controller to the top of the right hand side of the larger handles does not set easily into the the pin holder. To me it doesn’t go completely into the holder, the holder seems to be recessed to far for the pins to fit tightly into the holder. Is there a way to make it fit?

    Millie Smith

    • sabrina says:

      Millie, Have you made contact with your dealer? Your dealer will be able to troubleshoot and walk you through to finding a solution .The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Millie Smith says:


        Yes I have contacted my dealer and he told me to contact the Service Dept. He could not tell me what was wrong. I then contact Greg and he helped me to troubleshoot my problem. I have returned the handles, etc. for replacement and we will go from there. Thanks for the response.

  52. Norma says:

    I have a Tin Lizzie 18 from 2009. I keep getting long stitches for about an inch when I first begin stitching even when I am careful to start out slowly. It’s getting worse over time. No lint in encoder wheels, cable is firmly plugged in. Could it be the encoder cable? help!

    • sabrina says:

      Norma, Please contact our service department at 888-Quilt(18) toll free. To be able to troubleshoot. Thank You, TinLizzie18 Team

      • norma says:

        oops, sorry, I just realized you did answer me earlier. I will call customer service on Monday, thanks! Norma

    • Cheryl Johnson says:

      Norma–I have a similar problem with inconsistant stitch length when I switch between the manual stitch and the auto stitch modes. I also get very small and uneven stitches in the auto stich mode when I adjust the stitch length and have to turn the machine off in order to reset the stitch length. Have you had similar problems? Did you resolve your problem?

      • norma says:

        Hi Cheryl,

        It sounds like you have TL18LS which is different than my model. I will contact customer service and find out what they have to offer me for advice. Norma

      • Norma says:

        Hi Cheryl,
        Just took my whole machine and carriage in to my dealer yesterday. He thinks I just need to set my stitch length smaller-says I am outrunning the stitch regulator. Don’t know if this helps you or not though.

  53. Norma Lewis says:

    Is the Tin Lizzie/Queen changing names again to Empress? What’s different about it?

    • sabrina says:

      TinLizzie18 and Queen Quilter have always been separate companies, in the past we found that many internet dealers were causing much confusion within the Longarm community with cross advertising. Because of this cross advertising the Queen Quilter Company has been discontinued, the few Queen Quilters that you may see on the internet currently will be the last, once they have been depleted of by dealers.
      The Empress Quilter is a Longarm quilting machine manufactured exclusively for The Empress Company by The TinLizzie18. The TinLizzie18 Team

  54. norma says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that a new foot is about to come out for the tin lizzie that will fit rulers that have the 1/2′ grooves?

    • sabrina says:

      Hi Norma, We are still in Product developement stages . We will be annoucning the new Product availablity on our website, Stay Tuned. The TinLizzie18 Team

  55. mary williams says:

    my 2 year old tl now sewing good stitces, front & back, for approx. 2″, then stops stitching and will start back for another 2-3″ and then breaks thread. please advise

    • sabrina says:

      Mary, To be able to pin point the exact issue you are experencing we recommend you call your dealer or the TinLizzie18 service department at toll free 888-Quilt 18. We look forward to hearing form you. The TinLizzie18 Team.

  56. Sandra says:

    I was wondering if they have the Extension table ready for the Phoenix Frame?

    • Sandra says:

      I would really like to know about the extension table for the phoenix frame. I have the ansley 26 machine. Can you help me out with this. Thanks, Sandra

    • sabrina says:

      Sandra, I have a call into our product release division and hopefully will have an answer shortly. The TinLizzie18 Team

  57. Doris Durham says:

    Are there any new Shirley Stitcher updates since last summer?

    • sabrina says:

      Doris, We have emailed you the latest Shirley Stitcher Update. The TinLizzie18 Team

  58. Karen says:

    Where do I go to get the updates for the Shirley Stitcher. I have not been able to find information on the updates or a resource for questions.

  59. Sandy Curtis says:

    I am in the middle of a quilting pattern. My machine stopped and the only thing I could do was to restart it. How do I start the pattern again from where it left off since I had to put the pattern back in again. It wants to start all over again. I can’t make it work and have to get this quilt done so PLEASE HELP. Thank You

    • sabrina says:

      Sandy, I have passed your information to our Shirley Stitcher Instructor she will be making contact to help you through this step. The TinLizzie18 Team

  60. Sharon Boyer says:

    I need the updates for the Shirley Stitcher II, and directions for use.

    • sabrina says:

      Sharon, We have emailed the SS Update to your email address. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Sharon Boyer says:

        My version is 2.08 and the update you emailed is for 2.0, so would this update be newer than what I have? Also, I would like to know if you have any instructions other than what is available for download, they leave a lot to be desired.

      • sabrina says:

        Sharon, I have sent your message to our SS division, They will be sending the newest upgrade to you a 2.09. The TinLizzie18 Team.

      • Sharon Boyer says:

        I see the update is 2.9, so I applied the update. However, the instructions say that I need to update the new manual for the new software and adjust the constants for the new system. Where do I find the new manual?

      • sabrina says:

        Sharon, We look to have the new manual on line very soon to be able to download. The TinLizzie18 Team.

  61. Janet says:

    I don’t think you have my email as I have never registered. Where do I register for the updates?

  62. Janet says:

    Where do I go to register for updates to the Shirley Stitcher II? Also, where can the directions be found to download?

    • sabrina says:

      Janet we will be emailing you the updates to the Shirley Stitcher. The TinLizzie18 Team

  63. Kelly says:

    Does the extension table fit the Queen Quilter?

    Also, where can I buy the open toe free motion foot?

    • sabrina says:

      The Extension Table will fit, You can contact our ordering and shipping department by calling toll free 888-quilt-18. The TinLizzie18 Team

  64. Doreen Novak says:

    I have the Ansley 26. I love it except I have had to replace the encoder cables twice in just a couple months! It seems as though the cables are not long enough for the Ansley and were intended for the Tin Lizzie 18. While quilting, the cable gets caught up while going back and forth and as a result the connector breaks. They are very delicate. It’s very frustrating when you are going along just fine and all of a sudden the stitch regulator is not working!! Has anyone else had this problem?

