Announcing the New Ruler Foot!

Posted by on October 11, 2011

You asked for it TinLizzie18 Listened!

Announcing the New RULER FOOT now available.

With the New Ruler foot using the many different rulers to enhance your quilt just got easier. Not only does the ruler foot have a fence on the edge but it also gives you more visibility of the needle. Our Expert Quilters pair it with the TinLizzie18 Extension Table. Call today to order !

Retail $62.50

Introductory Price $49.95 plus shipping. Expires 12-31-11

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  1. rebecca szilagyi says:

    Does this foot fit the viking platinum 3000 longarm quilting machine.? TIA.

    • Myrl Breinholt says:

      Rebecca, yes, this foot will fit the Viking Platinum. You may order it by calling 888-784-5818 ex 401. Happy Quilting.

  2. Tina Spano says:

    I would like to buy a ruler foot and an extension table. I bought a used machine. It just says Tin Lizzie 18. The date on one of the papers I have is 2008. I do have a serial number. It is the one on the front of a brochure I have. Will the one that says New ruler foot fit?

    • Myrl Breinholt says:

      You may purchase the foot and extension table at our retail store, Floyd And Lizzies. Either call 801-255-4130 and they will take your order over the phone or visit the website at to purchase on line. Thank you for choosing TinLizzie18. We are here to help. Visit our TinLizzie18 website for additional education. Choose “Learning Center” from the left menu and that will open up many helpful videos.

  3. Tammie says:

    will the ruler foot fit the Kingquilter Special Edition?

  4. Nancy says:

    I need to order the ruler foot for the TinLizxie18.

    • Myrl Breinholt says:

      Please call 801-255-4130. That is our retail store and you will be able to order and pay for the ruler foot. They will ship it to you right away. Thank you for choosing TinLizzie18.

  5. Collee Luscher says:

    Will the ruler foot fit my Tin Lizzie 18 Sit Down model? Where can I purchase the foot?

    Thank you!

    • kelleyn says:

      Good Morning Collee,

      Thank you for your interest in our Ruler Foot. The answer is yes it will. Please contact your local TL18 dealer to order one or call 1-888-784-5818 ext 2



  6. Fran says:

    Where do I purchase the ruler foot?

    • kelleyn says:

      Good Morning Fran,
      Thank you for your interest in our ruler foot. You can purchase the Ruler foot from any TL18 dealer or direct from TL18.

      Please call 888-784-5818 ext 2 to place an order


  7. JENNY L PUTNAM says:

    how can I get just the ruler foot I already have the base

  8. maria noell says:

    I am interested in the ruler foot and the extension table for my tin lizzie 18 ls
    I will be attending the original sewing and quilt expo Oct 17-19 in ft worth Texas I believe tin lizzie will be there will they have the accessories I am looking for

  9. Norma says:

    If we need to turn the needle bar slightly to prevent the needle screw hitting the new foot do we change the needle to face the new front, or does it need to stay with the needle groove directly under the little guide hole above the needle?

    • sabrina says:

      Norma, When adjusting your needle bar the needle will need to be turned to change to the new front.

  10. Lynn Wilson says:

    Want to know if the extension table and the ruler foot will work with my Lizzie. I bought my machine in July 2007.

    • Cameron says:

      Lynn, I imagine you have the original TinLizzie with the split casting if you bought it in 2007. We do have an extension table that will work with your machine. The ruler foot most likely will not work if my assumption is correct that you have the original machine. These machines do not have a removable foot. If you you need clarification you can call our main office at 1-888-784-5818. Thank you.

  11. Julie Urosevich says:

    Will you have the new 1/4″ foot available for sale at the Dallas Quilt Show in March 2012?

  12. Marge Campbell says:

    You can get a 1/4″ distance from a seam with any size foot…it just depends on where you place the template/ruler. For example: If I had a 1″ space from the needle to the side of the foot (yep a 2″ diameter foot, lol)…then I would compensate by moving the template 1-1/4″ away from the seam…that would give me a 1/4″ distance from the seam to the needle, so the size of the foot does not make a difference, you just have to put the template where you get the distance you want.
    Once you have practiced a bit, it will be automatic as to determining the distance you need to get the stitch to go where you need it to. The only thing that could be a problem is the templates that have that 1/4″ indent built in…but even those shouldn’t be a problem with a bit of practice.

  13. Chris says:

    I have the sit down model and would like to buy one of these feet. Does it work with the sit down model? I know the configuration will be different then on the frame models but I think it would be okay. Thanks.

    • sabrina says:

      Chris , The ruler foot was designed for the stand up machines to be able to use rulers while freehanding. The ruler foot will fit on the Sit down model but it would be turned sideways. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  14. Denise Shaulis says:

    Does the new foot fit the older TL (model prior to 2007)

    • sabrina says:

      Denise the new ruler foot will fit your TinLizzie18.

    • Marge Campbell says:

      The ruler foot will fit the machines that resemble how our domestic machines attach, with a screw on the side of the shaft. If your foot is the older one that goes over the shaft, it won’t work. That older foot is not a problem for ruler work anyway…the sides are high enough to allow for ruler/template use..and does not interfere with the template at the back…no shank to get in the way.

  15. Deb says:

    i’m worried about oiling my machine. i add oil as directed after each quilt, and check the dipstick before starting a new project, but it is always dry then…so i add a few more drops and run the machine a bit before sewing. if i add more than the recommended 3-4 drops after finishing a quilt, i find oil on the plate below the needle – but the dipstick remains dry…so i add a few more drops before i begin sewing. am i not oiling enough? i don’t want to run the risk of damaging the machine. any tips?

  16. The new foot is great!!! Well worth the 62.00+ US..but even better if you get it before Dec 31, 2011…under $50.00 USD.

    When you look for templates that fit around the foot…order for the APQS size foot. Gammill is now making a smaller (1/2″) foot, along with their 9/16″…so to be safe state you want templates for APQS machines.

    A great first template is the LineTamer by FourpawsQuilting… Barb has them in several sizes…and the one for APQS is perfect…about 1/32″ extra so the foot moves smoothly. I love mine. I also have a No Frills SID template..and it is for the original Gammill/APQS…fits perfect!

  17. Sabrina…my foot arrived today…it’s perfect!!! Thanks to TL company for a great job!

  18. Helen Halvorson says:

    Would like to buy the new ruler foot, but do not have a dealer nearby. The only website I have found upped the
    $49.95 price to $70.00. Can I buy it from the company rather than have to pay the markup.

    • sabrina says:

      Helen, You can purchase direct from us the 49.99 is our Introductory price, The price will change December 31st .

  19. The phone number is at the bottom of every page of this is a bit small…hard for older eyes to see, lol (who me?).

    I got the notice that my foot has been shipped…can’t wait to try it!

    Someone who got hers, says that it measures a bit larger than 1/2″…almost 9/16″…almost…..That’s less than 1/16″…and then divide that in half…think getting 1/4″ is still going to be ok…Gammill and APQS have the 9/16″ on their machines (at least the older ones)…and I checked the two templates I have…they will take the 9/16″ foot…so I’m good to go! Thank you TL company for listening & doing a larger foot for us!

  20. Debbie says:

    I’ve heard the foot is 9/16th, not 1/2″. Can you please confirm. That way I’ll know which rulers it fits with. Thanks in advance..

  21. Sheila Kendrick says:

    Have been waiting and glad that you now have the ruler foot and I am ordering one but found that finding your phone number could have been easier.

  22. norma says:

    All right! Will you have them at Quilt Festival in Houston?

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