Adjusting the Hopping Foot on the TinLizzie18

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There are a variety of presser feet to choose from for the TinLizzie18 long arm.   The original presser foot is used for general quilting and comes with each TinLizzie18.  In addition to the original foot there is a template foot that has a higher fence and a consistent clearance around the entire foot for even stitching around any template.  Also available is a minimal open toe applique presser foot that is small and allows the quilter to easily view the quilting area.

It is important that the feet are attached and adjusted properly.  If a presser foot is too high, it may cause skipped stitches or broken thread.  If it is placed too low it may cause the machine to become out of time.  To adjust the presser feet properly follow this procedure.

Place the foot so the needle will clear it when lowered and so the screw for securing the foot is loosely connecting the foot.  You should not tighten the screw at this time.  Move the machine away from any quilt that may be on the frame.  Lower the needle to its lowest point.  You may use the needle down option.  With the needle at its lowest point, place a dime under the edge of the presser foot to make sure the foot is at the proper height and tighten the screw.  Remove the dime and raise the needle. The presser foot should be at the optimal height.  This procedure should be followed any time a presser foot is placed on the TinLizzie18.

Please note that if there is a quilt with thick seams and the presser foot is having a difficult time clearing them you may raise the presser foot temporarily to avoid the thicker seams.  Then follow the adjustments above to return the presser foot to the optimal height.

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  1. Helen says:

    My ruler foot is too low and drags on normal quilt seams. I read in the manual that you can adjust the foot height under the white box on the left side. I have a tin lizzie 18×8. Has anyone done this.

    • Lynn Bell says:

      Hello Helen,
      Just follow the instructions in your manual for raising the hopping foot. It’s easy, and if you have any problems, you can call Tin Lizzie Tech Support at 1-888-784-5818.
      Happy Quilting,
      Lynn Bell

    • Myrl Breinholt says:

      Please make sure you have placed the ruler foot on correctly. With the machine away from the quilt, loosen the set screw on the foot and then lower the needle to the lowest position. Now place a dime under the foot and tighten the the screw. Since the hopping foot is at its lowest position when the needle is at its lowest position, this will ensure that the foot will not hit the needle plate. Now, if this is still dragging on your quilt, loosen the screw and raise the foot a bit higher. A foot that is too high can cause skipped stitches. Any adjustments to the rocker arm (under the white box) is actually changing the hop. This adjustment should only be made on rare occasions and then the foot adjustments should be made as above.

  2. Carol says:

    I’ve been looking at a “Glide” foot made for another machine. Was wondering if Tinlizzie has or will be coming up with a foot like that one. Looks like it would be very helpful!

    • Lynn Bell says:

      Carol, we are designing a “spoon” foot at this time. It is not available for purchase from TinLizzie18 right now.

      • Betty Findley says:

        I hope you post when the spoon foot is ready for purchase as I have been looking at them..

  3. Lynn says:

    Foot adjustments should be made with needle down ant foot lever in the down position. The coin should be inserted from the back. Dime height is perfect for wholecloth quilts, Or quilts with perfect, flat, ironed seams. You may have to go up to a penny or even a nice for thicker seams, but never higher than a nickle.

  4. Loren says:

    I purchased a used Tin Lizzie 18 DLS and it came with two feet. How can I tell if one is the template foot? What is shown in the picture at the top of this blog post?

    Thank you!

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Loren… Our standard hopping foot is shown in the blog photo.
      We have the following different feet:
      Open toe
      Ruler foot
      Hoping this helps! Happy quilting!

  5. Helen Crew says:

    Lat year I purchased the “ruler foot” from a Tin Lizzie dealer at the Iowa Quilt show. I cannot get the foot to fit on the shaft of my long arm quilter. I believe there is a malformation on the foot preventing it going on. Are you able to exchange it for another foot? Are you able to tell me the dealer who was at the quilt show and I will contact them? It was in Oct? Thanks, Helen 573-324-3055

    • Kelley Nemitz says:

      Hi Helen…Please call the dealer you purchased from. Primitive Gatherings did the IA show last year. Their number should be in our Dealer Locator. Thanks!

  6. bob freed says:

    I checked to see where I have ended setting the height of the foot on my machine and found I can slip a quarter under it with plenty of clearance. I have arrived at this position by adjusting (without measuring) for consistent operation over time. This allows the foot to travel over “most” seams without dragging the material. The information supplied by Kelley is very helpful. Keep up the good work all.

  7. Donna Taylor says:

    Great info. Thank you.

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