  65. Gayle DeBoom says:

    I would like to be able to lock the machine into one position in order to do a straight across basting line at the top of my quilt. As this machine has no channel lock feature, what is the best way to do this?

    • Doreen Novak says:

      I also wish I had a channel lock!! My husband cut a couple of random width boards that I put on the front of the trolley so I cannot pull the machine forward. When I baste the quilt top, I just apply a little pressure towards the front as I baste across. I can get a very straight line all the way across. I also purchased oversize rubber door stops at Walmart but the boards work better.

    • Kelly says:

      Use a clamp to put in front of the back wheel on your carriage rail. Just pull forward with light pressure to keep it up against that clamp while you go across your quilt.

  66. Jim McKinney says:

    Greg Johnson was fantastic to work with in trying to resolve a problem we encountered with our new Tin Lizzie LS18. He ended up replacing the machine, which works just great most of the time. However, sometimes (not every time) when my wife turns the machine on it will do nothing. Through experimentation I’ve discovered that with the machine on, if I unplug the 9-pin cord on the control box, and then plug it back in – the machine will start to work (you can’t just wiggle the cord, you must unplug it). Which would seem to indicate that the plug is the problem, yet the plug is not loose and the machine may work fine for the next 5 times, then all of a sudden it will stop working. I’m wondering if this type of problem has been reported by anyone else – or are we just the lucky ones?

  67. Don Booth says:

    Where do get the updates to the Shirley Stitcher II? I do not see them on the Tin Lizzie website

    • sabrina says:

      Don, We email the updates to you. What is the latest update you have currently? The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Don Booth says:

        I have 2.09 but I understand there is a new onc coming out very soon. Will it be email or do we have to request it?


      • sabrina says:

        Don, We will perpare an update news alert when the newest Software is availble on the Blog, At that time you can submit a request and the software will be emailed to you. The TinLizzie18 Team

  68. Sharon Lehwalder says:

    I just received my Tin Lizzie extension for my LS18. The table and feet are fine; however, the back clamps are not high enough to slide onto the foot screws that secure the table to the wood platform that hold the machine. It looks like I need to have clamps that are 1/8″ or 3/16″ higher, or the feet need to be less thick by the same amount. Anyone else have this problem?

    • FLOWERC says:

      Sharon, I am getting ready to order an extention table and hope not to run into this problem. Can you please tell me where you got your table?

      • Sharon Lehwalder says:

        I bought the extension from Allbrands, and they ordered it from Tin Lizzie. My husband spread the C clamps a bit, and we finally got it on; however, I took it off when I was done straight stitching, and hope I’ll be able to get it back on.

        The C clamp needs to be just a bit wider to allow it to fit.


      • sabrina says:

        Sharon , Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our Product improvement department is looking into this. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Sharon Lehwalder says:

        I ordered the table from Allbrands, and they had Tin Lizzie send it to me. It’s a Tin Lizzie product, and when I called Tin Lizzie, they sent me new clamps. However, they were too narrow too. I’m thinking that maybe I should go to the hardware store and see if I can get feet for the base of the table that will allow the clamp to move over them.


    • Joyce Olsen says:

      I just received my extension table, ordered from Allbrands, shipped direct from Tin Lizzie and there are directions as to which legs go on the front and which go on the back.
      The ones that go on the back have less thick feet, so make sure you don’t mix them up. The clamps fit correctly on mine.
      My shipment contained only one clamp, but as of today(10/21/2010) I am told by Allbrands the second clamp is on its way to me.

      • sabrina says:

        Please let me know if you have recieved your shipment? The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Joyce Olsen says:


        Yes, I have received the shipment containing the second clamp. Thank you for the followup.

    • evelyn shemley says:

      Yes, my clamps are not wide enough to fit. I thought it was just me. I plan to go to Home Depot to see if I can get other clamps.

      • Sharon Lehwalder says:

        I looked at TL extension table that my friend has, and it was clear that the feet on her table are different from mine. I called TL again, and they told me that they received a shipment of tables and didn’t realize that he feet were too high until they started getting phone calls. They sent me new feet, and these, unlike the originals, are firm, not squishy, and at least 1/16 of an inch less thick. The clamps now fit nicely. BTW, all four feet should be the same firm plastic.

  69. connie holland says:

    I am wondering about any updates for the ssll
    do you have any thing out that I could go to??
    Please let me know.

    • sabrina says:

      Hi Connie, We have sent you the link through email to be able to download your Shirley Stitcher updates. The TinLizzie18 Team.

  70. FLOWERC says:

    Can someone please tell me where to get tech. support for my SSII? I have it installed but it moves slowly and it seems to be laboring. I have asked this question in several places on this site and the question turns up in wierd places. Of all many sites I visit this is one of the very few that I have trouble navigating and in speaking with another Lizzie owner I found that I am not alone.

    • sabrina says:

      Good Morning,

      Thank You for your recent visit to the TinLizzie18 Website. Please find our Service department information below along with a few questions our department will need to know. Also regarding the navigation of our new website and our BLOG Could you please explain the difficulties that you are experiencing. Here at TinLizzie18 we strive to make our website user friendly, I look forward to your feedback regarding the site.

      Please call at 801-534-6876 or email at greg@tinlizzie18.com with the following information:

      1. Date of Purchase
      2. Serial Number of machine
      3. Type of frame, and problem.

      . Our hours are 9:00am to 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.
      The TinLizzie18 Team

  71. Jimmie says:

    I am at my wits end with my Tin Lizzie – the top thread is getting caught on the bobbin case – the only way I can get the thread to the top is to turn the machine off, unplug it and manually turn the wheel – not a lot – just a little. The machine sews fine for a while 15-20 inches – then the thread breaks – top and bottom because the top thread gets caught on the bobbin case. I am unable to use the locking stitches because I can’t pull the thread to the top (it breaks immediately). I have dealt with this problem on the last two quilts – now it is almost impossible to sew more than 15 inches without the thread breaking because it is getting caught. I put a new needle in the machine – made sure the scarf is in the back and now it is skipping stitches. I took the needle out – put it in again – rethreaded the machine and no luck. now it is actually shredding the thread and the shredded thread cames back up thru the top. I don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions anyone??

