10 Ways to Use the Channel Lock on the Quilting Machine

Posted by on December 11, 2015

Note: You must have a Quilt Magician attached to your machine in order to use the Channel Lock feature.

Clicking on the H would command the quilting machine to lock onto the horizontal cable so that the machine can only be moved vertically. Clicking on the V would command the quilting machine to lock onto the vertical cable so that the machine can only be moved horizontally.

  • Use the channel lock when floating a top onto the backing.
    • Create a straight line on the batting once it is laid into position on the backing and awaiting the placement of the top fabric of the quilt.


  • Use the channel lock to keep rows of pantograph straight.
    • Baste a straight line across the quilt while you have the channel lock on. Then double check your pantograph layout to see if it appears to line up with the basting line accurately.


  • Use the channel lock to create grids
    • Mark the top and left hand side of the quilt with chalk marks is the spacing you which your grid to have. Choose either to channel the horizontal lines or the vertical lines first and the other direction second.
  • Use the channel lock to create channels as wide as 9 inches apart with really deep batting to create an English comforter.
  • Use the channel lock to create channels that you can stuff with feathers for a feather comforter and then sew the opposite channel to create the squares that will lock the feathers into position.
  • Use the channel lock to create a vertical line of basting along the starting edge of the quilt when you are running rows of pantograph. The quilt may not be straight but the line will be straight. You can easily adjust each row when you match up your starting point to the line.
  • Use the channel lock to run a basting line across the quilt after you have rolled your fabric to see if you have rolled the fabric evenly. Your patchwork should line up with the line.
  • You can put the channel lock on and put the computer in record mode and record
  •        straight lines that then can be run as a computerized pantograph.
  • For whole cloth quilts you can mark off the boundaries for blocks and borders with the channel lock. Then with the computer pick your box and set in your patterns.
  • You can put the channel lock on and stitch alone the edge of the quilt in a perfect line. This line will be used to trim and add a nice straight binding.

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  1. Donna Taylor says:

    Can you use manual channel locks on the Tin Lizzie 18?

  2. Linda L Rosenbaum says:

    Do you have to have a special model of tinlizzie to attach the quilt magician?

  3. Sue Tuck says:

    My machine won’t shut off.

    • kelleyn says:

      Hi Sue,

      I’m sorry your machine won’t shut off. Please contact me at your convenience and we can go over what’s causing this issue.

      Thank you,
      Brian Fredenburgh
      888-784-5818 ext. 650

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