Adjusting the Bobbin Winder

Posted by on November 1, 2010

The bobbin does wind and fill, but uneven, filled full at bottom more than top, so not as much thread gets put on the bobbin. What can I do to fix this problem?

I have the solution for the problem you identified.  The bobbin winder tension assembly is not positioned correctly.  The tension assembly is attached to the rear post that the square tubing is screwed into.  On the back side of that post is a set screw which holds the tension assembly in place.  There is two thread guides that the thread goes through that keeps the thread in the two metal disc that applies tension to the thread as it winds onto the bobbin.  Rotate those two thread guides counter-clockwise (left) 1/8 of an inch, tighten the set screw and wind a bobbin.   The TinLizzie18 Team

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  1. Barbara Alvey says:

    My winder on my Tin Lizzie 18 is not working while I am quilting. I have to “push” and hold the bobbin spindle and move the machine while winding the bobbin. It winds smoothly while doing this but does not wind at all if I am sewing.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Barbara… sorry for the delayed response. Can you call 888-QUILT-18 and ask for the service department if you’re still experiencing issues? Thanks!

  2. Vivian Baumgard says:

    When I try to wind a bobbin, the thread is moving along but does not wind on the bobbin. Help.

  3. Anne Padon says:

    The bobbin on our Tin Lizzie 18 is not filling full enough. It fills only a little over half full. Is there a way to adjust the trip mechanism to allow for more fill?

  4. The top photo shows what looks to be adjustng the arm on the bobbin assembly. I have to pull off about 5-10 yards of thread from every bobbin I wind. Can I adjust the arm so the bobbin will not fill completely? What do I need to watch for when doing this?
    Thanks for your help Sabrina!

    • sabrina says:

      You can adjust the built on bobbin , with the Allen Wrench Screw on the side of the arm. This can be adjusted to fill more are less, I do want to make sure to say do not adjust the Flat tip screw on top. The TinLizzie18 Team

      • Marge Campbell says:

        Lol…couldn’t turn the hex screw…hubby said he would …months ago.. it’s fine though, I can usually catch the bobbins before they fill all the way. Hope you had a great Christmas & may the New Year bring you all lots of good things!

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