    • sabrina says:

      It sounds like timing is off just a little and needs to be reset. Please call at 801-534-6876 or email at greg@tinlizzie18.com
      and we can walk you through the timing over the phone or by using web cams. The Tinlizzie18 Team

      • Jimmie says:

        Thanks Sabrina – what is a good time to call – I am at home by 4:30 pm EDT T-F
        I will try today as well as send an e-mail to Greg.


      • sabrina says:

        Our Service department hours our 9:00am- 5:00pm Mountain Time. We look forward to hearing from you. The TinLizzie18 Team

  72. Melissa says:


    I am having a problem and hope you can help me. I will be quilting for
    quite a while with no problem – like 30 minutes maybe.
    Then, my machine will sound funny, make big stitches and lock up. I will clean
    out the bobbin area, make sure there is oil, check the threading, etc. I will
    go to the back and move the black belt knob (or whatever you call it).
    Just cannot seem to get it going correctly again. Usually recheck everything
    and even take the bobbin plate off to look for threads. Nothing seems to
    work. I will unplug the machine for a while and come back to it. That seems
    to work. I am sewing again. Do you think my machine is over heating?
    Or my motor is dying? Any help would be appreciated.

    Tin Lizzie 18 post 2007 – (no Shirley Stitcher)

    • Melissa says:

      Greg Johnson from Tin Lizzie 18 Technical Support e-mailed me almost immediately and sent an attachment with pictures of a fix I can do, and called me on the phone with another idea also. Thanks so much for the quick response. I will be trying both.

  73. Janice Borden says:

    Thanks Greg for talk with me about my TL18LS,and asking me about the dippstick and oil where my machine was sitting for a few months.THANKS for your time,IM new.

  74. Connie says:

    Now that I have the micro handles and stippling foot-Is there a difference in how the lizzie will sew? Tension adjustments(less or more than normal as a general guideline) and foot height (higher or lower than the dime I currently use) are my main questions but I am open for any and all input so my learning curve is not so steep.

    • sabrina says:

      Yes the foot should still use the same general height adjustment. If you do not have the proper foot height adjustment you may experience poor tension. Also due to the type of quilting that is usually performed i.e. (slower more detailed) the average speed you quilt at may be at a different tension setting than you are use to. There is no rule of thumb for this just adjust for stitch quality. Second because you may be slower and more detailed it may be beneficial to run in constant speed rather than stitch regulated. This Is exactly the reason we left the non-stitch regulated mode available for quilters. There is also a different tension setting non-regulated mode. This is the same as before just adjust for stitch quality. Have no fear just fun!!! The TinLizzie18 Team

  75. Sheri says:

    I know what is reported online is not always true… but since I have had friends calling I have to ask: It was reported, in one of the postings on the Grace Frame Yahoo Group today, (not by someone from Janome) that Janome has purchased Tin Lizzie quilting machines, in particular a 13″ – 15″ throat model. Is any of this statement true? Thanks for putting rumors to rest.

    • sabrina says:

      Sheri, TinLizzie18 has not been purchased by Janome, however TinLizzie18 does have an agreement with Janome and uses their distribution network to sell and distribute our Machines. The TinLizzie18 Team

  76. Vicki says:

    I have noticed that the hopping foot is a smaller diameter than the hopping foot of other long arm machines on the market. The TL foot does not follow the industry standard of a 1/2″ diameter foot. In my opinion, if the diameter were a true 1/2″, it would help in several ways: 1)It would make it easier to see the needle entering the fabric, 2) When using a ruler that has 1/4″ etched lines on it, I would know that the needle was really 1/4″ away from the seam or stitched line I was stitching next to when crosshatching, etc., 3)It would be wonderful if the back side of the foot were not angled-a vertical back side would not bang repeatedly into a ruler, and 4)I would not have to aim the light straight down into the needle area to see where I am going next. I have used many other long arm machines that all have a 1/2″ diameter hopping foot and the bigger diameter does make a HUGE difference in how I can see what the needle it is doing. Could you please explain the reason for the smaller foot and if there are any future plans for a new and improved 1/2″ diameter foot? Thanks!

    • sabrina says:

      Vicki, Thank You for your post regarding hoping foot and sizes, I have sent this to our Product improvment team and hopefully I will have a response to future plans soon. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • I’d be really interested in this information also. I know I tried a spoon foot from my old machine & the needle lined up ok…but I would like to see a way to either have the existing foot made a true 1/2″ or a different foot design with a true 1/2″ diameter.

    • Joyce Olsen says:

      I just purchased a Line Tamer Ruler and cannot effectively use it because the slot is designed for a 1/2″ outside diameter foot.
      I have yet to find any rulers utilizing slots or hole guides that would not be too sloppy a fit for the smaller Tin Lizzie general purpose/ruler foot.
      So, for all the same reasons as Vicki states, I too would love (pretty pleeease) to have a true 1/2″ ruler foot for the Tin Lizzie.

      • sabrina says:

        Joyce, Thank you for your post, Our Product improvment team is currently working on a solution. The TinLizzie18 Team.

      • Check with Barb at

        She has a Line Tamer ruler with narrower slott. I have this ruler/template…it’s great. I got mine for my old longarm & there was about 1/16″ space..which I liked. Barb offered to replace it, but I didn’t bother. The narrower slott may still be 1/16th off for our Lizzie foot…but should work.

    • Joyce Olsen says:

      Sabrina – Is there any news on when the new 1/2″ outside diameter ruler foot will be available for purchase? I am eagerly awaiting it debut.

  77. Sheri - Ansley 26 says:

    I have been using the titanium needles on my Ansley and when purchasing more at a show, I looked at the number but failed to check to see if they were titanium. Will they still work on my machine? I am thinking if they will it will be one quilt per needle since they do not have the strength of the titanium. Have I just answered my own question? TYIA

    • sabrina says:

      Sheri, Is the Needle the same brand ? If yes and it is the same number the answer is Yes the needle will work with your Machine. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Sheri - Ansley 26 says:

        Thanks. And yes, all the numbers are the same, it is just not the titanium.

  78. Shirley Miller says:

    Download quilting patterns from the internet.
    I found this in the SSII information section on Tin Lizzie.
    This is what I would like to learn how to do. Thanks Shirley

  79. Shirley Miller says:

    I have the SSII.
    How can I tell which designs in the SSII can be expanded to do continuous rows across a quilt. My dealer said I have to put each one in pattern box and try it but there must be an easier way.
    Also will Tin Lizzie ever give us more designs to add to SSII because I feel that with the cost of SSII, there are more designs needed to be able to be chosen from?
    Also, I found a sight that I can order designs from but I do not know how to get them from computer to SSII and in what format. I hope you can help me out with these questions

    • sabrina says:

      Just take a look at the start and stop indications and where they are located. The start is indicated with an “O” and the stop with an “X”. If the start is clearly to the left and the stop clearly to the right the repeat should be able to connect.
      In the edit menu under “repeat” you will also notice that you can use the slider bar called spacing across. You can actually slide that bar into the negative numbers so that 2 repeats that do not touch can be brought closer together.
      If you are trying to have a row of repeats that are not normally a continuous line repeat you can do that too. For instance you could have a row or “feathered wreaths” just by selecting one and adjusting size with the slider bars in the scale menu and then going to the edit menu and touching auto fill.
      The Shirley Stitcher has more than one way to achieve the same result.

      • Shirley Miller says:

        Thanks for the SSII reply. Next week when I am home, I will try all the advice you gave me. Can you tell me if TL will ever add more designs for us to download? Also what is the procedure and or product TL recomends to get download quilting designs.

  80. Monika King says:

    What do you use to clean the frame 10′ poles?
    Also, what do you use to clean the wheels/rollers that Lizzie rides on?


    • sabrina says:

      Monika, I use a small paint brush to sweep away all the loose threads that can get caught and built up in your tracks as you are quilting. With my wheels a use a cloth towel and wipe down the wheels, in order to get the entire wheel I clean one side then move the mahcine a bit to get the remaining wheel on the track repeat on all wheels. The TinLizzie18 Team

    • I use a little piece of poly batting, folded…I run this over the poles, especially where you can tell the wheels ride (I have the TL18 LS, on the wooden TL frame) at. For the wheels, I also use the batting, as it will take off that blackish looking gunk that builds up. I then check the movement of the wheels..are they seated and all moving when the machine moves?..is there thread caught between the wheel and the bolt it’s attached with? If so, you will need to get that thread/lint out…this will mean having to unplug all the cables and removing the machine from the carriages…turn the carriages over..and get that thread/lint out…make sure the wheels move smoothly. This is also a good time to check the rubber O-rings on the encoders for cracks, breaks and gunk. There are 4 O-rings on each encoder. I put a tiny dot at the outside area of the encoders, near an edge…this allows me to watch the movement of the encoders, if the dot is rolling smoothly when you move the machine, you are good to go, if that dot stops or hesitates in any spot while moving…you need to check out why it’s skipping…because that will effect the stitches when in LS or automated mode.
      When you have cleaned the wheels, reset the carriages (make sure all the encoder connections are out of the way, and that you have the encoders riding correctly on the poles. Once you are sure all is back correctly..replace your Lizzie on the upper carriage.
      I do the flip check about once a month (I quilt a lot), but you only need to if you are getting hesitation in the movement.
      I clean the poles & wheels every quilt…it’s part of my routine maintenance.

  81. Alice says:

    I am confused. On July 11 at 9:43 pm sabrina states that :Yes you can use the SS with the TL18.” And then right after on July 15th 1:56 PM Sabrina states that “No you must upgrade your TL18 to a TL18LS to use the SS.”

    Which is it?? I have been interested in saving for a SS, and I have a TL18. If it is not possible to use the SS with my machine, I will need to try and sell the machine more aggressively.

    • sabrina says:

      Alice, Can you please tell me the age of your machine? We switched our electronics in late 2009 , but some dealers still had a inventory. Did you purchase through a dealer”? If so could you tell me your dealer information so I can insure we get the correct information to you. When I stated yes you can upgrade the Shirley STitcher to the TL18 I failed to ask these questions. I apologize for this. I have learned through my service department that there is different criteria to answer this question depending on the age of your machine.

      • mindy roeske says:

        My KC dealer says I must upgrade to the TL18 LS to use the SS. However, in an email to me from Mike Bohn [with TL company] if may TL18 has a ribbon cable to the control box I CAN use the SSII. It is confusing to say the least, but I want to HOPE that Mike is right on this subject… will be at the KC store tomorrow, so will show them Mike’s email (they will probably call Ernie for final clarification).

  82. Chris says:

    I bought a Tin Lizzie 18 table model in April. I have a small problem with the dip stick near the head. It is placed below the machine bed and I can’t get it out without really working at it. Is there some way I can make this easier than prying it up with a paperclip or some other device?


    • sabrina says:

      Chris, I do understand exactly what you are saying. What I use is a small magnet to lift up my dip stick to check it works wonderfully. The TinLizzie18 Team

    • I slide my fingernail under the “dipstick”, and it comes out easily. You can also use a small magnet, or even tape to pull it out (duct tape use #6,999, lol).

  83. CarmenWhorley says:

    When loading a quilt to begin I always baste stitch along the top. I’m wondering how many of you baste stitch all the sides before quilting? How many baste the sides as you stitch along down the quilt? Does anyone just pin along the sides as you work? In quilting there is always good, better and best! I’m striving for the best techniques or methods to get the best or great results.
    Thanks for your input!
    Carmen/SW MO

    • Shirley Miller says:

      I made the side leaders shown on Sharon Schrambers (not sure of the spelling of her last name) you tube video. Then I pin these pieces of fabric that have a dowel inside the end to clamp the clamps onto to keep them away from the quilt edge.

    • I baste the top, and also the sides as I roll the quilt. When doing freehand or quilting from the front, I semi float my tops, and don’t use the front roller for the top unless I am doing a panto from the back.
      Once I have the sides basted, I then secure the side clamps to the backing only (sometimes the batting is in there too, depending on how wide it is)..you don’t want to clamp the side edges of the top..and you want to look at the top…are the clamps so tight that they pull top out of shape? If so, loosen the clamps. They are to hold the edges of the backing up, not to tighten the whole quilt.
      To clarify…when I do a panto from the back & have the quilt top attached to both rollers…I still secure the sides as I go along.

      The Sharon Schamber side leaders are nice..I need to make a new set for my Lizzie (sold the other set with the last machine). They keep the clamps far away from the quilting.

      • If the clamps seem to get in the way when you are getting close to the side edge of the quilt..take a white curtain rod, adjust it to fit over the bellybar and the takeup bar..put one on each side of the quilt, then pull the bungee clamp over the curtain rods and clamp the sides of the quilt..this holds the clamps above the bed of the machine (or the extension bed).

  84. Shirley Miller says:

    Is it possible to do SID with SSII?
    So far I just use a template to do this technique.

    • sabrina says:

      Yes you can stitch in the ditch with the Shirley Stitcher, However most quilters prefer to use the old traditional way which is to stitch one quarter inch inside the seam, and the new longarm rulers that are available are wonderful to use when stitching in the ditch because of the various fabrics that are not always cut on the straight of the grain. The TinLizzie18 Team

    • Linda V Taylor, longarm expert reccomends doing the SID with a template…and to secure all the sections before using the automated quilting robot (she does not have the SSII..but they have the same result)..then roll back and do the insides with the SSII (she uses a statler, but the actual quilting procedures give the same results). I say sections instead of blocks, because you will sometimes want to quilt a motif inside an actual block, but sometimes you want to include several blocks in an area…like a ninepatch block..you only SID around the block, not each section of the block..some larger medallions..you will either do as a whole, or break them up.

      If the seams are really straight, you can SID using the SSII (I asume & have been told by other that they do that..I’m still waiting and saving for my SSII, so can only say what I’ve seen on the expert’s videos).

  85. Carmen Whorley says:

    We’ve discussed proper oiling I’m worried about over oiling? Is it possible to damage the machine with too much oil? Other than leakage …what else could go wrong?

    Carmen/SW MO

    • sabrina says:

      The Tin Lizzie 18 products (Tin Lizzie 18, LS, Queen Quilter, and Ansley) have oil locations. For the 2007 models and later, there are only two oil locations. The oil locations are indicated by red at those locations. The oil reservoir that has the dip stick in it is located near the throat plate and holds approximately 1.5 ounces max. Once this reservoir is full, then only 3 to 4 drops of oil is needed to maintain that level after each day of quilting. If you let the machine sit idle for a period of time, (go on vacation or you don’t quilt for a few weeks) you will need to check that level to ensure it’s full. Depending on the temperature and direct sunlight, this oil will dissipate on its own. The oil we use is a petroleum base mineral oil and will evaporate over a period of time, It’s just best to always check the dip stick before operating the machine. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Carmen Whorley says:

        Thanks Sabrina!
        I knew she was “thirsty” since I’d never filled her to capacity. I have noticed she’s sounding smooth and I think stitching better since I oiled her up. Thanks so much for getting back…I was a little worried that I’d drowned her…I love my Lizzie! I only have 2 oil ports-she was a pre-owned machine when I bought her. The owner had not serviced her so I’m glad I did and will keep up with her care/maintenance which is minimal.
        Sew Pieceful,
        Carmen/SW MO

    • Sims Roy says:

      Carmen, I was wondering the same thing and I had previously gotten the TL Teams answer regarding the 1.5 oz reservoir capacity. I measured the reservoir level several times today and determined it was empty. So I measured 0.5 oz of oil (1 tablespoon)in the original bottle that came with the TL which made it full, then I thought I’d add 1 oz (i.e 2 small bottles full) and then remeasure the reservoir level. I was able to only add 1/4 oz (1/2 of a small bottle) before it was full – came out the top. I had been adding 5 drops per week or so but had never filled the reservoir since I had it, so the wicks/distribution system could have been saturated. (Maybe the 1.5 oz capacity is when its completely dry) It came out of the nail hole so I wiped it off and put the nail in. A bit more oil was expelled through the small vent hole on the side of the hole for the red nail. I checked for oil spills under the machine bed and found none so I think even if you fill it to the brim it’s not a big problem. I plan to try to keep it at 3/4 full. Sims Roy

      • CarmenWhorley says:

        Roy, I think I’ll do the same and just pay attention to the levels. I really think the machine operates better when well oiled…duh?! LOL!

    • I check the oil before the start of every quilt, and at every bobbin change. If you get used to this routine, you will find the machine will be much happier & so will you.
      I add about 2 drops to the red hole in the top of my Lizzie (TL18 LS) every quilt also.

      Never leave the machine over a quilt when you are done for the day…end the quilting and move the machine off the quilt sandwich.

  86. Hi Sabrina…I have a question…it’s something that I have had happen & so have others.
    I bought my TL18 LS last year, and have the wooden TL frame.
    The problem is the poles get loose and you can’t tighten them.
    Is there a trick to keeping them tight? Can you ask the techs for an answer please?
    What I figured out for myself was that I need to loosen the knobs on each end of the poles & make sure the latch is disengaged on the pole that the quilt will roll off of..or the nuts on the poles will loosen. I tightened the nuts, and now have only had to retighten the poles one time in over 8 months (great nieces used the machine & just had to roll before I could get to them)…is this something that TL is aware of? Is there a better fix?

    • sabrina says:

      We find that some places meaning Home Depot Or Lowes they sell the 1 ¼ conduit the inside diameter is a little different meaning by a small amount and it could be the coating that is put on for the rust whatever the case. When the wedges are put in we then put the bolt through the wedges and then have the nut on the outside we tighten the nut so the wedges then expand sometimes the nut just does not get tight enough. What to do take out the wedge from the inside of the pipe. Take a small piece of sandpaper or Emory maybe the size of a 1 inch square place it on the wedge slide the wedge back into the pipe and tighten the nut the piece of sandpaper will act as another wedge and help with the diameter being a little big and will also cause friction between the wedge and the inside of the pipe and that will solve the problem with the pipe spinning. The TinLizzie18 Team

  87. mindy roeske says:

    How soon will your R&D be modifying the hopping foot to accommodate using 1/4″ thick templates and rulers? the angle on the back of the foot is too low. At the MQS show in Kansas City, the Quilter’s Rule salesman gave me a spacer [equivalent to stacking a penny and a dime] to set the hopping foot for use with their product. He said this height was approved by Ernie. I have found it not high enough and any higher causes thread breakage and/or skipped stitches. My solution [thanks to the Yahoo group] was to use a Dremel and notch out the lower back area angle.

    I was also told by my dealer, that in order to use the Shirley Stitcher I would have to upgrade from the TL18 to the TL18LS or Ansley … but in an earlier comment in this blog, you state that the SS can be used on the TL18 model? What is the correct answer???

    Since you have not posted my earlier comment, I have to assume you are not receptive to honest comments [July 6th]. So I will rephrase: I ENJOY my machine, my local dealer and the Yahoo group. The downside of your blog is that you are not available 24/7, nothing is sorted by topic & and search capability does not exist. If I have a technical problem [see above], I will be happy to post it here. If I have a thread question, I will go to Superior Threads and ask Bob. If I want to chat with other Lizzie users, I want to be able to go to the Yahoo Group. You get the idea….
    If the intent of this blog is to get Lizzie users to only post their wonderful experiences with Lizzie and side step issues already posted, then I will continue to take my issues to my local dealer and my next machine [or upgrade] will be with a company that has better support for its users.
    In other words, you have NOT made me a happy customer by denying me a valuable source of information and community that is the Yahoo group.

    • sabrina says:

      Mindy, Your dealer is correct you will need to upgrade from the TL18 to the TL18LS in order to add the Shirley Stitcher computerized unit to your machine.
      The benefits of this new venue are endless. The biggest benefits are simply for us to offer timely responses, a resource library with videos, and the ability to bring the instructors & service technicians together in one place. Our goal as a company is not to hinder anyone in finding help and assistance with their Tin Lizzie 18 Machines, but to build a strong Tin Lizzie 18 online community with the help and assistance from our customer relations, educational staff, & service department in a more timely manner.The TinLizzie18 Team

  88. Melissa says:

    Can the Shirley Stitcher by attached to the Tin Lizzie 18?


    • sabrina says:

      Melissa, You can add the Shirley Stitcher to your TinLizzie18 Machine. You will be able to read all about the Shirley Stitcher on the Website, also to find the closest dealer to your home to have a hands on demonstration you can click on the dealer locator page and type in your zip code. TinLizzie18 Team

  89. Sims roy says:

    Sabrina, one of the main issues I and others have with the blog bs the TL18 Yahoo group is that there is not a readily available way to search all of the “comments”. One way of organizing the technical questions and TL18 team replies is to have a topical FAQ where the problem or issue is summarized with a list of symptoms and the TL18 Team reply with the end result of whether the problem was fixed or not. If not what finally resolved the problem. If a topical FAQ like that existed then in short order someone could find the results of what others have done to fix a similar problem you’re having say “skipped stitches”. In a similar manner you could have topical “Operating and Maintenance Tips” file. Just a suggestion. Sims Roy

    • sabrina says:

      Thank You Sims Roy! We will be looking into being able to add this feature, We have already begin the process of changing the post to have the TinLizzie18 replies attached to the questions. The TinLizzie18 Team

  90. Sabrina, what would be nice is a place to post a blog, not just continually reply to this one. Also, a FAQ page, so the responses to this page (which is going to get HUGE & LONG) can be easily found on a FAQ section…you know…”Look here first.” kind of thing.
    Have the team check out Singer or Brother sewing pages…they can imulate that. Oh and a Forum would be wonderful…that would really eliminate the need for any other place.
    Something to think about.

    • sabrina says:

      Marge, Thank You we will be looking into this feature. The TinLizzie18 Team

  91. Carmen/SW MO says:

    Just wondering if it is possible to reverse the order of the blog so that the newest or most recent comments are at the top of the blog?
    Carmen/SW MO

    • sabrina says:

      Carmen, Thank You! yes we noticed this also and we are checking into changing this so that the newest hits first as well as the post attach to the reply so it is easier to see the replies for all. The TinLizzie18 Team

  92. Shirley Miller says:

    I like the format of the blog. Easy to read and Sabrina seems to understand our needs and will be able to help us with our Tin Lizzie questions. I also like the added help with the SSII.

  93. Linda says:

    Could not get any of the videos to play. Is there a secret?


    • sabrina says:

      Linda, I checked the videos and it is playing with no issues, Do you have a Dial up connection? If so this will slow the process and not play right away. The TinLizzie18 Team

  94. Marge Campbell says:

    I’m hoping to get others to try this blog…it’s easy to access and folks will get more exacting answers here. If I had more access to the Yahoo group, I’d add permanent links on the home page to both this and the FB TL groups.


    • sabrina says:

      Thank you Marge! We do look forward to be able to answer and assist our TinLizzie18 Owners!!

  95. Alice says:

    Sabrine you state, “are intent is not to upset our customers but to provide a more personal setting with prompt response to your questions and concerns….”

    Yet I can get answers to my questions on the Yahoo group 24/7. If I am sewing along at 3 AM, which is relatively normal for me, and all of a sudden something strange happens with my TL I can go to the Yahoo messages and with a few searches can find an answer. Also many times folks are still up then and have solved similiar problems. Taking the Yahoo group away will leave me and many like me in the lurch.

    This blog doesnt not seem like a family setting to me, it is more like being forced into foster care.

  96. Pati Cook says:

    I think the idea of the blog on the official site is a great way to get official information out to everyone. And I hope to be able to figure out how to “subscribe” to it so I don’t miss anything.

    Facebook is not a venue I enjoy trying to use. There is too much “stuff” that I am not interested in, and it takes forever to get info and so on. As far as I am concerned it is not a very user friendly way to interface with others who share my interests.

    The yahoo group is a very different kind of resource. It is a group of “friends” (even though we may never meet face to face) that are around to share information with all the time. I don’t go to yahoo groups for “official” information, unless it is a group started by and controlled by a specific business. But yahoo groups are some of the best resources for asking what may be silly questions, get real life experiences and help at any hour, or day.
    The yahoo group has a history and lots of information in the archived messages and files and photos. Much of this could be lost if the group is simply closed. That would be a real shame.
    Those on the group that provide answers are always careful to stress the importance of checking with the dealers/company about technical issues. But sometimes practical advice about what works for an individual is more in keeping with the needs of the users. The yahoo group can talk about different brands of threads, for example. And mention sales at various vendors, and make suggestions for alternatives or how to deal with various situations that might arise as one is quilting along.
    These are things that might not be readily apparent to the techs who work with the machines.
    There is lots of stuff that goes into using the TL/Ansley besides the machine. But it all helps in using the machine and getting the most from the machine.
    The yahoo group is more personal, more individually supportive than I think a blog or FB presence can be.

    Please allow one of the members of the group (or a group of them) to take over ownership and moderation of the yahoo group. It is great if one of the techs or other “official representative” wants to be member or check the group as they can, but please don’t let it go away. And don’t make the group have to re-create itself and loose so much that is already there.

    Pati Cook
    Phoenix, AZ

    • sabrina says:

      Pati, Thank you for letting us know your concerns, TinLizzie18’s intent is to provide the personal, timelier response to questions from the TinLizzie18 Team. Our Goal is to build a Strong online community with individual quilters like you being able to offer help to other quilters with Fabric, Thread, and Machine operation with the input of the TinLizzie18 team when needed. We look forward to building a strong online meeting location for our TinLizzie18 quilters.

  97. Marge Campbell says:

    Glad to see all the comments…means the blog is working.
    As I mentioned to Mike, I’d be happy to take ownership of the Yahoo group…it’s a great publicity tool for Tin Lizzie company…and many who don’t come to blogs or FB, appreciate that their YAHOO internet provider has a place for TL18 on the Yahoo group.
    Marge Campbell

  98. Millie Smith says:

    I like my Lizzie although I have only had it since April 2010. I can understand you all wanting to consolidate your sites and putting everything under one area, but it was because of the interest and contact with other owners that I decided to purchase my Lizzie. I will be sorry to loose that personal contact, while having “expert” help on situations will be greatly appreciated, if I don’t have to keep clicking on this and that to get help. I haven’t found sites that are to help me very helpful, ie, AT&T, Microsoft, etc. So hope that is not what will happen here. Good luck in your efforts.

    • sabrina says:

      Millie, Thank You for your post, We do understand your concerns regarding personal contact, As a company that is our main goal to provide a secure area that will allow all of us as TinLizzie18 users to get the help we need with relying on individual experiences along with the TinLizzie18 Team when needed.

  99. Hello Tin Lizzie Staff,
    One of the things that I believe the staff may not be aware of is the distance many people are from a Tin Lizzie dealer. For my husband and I the nearest Tin lizzie dealer is a 4 hour round trip on a ferry across the ocean and then a 3 hour return trip by highway in addition to that. This is a real detriment when we want to buy additional product or order a large item, look into financing etc. Never mind the difficulty getting the machine into the car. I’m sure many people live in the boonies so to speak and I think that is why some depend on the Yahoo list for assistance. I for one wish we could deal with Tin Lizzie Headquarters for all purchases and financing if a dealer is too far away for that to be reasonable. Thanks, Barbara

    • sabrina says:

      Barbara, TinLizzie18 understands that in locations there is long distances between the customer and the servicing dealer, this is one reason we felt it so important to be able to offer a Blog with the help from the TinLizzie18 Team. We always suggest a customer to work with their local dealer, but as we know this is not always the best option if you do not have a local dealer, in this case we do welcome our customers to come direct to us. TinLizzie18 will always strive to offer the best customer service available. TinLizzie18 Team

  100. Ruth Sunday says:

    Like many others, I use the Yahoo group. Not just to fix the problem, but to chat with other Lizzie Owners. Are you guys going to be around at 2 in the a.m.? I can actually find new stuff and responses on Yahoo from midnight to 4 or 5 a.m. on the Yahoo site. In answer to the unasked – I’m up then ’cause I’m injured and medium old and I nap rather than sleep for long periods.

    • sabrina says:

      Ruth, We do understand your concerns, by switching the Yahoo Users group to the TinLizzie18 Blog are intent is not to upset our customers but to provide a more personal setting with prompt response to your questions and concerns, while still sharing our quilting experiences. TinLizzie18 Team

  101. Irene Frederick says:

    Thanks to Tin Lizzie for making a wonderful machine. I’ve had Lizzie and the Shirley Stitcher I since Feb 2009, and have had no issues with operation or service from the company. The machine and your support have been first rate. The look and feel of the company site is also a welcome change, and the additions are welcome.

    I have concerns, however, regarding this new approach to “customer service”. Already, with just 19 posts, one has to go on a fishing expedition for an answer to a question as there are no subject lines. On Yahoo, the topics are grouped, and you are able to scan the topics, select what is of interest and read the entire discussion in one place.

    What happens when there are many hundreds of comments submitted here as on yahoo? How does a meaningful discussion by users who have solved the day to day problems continue? How do we provide advice and suggestions to one another? Is the Tin Lizzie staff prepared to answer all the questions posed that aren’t of a “technical” nature?

    Due to the many security/privacy issues with FaceBook, it isn’t likely to be a viable resource for many of us who will opt out of this “social networking” site.

    PLEASE allow tranfer or retain the Tin Lizzie yahoo group ownership/moderation so we have a place to help each other.

    Again, thank you for an affordable, reliable product.

    • sabrina says:

      Thank you Irene for your post regarding the new Blog, We are currently looking into linking the question answer blogs together to be able to easily locate your answers to your post. We do understand your concern with the privacy facts with Face book this is just another means to contact us for the user that are currently part of the Face book community , However I assure you our Blog is very secure and private for our users . We look forward to being able to provide more attentive service to our online community.
      TinLizzie18 Team

  102. Donna says:

    Will you be posting lessons on using the new SSII on YouTube?

    • sabrina says:

      Yes Donna, We do plan to add Shirley stitcher quick tips to our videos to better assist our customers!
      TinLizzie18 Team

  103. Debbie Davis says:

    Love the new website. I watched the Tutorial on Attaching a Quilt and it was great!

  104. C. Colson says:

    I love our yahoo group and don’t like facebook! Don’t mind if you add a facebook site, but I want to use the Yahoo Group. I have a facebook id because my kids want me to, but I don’t ever use the site.

  105. Victoria says:

    I Just want to Thank Tin Lizzie for creating an affordable Long Arm Quilting Machine . I was so excited to purchase such a Dream ,My Ansley 26 is truly a dream come true ,Thanks so much Tin Lizzie. I do have a guestion where can I purchase the open toe Applique foot for my Ansley 26 . Im loving it. I suggest to anyone try them all, you will come back to the Ansley 26 it is the best.

    • sabrina says:

      Victoria we do carry the Open toe stippling foot ( which is a great tool allowing better visiblity while stitching) You can contact our Ordering department direct by dialing 888-(Quilt18) toll free.
      TinLizzie18 Team

  106. Fran Dixon says:

    Oh this will work for an alternative. Loving my Lizzie!

  107. Sims roy says:

    I’m glad the blog is working. We’ll be able to see how effective it will be to TL owners. Sims Roy

  108. kakie currey says:

    Hope to find this a useful new tool.

  109. Cindy Toner says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m glad there will be more technical support for us going into the future with our Tin Lizzies.

    I have also joined your group on facebook and look forward to discussions and updates there.

    thank you!

  110. Carmen / SW MO says:

    This will be a new adventure and I’m looking forward to learning from other TL owners. I do like the website “new look”. I’ve had my Lizzie for 1 year and love it.

  111. Edgar Chambers says:

    So glad the new website is up and look forward to more content. Please recognize that this blog (and certainly not Facebook) can take the place of the Yahoo Tin Lizzie group. The Yahoo group should not be discontinued.

    • sabrina says:

      Thank You Edgar for your recent post regarding the new TinLizzie18 Blog, Our goal as a company is not to hinder anyone in finding help and assistance with their TinLizzie18 Machines, but to build a strong TinLizzie18 online community with the help and insistence from our customer relations and service department in a more timely manner.
      TinLizzie18 Team

  112. Hello, I really like the look of your new website. Thank youfor attempting to upgrade your customer service. We are excited to have access to assistance. I would like to comment however, that the TinLizzie18 Yahoo group that you are planning to close has been a bonus and of great assistance to us in learning about Tin Lizzie. It takes someone working with different fabric, threads, needles, skill to answer some questions. I respectfully ask that the ownership of that group be transferred and that both groups exist. Thanks so much, Barbara Hallum

    • sabrina says:

      Hi Barbara,
      We at TinLizzie18 do understand your concern regarding the Yahoo Group and the new blog, our goal is to be able to better assist all TinLizzie18 Customers and we do understand your comments regarding tips on Fabric, needles, and threads. We have wonderful quilters on staff that will be able to help with most of these questions as well as the online community giving direction from personal experience. We have the resource Library as well that will offer video help. We look forward to building a strong online community together.
      TinLizzie18 Team

  113. Marge Campbell says:

    Just wanted to say hello…glad the comment section is working. The new website is really nice.
    Marge Campbell

  114. Sally Silvers says:

    I couldn’t find the tutorials. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me where they are.

    Sally Silvers

    • sabrina says:

      Sally, you will be able to locate our TinLizzie18 Tutorials in the resource Libary section , We plan to continue to add videos to this section that will offer continuous tips and assistance to all TinLizzie18 Owners.
      TinLizzie18 Team

  115. admin says:

    Leave comments on our blog posts, and engage in conversation with the TinLizzie18 team!

    • There can be sporadic issues with the tension disks not engaging when one puts the lever down to begin quilting. We have had it happen that nothing has been changed, we put the lever up to raise the foot to move the machine, and when we lower the lever and begin to quilt we notice the tension disks are loose. Evidently other people have experienced this problem thus I am posting here to ask for technical suggestions to correct this. My dh thinks he has it figured out but the fix he suggests is way over my head…lol I need a different solution. Thanks so much. Barbara

      • sabrina says:

        Barbara, How old is your TinLizzie18 Mahince? This wil lhelp us in pin pointing the exact problem. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • My tin Lizzie was purchased in Nov 2007. It is the type with the ribbon connection. It is also the one whereby the tension disks do not always close. Thanks

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